🐰 Springvale 2020: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Starts April 6

So sad this quarentine has me short of money haha and i was planning to gather gems and tokens for may before all this caos came in the world.

I hope they make the calendar something similar to Valhalla with the possibility of purchase previous offers

I tried searching, does anyone have a list of the offers from last years spring offers? Wanted to kind of see what the previous offers were. Thanks.

The top post of last year’s thread has a log.


Wow. I completely missed that. Thank you so much.

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I am eager to try Sif there. On final stage of Advanced her special should be a murder.

Otherwise, I’ll go with Sorcerer Vivica, Miki, Vela, and Boldtusk+20.

Loot bit crap 2 sheilds n a tonic for the whole thang! :woman_shrugging:
Is there more for competition of each stage! There gotta be as see it pointless really?

It’s 10 emblems per emblem type instead of 4 :slight_smile: nice

also just noticed… waaa, 4600 recommended TP? that’s crazy. Hope I can finish it.


Tried to auto-play through Easy and almost died at the very first stage with a team of over 4300 TP. The eggs deal high damage (140-180 depending on a hero) which sucks, it should be matched to the difficulty level :roll_eyes:
I thought the new easy mode is cool cause even newbie players can play, but if the eggs deal high damage even in the really easy stages it’s just wrong :roll_eyes:


I just send my 3* heroes through easy mode. And some of my 3/60 heros . Its to avoid using the same team all the event. I Will probably send my unleveled JF to test it haha

This new difficulty level is a good addition for newer players! I like It


I’m gonna do the easy part as last. First the other two. But i’m not fond to see a tonic for 4600 teampower.
Healers times tops and Proteus hopefully are enough…

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I timed it to have full WE now, but I just got a Holy Chest…so no Springvale for me yet, I guess.


save easy for chest fill-ups


I will be doing them in “order” of difficult, so easy, medium, hard.
I have never done this before so not sure what to expect from the eggs and bosses, plus we have 14 days.


Does this event count towards PoV?

I think it will, but I am waiting for POV to start before I do any stages

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Only if there’s a Daily Challenge for completing Quest Stages, or something along those lines.

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Me too. I’m just wondering if we need to finish all three levels, or if there are two other challenge events like last PoV

So, it isn’t “required” for PoV?

this is a seasonal event, not a challenge event. also, the challenge event path was removed.


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