Worst 5* hero in the game

Everyone counts like event, atlantis, vanilla etc.

And state your reason why

I think it’s a toss up between Atomos and Guardian Owl. Atomos is slow and hits like a wet noodle. His best feature, the regeneration, is dispellable. Owl is very slow and only really effective when you are almost dead. It’s better to use a different hero and avoid being almost dead in the first place.


I’d argue that Owl is at least good for the speed tournaments. Atomos has no great uses I can think of. I’d probably put Thorne in that list, too…


Owl can turn a loss into an ugly win and once his special is up, he become quite hard to take down.
Atomos can make an easy win become an ugly loss by being a complete disaster :sleepy:
So he would have my vote


I dont think Owl is bad. He has his role… Owl is like a nuclear bomb thats gonna explode when you are about to lose the fight. Mok-Arr is the worst IMO he hits his own friends…
Actually even Mok-Arr has his role lol he works fine in purple stack against holy heroes, but thats it. Its an offensive hero but TERRIBLE for defense team

More widely usable or limited / very limited usable option for me even Margaret / Thorne / Thoth.

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If you use the lagoon family with him his pretty cool with Wilbur or gilra on there specials as Wilbur helps your defence and attack when gilra puts attack don’t get hurt once you hit the wave of doom! Not someone you put on your defence team but with the right people can doo some damage!

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My vote goes to Margaret. Her special only has a chance of doing something. So you might fire her and get nothing. Also, she is useless against regular monsters.


Disagree. Thorne isn’t great, but after all the buffs his special hits quite hard and he’s really sturdy. I don’t have much choice with Isarnia being my only other 5* hero in blue, but I’m not unhappy.

I certainly prefer Thorne to slow Quintus. Blue with Thorne and Isaenia also works a lot better for me than green with Margaret, Kadilen and Horghall (of which the very fast Margie is clearly the worst…)

Also, Thorne is a solid tank (although Richard is a lot better)

My choices for the worst 5*: Quintus, Margaret


Isnt that great.
My TC20’s coughed up 3 Quinti so far! :unamused:
236 pulls 8 5*'s.

RNG must love me!

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475 documented pulls and twelve 5* heroes so far. Longest streak without 5* heroes: 122

Got a total of 4 Quintus out of TC20 (3 since I started documenting every pull) and no Lianna, Joon, Magni, Marjana or Sartana…

Well, some people have to be on the far left end of the bell curve :roll_eyes: but as there is apparently a 5 % chance for 5* heroes in TC20 we can at least hope for the future…

Ouch, those are terrible stats. I feel for you :worried:

I may go with Margaret. Despite high attack I wouldn’t use her against a titan. For normal raids I don’t attack every defense, faster to reroll.

The other option is Atomos. Both of these heroes I would use in war against blue tanks and that would basically be their only usage. Atomos would also go in very fast 5* where red isn’t allowed vs Margaret that could also fit in a war team now and then like the team with Joon tank in the war before the current one that ran 5 snipers. Normally I attack the more traditional tanks though so won’t seek out a lower opponent just to make use of Margaret.

As for green stack in attack if I even used mono I would attack with Alberich, Evelyn, Gregorion, Lianna, Zeline. I would rather ascend Elkanen and fit him in than Margaret or Atomos.

But maybe Atomos and Miki will be the new meta, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

In my honest opinion, I do have this hero, and it has to be Margaret, just Margaret, full stop lol

Naahh its Atomos all the way down.


I see Anzogh get alot of hate but i use him in my defence team

my vote is margaret - luck if it works, elsewhere useless.

Sounds like when I get my first 5* I’m getting one of these lol

I say Margaret. Margaret is too niche. She needs help bad.

Thorne being mentioned is just based on old opinion. He’s really good now.

Quintus being a Sorc helped a lot. With any defense down hero he can single handedly wreck a team.


Clearly you don’t know the potential of Quintus… Is far beter than Thorne… Sorry…

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