What small tweak would drastically change a hero?

We’ve all been there before… super excited to get a cool hero, and then when you start using the hero, you realize they are flawed and will never be a hero that will bring you to the top tier. Without drastically changing the design of the heroes ability and role on the team, what would you like to change to make them much more useable, but not obnoxiously OP?

Here are a few that unfortunately let me down:

  • Santa Clause. Shiny, cool, rare hero. For a slow hero, he doesn’t do enough of a punch. I think to make him much more desirable would be to switch the order of his ability and let him debuff the enemies first and then attack with his super low attack percentage. The fact that he attacks first, with only 150% for a slow hero, sucks balls.

  • Inari. My first and only Atlantis 5*. She is so cool looking and has an ability no one in the game has. I was so excited when I got her! Until I realized all she does is give everyone on her team a near coin flip as to gain the buffs she gives. I’m never going to waste a spot on my team for a hero who gives nearly 50% dodge and no buffs, that’s too much rng to hope for at higher tiers. What is truly compelling though is that mana gen and attack boost. There are so many damn heroes out there that produce minions right away and have cool abilities attached. Why the ■■■■ does Inari not produce minions?!?! Only a near 50% chance to gain a minion and that’s ONLY if they are targeted by something within just 3 turns. I think Inari should produce minions right away. If they successfully dodge they create another minion (the effects don’t have to stack though so it’s not OP). I feel like with so many current and future minion heroes, Inari pales in comparison. If she actually summoned minions like most summon heroes do, then she would be useful

As for why this is in ideas and requests… basically this is a hint hint wink wink for another version 20 update hahah

There area large number of similarly veined threads:

Specific Heroes:


Yeah but all those threads are the same old heroes being dissed over and over. I am trying to call out the shiny, cool, rare heroes that people think are cool but then kind of turn out to just be meh. My reaction to getting a Kadilen or Thorne is not the same as my reaction to getting Santa or Inari.

Was just saying that there are other threads out there for reference.

Personally I like Inari in her current build. Her stats are geared primarily towards Tile Damage with the mega base stat. Personally I don’t really ever fire her special in Titan fights, shes just there as a mega tile damage maker.
Having a shyte special makes me feel less guilty about using her in this way.


If she summons minions, like minion summoners should do, then she would be even more geared towards titans as her allies would get attack buffs. There are many other summoners whose minions give attack buffs too

If not, tile damage against titans is all she’s worth.

No minions are worst thing for titans…

After each turn, you have to wait for every minion to hit before you can carry on. Over the course of a titan battle, this can amount to 2-3 missed turns because of the time consumption.

Thread here:


Her minions don’t attack/have a turn, they just give attack and mana boosts. I thought it was only the minions of heroes like Lady of the lake in which the minions have an actual turn in the game

Edit: the mana gen has that second to gain mana, whoops.

Personally, i am more raid/war focused than Titan focused in this game. I prefer the competitive strategy of my team going all out facing another team rather than dogpile points onto a boss.

I fully understand though that others may be opposite, they may prefer the titans much more - people should enjoy whatever aspect of the game they enjoy most. If it keeps ya playing it keeps ya playing.

But there are already many heroes that do this ability in the game. It wouldn’t be brand new thing to look out for. Inari has a specific role in this game. She is a support summoner. But unlike other summoners, she doesn’t summon inherently. I think that needs to be changed for her to become more competitive in this game

Atomos with an undispellable revive special would be great. It could be a revive only once type of special, otherwise it would be too OP

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Awesome, thanks for the links. I’ll def check em out. Only reason I’m not adding it on anywhere is basically because I’m not suggesting they need beef/nerfing, not saying anything of the sort. Just rambling on heroes that don’t make sense to me.

But I’ll check em out and possibly add my two cents on some. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Her special is actually very useful to me. I featured Inari on my high Diamond yellow Mono team for nearly a year til I pulled White Rabbit. Now she’s an Anchor (with Viv) on my Yellow B team

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Puss makes her spawn a minion immediately. That’s pretty cool for the mana gain. If you pair them with Neith, Inaris dodge and Neiths blind will almost completely prevent you from any damage. Add Jackal and Joon for a nice puss-pumped holy stack.

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What what happens when you have no Neith, Puss in Boots, Joon, Justice, or Jackel? Because I certainly don’t and have been playing for over a year now.

If a hero is only serviceable when other rare heroes are required, I’d still say she needs some tweaking.

Having her summon on own will make her independently a formidable hero and then pairing her off with someone will allow her to carve a niche attack strategy that could allow a fun meta to form to try and counter that strategy.


Then you probably have to take other heroes. :wink:

Inari & Neith paired:



But your whole point is a blind dodge combo but that means you have to aim for very specific rare holy hero that many may not have. If Inari is only serviceable with the requirement of a rare hero, she still needs to be tweaked. After the tweak, she will be great on her own and then really shine competitively among players who have the roster bench to utilize that fantastic combo. I’m not denying the potential that combo has.

There is only ONE hero that makes any summoner hero suddenly summon a hero and that’s PiB and he was literally brought into this game this month. Inari needs to summon with her ability to be good on her own, first.


Heroes have roles and it seems that some people refuse to.accept this. Some good offense, defense, support. They have their roles in different facts of the game. Learning who is good where early allows you to practice proper synergies when building leading tou to perform better In alla aspects and stay away from novelty fighting style like mono only Some tanks are just good tanks for defense and some shine in other aspects as well. Your playstyle that you get the most enjoyment from and advice feok.players on heroes you enjoy using will eventually let you see how well the characters are balanced and how much skill is required to deal with the RNG nature of the game.

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I get that. I understand a heroes role in a team. That’s why Inari will never be on my team in the current state of her ability because she doesn’t fit the role she should have enough.

The entire point of this thread was not to specifically talk about Inari, it was to discuss heroes you always thought were shiny and cool but once you got them you realized they were kind of duds.

Inari is a supposed to be a summoning support hero to save your team from devastating hits and boost your attacking heroes. The only problem is that she doesn’t because those benefits ONLY occur if you are targeted AND manage to get lucky with rng. I am perfectly happy dealing with the dodge rng on it’s own. The dodge is not the reason why I want the support of Inari. The support Inari has that is great is a minion with HP, that gives everyone a mana boost and attack boost. When I am using Inari, I am LUCKY if even one of my heroes can get a fox minion but also those minions only last like 1 or 2 turns because a basic slash attack kills them anyways. So what’s the point?

She should summon all her minions right away so she can truly fit her role and support her team. The rng dodge should just be the cherry on top, not the deciding factor if you are granted a minion that will die in a turn or two that would give you a badass support boost to your team.

At this moment in time, Inari doesn’t fit any role.


Inari is awesome! Only bad players don’t recognize how powerfull some of the “non striking” utility heroes are.

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Lolololol ok

Thank you for that overarching assumption.

iF a hErO dOeSnT hIt bAd GuY tHey mUsT bE bAd DOiiiiiii

I think the fact that you can have a critical conversation about the pros and cons of a hero, discussing how they can be improved but not too much to where they can be OP takes some skill of knowing how this game works. I remember for a long time people would inherently look at Grazul and immediately say she is bad because 15% is so little!!! Without ever caring to look at her entire build and role on a team.