Is Thoth-Amun worth leveling?

I just pulled thoth is he worth leveling

Simple answer to a simple question. Yes he is. :slight_smile:

@parallelsys thank you

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Hi @Rachel1, I’ll link you a @King_Kyree77’s post Rebalance Old Heroes where he shows you how durable Thoth-Amon could become due to his minions :slight_smile:

He is not the most damaging hero but sure he could become tough!

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He has no Hotm level like Grave, Delilah, Evelyn @ Co. I see him pretty mediocre on level with heroes like Richard or Elkanen. If you don‘t have other choices he can take the tabbard and improve your team. But a t20 Sartana for example is way better than him (<- my opinion)

For an alternative, less positive review:

The answer to “is he worth leveling” almost certainly depends on who else you have, what your primary focus is (raid, titan, events, or war) and how often you do summons and TC20.

Yes… He is very useful if you put him with the right surrounding heroes

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