Captain Sargasso need a buff?

First of all - yes i have Captain Sargasso(from first pirat event) and all other characters i’m talking about :slight_smile: so thats not a post from player with one 5* card.
I like Captain Sargasso look but thats all :slight_smile: … I can’t find good use for him.
I use Hell for raids, Panter for quests and titans and Captain Sargasso is just one more useless card … compared to this two super cards. He is a lot weaker then Hell or Panter and have only 2 effects with average speed. Panter and Hell have 3 effects each with the same average speed.
Maybe buff Captain Sargasso a bit? I think he need one more effect something like - remove buffs or add a buff on allies\ remove debuff on allies
Let me know what you think, maybe it’s time to add worthy opponent to Hell in raids? :slight_smile:

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one mistake Panter is fast speed card with 3 effects =)

I don’t think every card will be “totally awesome!”, the cards are a range, and some fall at the bottom or top or middle of it.

If you have better cards than Sargasso, well done you! There will always be cards below Hel (darn you game gods, I didn’t get her!) on the spectrum, same as cards on the other color spectrums. It is what it is. :wink:

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Seriously, you can boost him a bit but the results don’t change.
Simply Hell/Panther/Sartana are better.

  • Same as Athena/Magni are better than Thorne.
  • Or Lianna better than Elkanen
  • Or Joon better than Leonidas

That’s the way it is.


Within the spectre of purple 5*s sargasso isn’t even the worst (by your logic: quintus has 1 effect only and is slow instead of average), let alone between all 5s or all heroes. I don’t have any of those 4 heroes :rofl:

You have 2 of the best heroes, you’ll realize how lucky you are with those! :slight_smile:

Am very happy though that you call for a buff instead of a nerf!

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I don’t think at all that “that’s how it has to be”. Filling different niches would make different character equally useful, given they have similar power >in their given niche<.

When a character is the best at everything and another isn’t the best at anything (or is the worst at everything lol) then one needs some love. There shouldn’t be 5* weak like Leonidas who just doesn’t shine anywhere and elicits a “meh” when he’s pulled by a knowledgeable player.

Now if say Joon rolled over titans, but Leonidas was definitely more useful during events, and say Justice mashed face in raid attacks, then we have some semblance of balance. If Joon does all 3 best, Justice lags behind being somewhat useful in raids, and Leonidas is scoffed at… well, I’d love to see them rebalanced.

It’s my firm belief that these special event heroes should stay as enemies. They are a pain in the rear, added with the special reflect armour gives a perfect mechanic to have to play against. Create some brand new heroes that you’ve done already, and keep these event heroes exclusive as things we have to fight against.

Rant aside, most of these event heroes ( minus purple panther and jackel) are pretty awful to have. Just as most said, they dont fit into anywhere. Just keep them as enemies

Tuna, riffing off Panther and Jackal, do you like the changes made to Kong, say? (Def against Ice now, not Fire)?

I’m curious what you think.

I agree with Ellilea there are some heroes like Joon, Athena, Hell - best at everything and you dont really have options to choose …all other cards is really bad compared to those. I dont mind if Quintus will be buffed or Sargasso but we should have an options to choose from at least 2-3 heroes not just Hell for all occaisions and if you dont have it then you will loose or wait for another 1 year 6 month for Hell summon.

loorts that was not luck that was just lots of donations to game developers :wink:

I know every hero can’t be a super power. I initially hoped event heroes might be on par with heroes of the month. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. I am not a fan of color specific special skills. I would rather see some type of buff. At the rate it is going, I will have to hire a house keeper just to dust the useless heroes on the shelf :slight_smile:

Fact is fast mana is always better then slow, huge attack better then low and some effects better then others.
There are only 2 way to “balance” heroes as you say, and that is boost his stat or boost his special damage.

You can’t boost stat because it unbalance things with the board gems, so you may just improve his special damage.
But the only way to make heroes like Quintus/Thorne/Sargasso useful as others, is to make them basically oneshotter.

Considering kasrek ( however you spell his name) gives red def now, its a decent idea. Heroes need to be different somehow. (Cough cough grimm gormek tibertus)