Question about Master Lepus

Why Master Lepus has -20% defense when his special skill is on? Doesnt make any sense. Lower his defense by 50 points or so if you like, like Magni for example, or lower his attack, but this… I mean Lianna probably has even a stronger hit but her defense is pretty solid. So why this defense ‘‘issue’’ with Master Lepus. Just dont get it.

Master Lepus and the other two bunnies had the 20% defense debuff on their release to keep them balanced to the core heroes.

If it would have been released now (and not very early in the game) not only they wouldn’t have their negative status effects but they would had something as slowing mana generation or stuff.

To me the easter heroes could be balanced aswell with the other core heroes as the game is evolving towards many new status effects.


Is this thread supposed to be a gameplay question or buff request?


Believe it or not but the bunnies actually used to be pretty mediocre, when they were initially released they gave themselves a -25% def ailment, and Lepus was average speed instead of fast (Jack was slow! lol): 1.11 Release Notes & Status

Balance changes:

  • Master Lepus - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from average to fast, base attack slightly increased;
  • Jack O’Hare - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from slow to fast, base attack slightly increased;
  • Squire Wabbit - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, base attack slightly increased;

IMO the way they are now is fine, I like how high their attack stats are while still being fast. The def- drawback is kinda nice as it makes you think before tap tap tapping as most do. There are certainly much worse heroes than the bunnies in those respective rarities.


In fact Master Lepus does as twice damage as Magni thanks to the splash damage. He’d be overpowered without this debuff.

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When you compare him with the new 5* heroes, he is garbage. The new HotM are way better, the Atlantis 5* are way better and the new 5* for the monthly events are way better. Lower his defense so he is not to powerful?!?!?! That’s a joke. One of the Atlantis heroes can almost kill you with one hit and he even dispel buffs before he attack, so using a hero with counterattack is useless. I only kept him hoping that something is going to change in the future so that he can compete with the new and more powerful heroes.

He don’t get enough backlash like other heros! Strangely, maybe as hard to actually get so could be the issue! @Wormwood uses him a lot does nice with Athena! prob has a good idea on how to use him

Also worth noting that a lot of the top 10 & top 100 players who mono blue’d with their tournament team on Legendary have a maxed Lepus in their team.

To me, this shows that obviously the high ranking players value him for that mega direct & splash damage (even with the self defence down).

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I adore my Master Lepus. And it’s kind of nice to have The Hatter steal the debuff for his allies - makes it easier to kill them. :slight_smile:

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My raiding improved a lot once I ascended and maxed Lepus. I often combo him with Kiril and Grimm… he can kill and/or seriously maim 3 enemy heroes at once. Sure, his defense drops after, but if the enemy’s already dead…

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You gotta love kamikaze bunny.

Thorne on steroids.

Compete in what sense? Raids, titans challenge events, defense teams? There’s many use cases for a hero in this game.

I am positive that he still manages to find his place in competitive play – I recall the 3rd place player for the most recent Legendary Wonderland Challenge Event had him in his blue team (and don’t doubt others who placed in Legendary use him on their blue team). That’s because he has high damage output, despite being so frail.

This does mean that his place on defense is limited, but again, there’s different use cases for heroes, and we can’t just judge them based on one use case.


Why still keeping Master Lepus with -20% defence? With so many new strong heroes he should be in full power. He even do minor damage to nearby enemies.

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Use him together with heros that block status ailments. Then he won’t get Def down if you use the blocker first

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Am I the only one that feels that some posts/ posters are actually trolling?

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You sre right! Why resurrect a 2 year old thread?
To blame SG for not buffing older but strong heroes?

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Which heroes block status ailments?

JF buff blocks defence down
And gazelle spirit dance.

Vanda, Grazul… and Gato!

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Aeron, garnet
20 more aliment blocker