Worst / Most useless 5* hero

There are so many threads about who is the best hero. Yet, I haven’t found one regarding the absolute abyssimal super-crap hero no one needs.

Potential candidates are Thorne, Khagan, Elkanen, Kadilen, G. Owl, Quintus and Obakan (and probably a few more).

Thorne and Quintus don’t do anything but dealing damage. Quintus, if buffed, however, is pretty devastating. Thorne would have a high percentage for his special, but as his base damage is super-low for a 5* this doesn’t result in very much damage. I suppose, Quintus, although slow, is the more useful one of the two.

Khagan is only maybe useful in some particular team set-ups and even then there are so many better red 5*s out there. Probably one of the worst.

Elkanen has a rather weak damage but can at least heal himself. However, compared to Leonidas his healing bonus is quite bad.

Kadilen’s special can save you if used in the right moment and she isn’t completely bad as tank. But her special doesnt’t hurt the opponents, it rather tickles them a bit.

G. Owl is super-slow and only dangerous is she can fire her special after several other heroes have been defeated.

Obakan’s special damage percentage just makes me cry. Yes, he can counter-attack and is fast, but he 2xx % is just way to weak for a 5* single-hitter :cry:

Hard to pick out one particular hero, but I’d go for either Thorne or Khagan. Who do you think is the most useless?


Here’s one :slight_smile:

The worst 5* is the one you don’t use. :wink:


He does splash damage but you are right on this: it seems like a single hitter 'cause his “minor damage on nearby foes” is near to non existent.

From what I remember he had to decrease defense and the low %damage were to balance his utility, he is ok just when he plays the kamikaze role and the AI is dumb enough to attack him (and usually this doesn’t happens often), his direct damage is just ridiculous.

I’m using Khagan everyday and I love his buffs, with tibs he dealing 700+ to many 5* 4^80 so he is much better than everyone think


Did you find his buff helpful with his slow skill? Or you don’t fight teams with dispel?

My personal vote is for Thorne-in-My-Side. My logical vote is for Quintus. Yeah, he hits everyone but he’s typically dead before he can get his special going. Thorne’s at least average so he can occasionally slap you around with his wet noodle hit…

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Yes, his slow wasn’t a problem, he have enough def and hp to survive (2 4^80 Lianna shots to kill him), Im fighting with disspelers but when Im looking for enemys I watching only on these colours. But when dispelers attacking he usually ready to attack again

To me, there aren’t any worst heroes. It always depends on a situation. Each hero has different purpose, some are unique. There are heroes good for Raids, some are good just for defense team and some are perfect against Titans or for Events.


Obakan vs. Tibertus:

  • attack: 762 * 260%=1,981 vs 660 * 295%=1,947. Slight advantage to Obakan
  • special: riposte on self for 4 turns vs. -34% defense on three for 6 turns. Huge advantage to Tibertus
  • health: 1328 vs 1045. Big advantage Obakan

My alt has both maxed and generally uses Tibertus. So Obakan is pretty high up on my list of bad 5*.


I guess guardian Owl really fail on everything.

Except style.
He is so freaking stylish.


I have an alliance mate who uses a fully leveled Owl as his tank on defense and war. Not sure how he fairs in raids, but he’s rarely taken out with just 1 flag in wars. Pretty surprising, honestly.

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It’s a really narrow use case, though, to use darts on a hero who will be effective if he’s the last bird standing. But at least he has a use case.

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Agreed! I suggested another use for his darts but in the end it was his choice. I think it works due to the other heroes he surrounds Owl with.

This is his war team. He’s normally one of the last standing when things go sideways for our war :rofl:


I agree … Thorne is sitting there collecting dust, unless I use him in War attacks. He was my first 5*, so he is somewhat sentimental, but I don’t know what to do with him.
I have to say Richard isn’t great either…

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For me is G Kong. While he is special is some what ok… He is weak asf. Is the first one to go out…

At least Richard while still being average can counter Ares’s ATK buff on war :confused:

Richard is a pretty decent tank. Rather hard to take down before he can fire his special. He deals quite some damage and reduces the attack of two or three heroes.

He’s like a slightly weaker Thorne with a great extra perk. In my opinion, one of the better TC20 heroes (although two blues are better).

Thorne is really bad for a 5* and Obakan’s special is extremely underwhelming. Ramming pulverizer is better than his 5* special. So I would choose Thorne and him.

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I’m curious, do you have him maxed? With Mount Umber now on, I can ascend him to final tier, but I’m not sure if I want to :smiley:

Thanks for the input, I got 2 Obakan from my Tc20 and 7 Tabards left (Sartana on her fourth ascension).
I keep 1 Ameonna and 2 Tibs which are duplicates and I was thinking on doing one of this heroes next and passing on Obakan for now.
If I get more Tabards, I may max him but I am not so sure about this…

To be on topic, I have a Kadilen at 3x70 and if I don’t get Lianna before I get a new set of Tonics, I will max her. I have an Elkanen at 1/1 though but like Rigs said, without Evelyn, I don’t think he is worth it.
I stacked Kadilen with Gregorion and with her defense special skill she has been useful for me in raids.
I don’t see her so bad, she isn’t a killer but she can help, at least she helps my team.