Heroes in need of a buff?

Nerfing heroes sucks. Sometimes it’s necessary, but in general it makes people angry or disappointed. Buffing heroes, on the other hand, is a much less enraging way of balancing the game.

  • Who are the heroes that you think could use a buff and what sort of buff would you give them to even up the playing field?
  • Who are the heroes that you rarely if ever see used in the game [raids, titans, events]?
  • Who are the heroes that you would trade for a different one without a second thought?
  • Who are the 4* heroes worse than 3*, and 5* not worth exchanging a 4* for?

No examples from me, I’m no good at game balance and I know it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m of the belief that the notion of “game balance” is an absolute myth. That’s just a term that’s thrown around when the nerf hammer rears it’s head to fix a mistake or unintended consequence. It’s inevitable that some heroes have more use than others, and some are simply mediocre. Not worthy of a buff, nor are they viable options aside from limited situations, or if it’s all you have. There are strategic elements that can be(and are currently being) added to make options more widespread and situational use higher. I have to say it’s been refreshing to see new people with new heroes in the top ranks of raids as of late.

But, in an effort to add something positive to the thread, I’ll take the fastball and go with the easiest one; I’d like quintus to have a secondary effect on his special. Really, anything at all. As it stands, he has zero practicality unless he’s legitimately all you have, and even then, he’s a wasted opportunity to have a 4* purple healer in there, both of which are infinitely superior. Also kadilen. She needs another turn on her special. Yesterday.

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Quintus and Thorne add a second

Kadilen secondary extend to 3-4 turns

Cabin Boy Peters secondary apply to regular hits + skills

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The way I see it is that when a hero is not one of the best choices for anything it needs a buff - I don’t mean just this game.

But in the case of this one, if I were to evaluate the hero I’d consider:

  • is that hero one of the best for titan attacking?
  • is that hero one of the best for raid attacking?
  • is that hero one of the best for raid defense?
  • is that hero one of the best for challenge events?

If all of those were a “no” I think something might need a buff.

One could say, “what about a jack of all trades”? And that’s why I’m not saying “the best at attack” “the best at defense”, but simply the best at a situation. If there’s no situation in the game where a jack of all trades would be one of the best choices, then being a jack of all trades sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

  • In another topic people were saying Musashi is the weakest hero of the month. Maybe he should get a buff?
  • Elkanen that I was comparing him to is considered pretty much meh as well
  • The Easter Bunnies are nearly infamous for being bad from what I’ve seen around these parts
  • I don’t really know how the last even heroes grew up to be, but I have heard some people complain about them being subpar

I don’t recall the last time I saw a bunny in Raid. Hmm…

Prisca, Renfeld (Purple) - could use a damage over time extra poison 56 dmg over 2 turns
Graymane(blue) - a low defense along with his ability would be nice - 15% over 2 turns
Dawa(Yellow) - blind along with its ability even if it’s for 1 turn.
Karil(blue) - lowers Def along with his ability even if the percent is low say 14% for 1 turn
Ishtaak(green) - slow mana reg along with his ability - 14% for 1 turn.

Cyprian(Purple) - i would add along with his ability a 15% of the attacker getting poisoned 56 dmg over 2 turns.
Boril(blue) - along with his ability a 15% of the attacker to get -14% def lowered 1 or 2 turns.

Quintus(Purple) - a long with his ability a chance of 15% of getting poisoned 96dmg over 3 turns.
Leonidas(yellow) - instead of stealing dealt dmg skill i would have him %25 chance of %critical damage over 2 or 3 turns.
Thorne(blue) - +15% chance of low enemy defense by 16% over 1 or 2 turns.
Elkanen(green) - instead of stealing dealt dmg, lower mana by 16% and Mana reg by 16% over 1 or 2 turns.

The ones I mentioned above, the only reason 90% people would use the above is because they do not have the other color exciting heroes.

Again those mentioned above, I mean have people choose between heroes:
Leonidas, Quintus, Elkanen, Thorne
Joon, Sartana, Lianna, Magni
And if you’re curious who would they choose, look through top 100 players.

I don’t know which 3* I would use instead of 4* but I would definitely use
4* Caedmon, Tiburtus, Grimm, Chao
5* Elkanen, Quintus, Thorne, Leonidas.

Every Hero mentioned should be encouraged for some use, at the moment I don’t see that much excitement over the Heroes I mentioned above that could need a buff or change.

I’m with Tempest, you already know.
There’s always a better one and a worse one if heroes are all (or nearly) different, and maybe buffing a weakling may only bring another hero to become the worst in his place. Then the story starts again, a neverending circle of complain.

That said, it’s undeniable that there are some 5* that you think twice before levelled, cause they may be less useful that their 4* counterpart.

Sooooo, if i have to spend a penny on who have to be pimped… i choose definitely Thorne and Kadilen.
First need a status effect, second need an extra turn.

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It’s that time again… Which hero is MOST in need of a buff???

Atomos the Noodle (Votes: 64)

Margaret the Mediocre (Votes: 49)

Thoth the Thoughtless (Votes: 81)

Owl the Fowl (Votes: 8)


Missing Neith (as the most popular recent one). Votes = 90

Also somehow Chameleon got one (votes = 0)

Oh and this thread is new:


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