🐰 Master Lepus – 5* Ice/Blue from Springvale

Well, the bunnies are coming late this month (I hope). I want another shot at this Master (who I already maxed sometime in 2019 from that spring event and is already at +19) or the femme purple killer. I still don’t have the 4* green bunny. I also want another Woolerton. I hope I can muster more EHTs as I don’t think 25 is that much. Will definitely use Censure.

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I’ve got the green bunny. Hoping to get my first Woolerton. I’d welcome any of the 5* too.

I have 19 EHT atm. Good luck to both of us @Ultra! :four_leaf_clover:


Hope you get her. She is one of the best healers in the game, especially if you have Poseidon (both holy and fast so the synergy is great) or Gazelle. Heck, there are several heroes I think that offer immunity to negative status ailments such as Grazul, Garnet, Vanda, etc. Heck, even Gato can nullify the sheep’s self ailment if fired first. Besides, that 2 turns of no mana generation is not much a big deal as matching favorable tiles cannot be immediately accomplished after she casted her skills.


Thanks @Ultra!

If only we can both be lucky like Guvnor was last Springvale! :rofl:

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Holy s___ holy s___!!
I am so glad I’ve been stock piling epic hero tokens, after getting a good amount of S1 4* (crazy like 8 in a row) this handsome little fella came out!
It’s awesome because I severely lack in 5* blue (2 richards, perseus and costume Isarnia, with her being the best of the lot). He will go great on my defense team. I’m currently running 2 red 2 green 1 purple which invites people to stack). I also have a fully emblemed JF on defense, so this is very welcome!! AND I’ve been stock piling scopes, so he’s moved waaay up on the priority scale.


I also snagged the Bunny.

And here’s the amazing thing, I stockpile EHT for the seasonal portals and this is the first Seasonal event 5* I’ve ever had.

33 this time which was less than the 47 I had back at Christmas too.

Since I have 12 scopes and a pile of Druid emblems off we go!


The same as previous 2:

  1. My first seasonal 5* (after 60ish 5* in total);
  2. Blue is my weakest colour overall, with Ariel, Glenda and Fenrir as my 5* squad. Bunch of Fenrirs, Richard and Isarnia were at 1-1, so this bunny will be a top priority. Happy to have a fast hard hitter in blue, it should open few more options. :slight_smile:

I just drew this guy and I’m very excited about it, but I’m wondering where to go on the emblem path. I care more about offense than defense, so my first instinct is to go max attack. But he’s also rather flimsy for a 5*. How far would y’all suggest I go on the attack path?

I have Jean-Francois to match with this rabbit! That’ll significantly help his durability on some events, but I’m not sure how much a difference it’ll make on a defensive team.

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Wow, just pulled him off three EHTs myself. First I got a tabard from a titan, then rings from my diamond raid chest, then three tokens later… The Master.
Magical times.

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I went full attack path personally :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s got to be all swords, all the time. His job is to smash!

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also personally went full attack. in my opinion, better to kill the enemy with his first hit, then the reduced defense won’t be as big of a problem :slight_smile:

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