Hear Me Out

So I am building my first 5* team on my Alt Account and I have been told to hold off/wait for a better green to max out instead of Atomos. Hear me out with, Neith I know she reduces mana thus hurting the overall damage of Atomos but with Atomos being slow mana and Neith blinding everyone would that give enough time for Atomos to fire off while the opponent has more mana?

Just wondering if it’s worth it? Or just hold out for a better green like I’ve already been told to…

*Side note holding off of maxing obakan until I found out if I can pull kuchen from next AR.

Thanks for any advice!

Judging by the number of 5s that you have, would I be correct in guessing that you have spent some $$?

Do you plan on spending more?

If you are planning on spending more $$ I would advise to wait as Atomos is generally considered to be quite a BAD option.

HOWEVER, if you are not planning on spending much/any more, I would suggest to ascend and use what you got… There isn’t much point waiting for the perfect hero as they may (and likely) will never come for a C2P or F2P player.

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Atomos is just awful… Nowhere near enough damage and self-revive just isn’t scaring anyone because he’s not a threat whilst alive.

Irritating at best.

Every single TC20 green wipes the floor with him.

I am C2P and have maybe spent $10 on the Christmas event so far. I used to spend a little more than that a month but now so I have fallen off the purchase train recently. When it comes to events coming up there aren’t really any green 5*s coming up (zeline in AR, Mother North is there as well but odds very low). I have Tarlak which would give me a partial healer for the team.

So I’ll use tarlak until something better comes along… Gah with Margaret was something to us in defenses…

Definitely, Tarlak is atleast useful maxed down the line… If defence has to be rainbow, I’d take Tarlak over Atomos, even if he’s not great in Def.

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First off you already own a far superior green in Tarlak.

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Use Tarlak and hope for Lianna. Atomos is never a threat on defense to me.


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