Master Lepus or C thorne?

I managed to pull C Thorne, one of the few costumes I actually want. But with my Lepus at 3:70 waiting for his last scope, who should I use the set of scopes on now?

Can you emblem either? In a vacuum, I would say big bunny takes the scopes


I can remove my Clarissa’s emblems for the Paladin (she has fell out of my graces a lot time ago). I don’t worry that much about druid emblems because the game apparently loves giving me druid emblems. Now I’m torn apart because C Thorne is probably the top 3 costumes I wanted while I’ve learnt to use Lepus this few months. Really, really powerful even when he’s power crept to heck

Well, would you rather prefer a blue Lianna at pseudo fast speed (cThorne), or a Thorne+20+CB level of damage output at bona fide fast speed?

(not a rhetorical question)

please, give me that dilemma :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Blue lianna, that’s the main reason why I covet him in the first place

regular Thorne with costume bonus and emblems is basically lepus without the negative aliments with the right troops (it needs testing as i didn’t try Thorne with costume bonus) i think his attack stat will be 669 + 94 with emblems and costume bonus

lepus is good if you have other springvale heroes to use with or you can benefit/block his negative aliment.

they are close it seems, the choice heavily depends on your roster

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That’s the problem, I also have the Springvale trio. They’re both really good blue heroes

if you have the trio then lepus has the advantage

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