Heroes in Need of Buff(UPDATED /w Voting)

As an update to the old closed thread, which hero is MOST in need of a buff???

I’ve summarized the top votes here and will try to keep them updated for reference:

Atomos the Noodle (Votes: 96)

Margaret the Mediocre (Votes: 75)

Thoth the Thoughtless (Votes: 86)

Owl the Fowl (Votes: 13)

Neither Good Neither Bad (Votes: 171)

J. F. the eff’d = Jeff (Votes: 183)

Obaka the Baka (Votes: 10)

Mok-arrrrgh (Votes:2)

Chamomile (Votes:7)

V the Blad (Votes: 4)

O.M.G. Kong (Votes: 8)

For more info, a nice overview of past discussions here:

Feel free to post heroes in desperate need of buffs and don’t forget to vote!

UPDATE: I will only add heroes that we can vote for and may remove characters with zero votes from the list.

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I like your nicknames/titles, but just wanted to say I prefer Obakan the Obaka (oobaka means big baka in japanese)


#BuffGravemaker 20chars


Chameleon need to make change your element to the element of your team. It would be more correct.


The obvious one to me is Vlad, who has the firepower of a minion.


Buff JF .lol
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I’m surprised G. Owl received only 9 votes. Along with Margaret, he’s one of the few unanimities in this game.


Margaret is not an unanimity, I like her and I know I’m not the only one; however I understand she is EXTREMELY niche, and a buff would give her more versatility (yes please!).

I’d say unanimities are G.Owl, Thoth and Atomos.

Maybe G. Owl has very little votes because of how rare he is.

He is the exact opposite of Yunan IMO, very few think he is the best tank in the game because very, very few players have him (and God, did I try…!!!)


I think the 4-stars need more attention than the 5 (and Vlad…■■■?).

As for 5s, I always thought Thoth needed a buff and that was long before Seshat came in to rub his nose in it. I don’t have him, but I am always happy to see him on someones defense.

I wouldn’t be against an Atomos buff\change, but I would put MokArr ahead of him as far as Atlantis heroes go.

Margaret and Owl have their place. I see Margaret the same as Inari. Both are used as tile damage with a chance to do something as their special. I wouldn’t be against giving them some secondary effect or damage ability. I wouldn’t be against making Owl (and Boss Wolf) slow. Their reasoning for being Very Slow no longer has the same impact it did when they were released.

Classic heroes are all getting buffs with costumes so we have to wait to see what Obakans does first.

Neith - I was part of the crowd that though her “jack of all trades” skill was going to be her weakness. Now that I face her every day on defense, my tune has changed. Neith is fine. Id put her up there next to Zeline as a great flank.


Title should be renamed to: “Heroes in need of a Costume”.
Because now that costumes are out, any kind of buff will be lock behind a time consuming or pay mechanic :joy:

Edit: I’ll try to contribute on the thread with something else that’s not just smartassery.
Atomos, could get a rework on his ultimate:
-You could make it so, when he comes back he does a % dmg based on how little mana the enemies have.
-Basically make him do 2 aoe attacks: The classic one when he uses his ult. And a second one, that gets stronger %dmg the lower the mana on the enemies are.

It will still get countered and make him rather easy to deal, beeing a slow mana hero. But at least, if he doesnt get dispell he can ress and do quite some dmg. Making him at least a viable hero for som raids/War C/B rosters and no clue what his input with this change would be on a VF mana tournament.


I must admit that you are perhaps the first person I’ve seen (or remember about seeing) defending Margaret. Even considering her a niche hero, people still define her at being bad at that role. I don’t have her nor see her a lot on raids, so I don’t really have an informed opinion myself.

But that’s must be the case with the rest of them. I, on the other hand, am a lucky owner of not just one, but two copies of the most elegant owl in this game.

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Well, I think Margaret is in a tight spot.

She is of no use for people with really great rosters, since they NEED every HOTM to be great, really great, otherwise they will always have something better in their bench already.

On the other side, players who have small, limited rosters, will not have much use for her either, Lianna or Elkanen would be a more versatile hero to look for/level up.

I do use her a lot because I have a few good green heroes, usually put her between Buddy and Lianna, and she does a great job there, but that’s it.

And you don’t see her much in defense because she really sucks there. Her special has to be well timed in order to get the best out of it, and is easy to counter it with any debuffer, or by just waiting it out.

That’s how niche she is IMO.


This^ 20x this^^^^^^^^**


I’ve added Vlad and Mok-arr to the list

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Haha, good one. I had to translate this so, for others, baka = fool


Yeah I was about to say what does big Baka mean in English :joy:


Of all the heroes I have the MOST useless is Vlad. Of all the heroes I’ve faced the MOST useless is Vlad. The most completely underwhelming in the game.


Ahhh. But he IS used? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Because that indicates he isn’t as bad as some of the others :joy:

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Heroes being defended in this thread: DEFEND their honour! In defence of Obakan and the indefensible


I love your analysis and I love that topic. Thanks for sharing!


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