Which Heroes Still Need a Buff?

Who would you want to see buffed or rebalanced? Why would you buff said hero and how?

Mine and not yours :rofl: :wink:


I would give Marjana a boost in her attack. Right now, she’s a sniper without the fire power to do the job


Atomos, Guardian Owl, Mok-Arr, and Thoth-Amun – probably a few more as well, but those immediately come to mind.


Atomos Thoth-Amun Natalya… Did i mention Atomos?


Perseus, Natalya, Domitia, Obakan, Guardian Owl, Atomos, Boss wolf.

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Quintus. According to recent experiences I feel like putting him to average speed with 230% base damage and 460% while hitting targets over 50% hp could be reasonable.

About who/how Id say


  • Atomos
    • lower the maximum damage to 230%
    • lower the turns of resurrection to 3
    • make him gain 32% health and gains 32% mana
  • Boss Wolf
    • increase the bonus mana generation to all allies, reducind his duration to 3 turns
  • Gregorion
    • change special speed to fast
  • Guardian Owl
    • 40% increased damage while the caster is under 50% hp
  • Mok-Arr
    • self team damage reduction to 50% (from 80%)
  • Musashi
    • new effect: this special ignores target’s status effects (no riposte, no improved defense, no taunt)
  • Perseus
    • deals 15% more damage for every status effect on the caster and this special’s target
  • Rumplestiltskin
    • (cross) added 300 hp/3 turns for all allies
    • (stars) all allies get +30% critical chance for 3 turns
  • Thot-Amun
    • gain 10% mana each time a caster’s undead minion is destroyed

Guardian Kong, now he is useless.

Domitia still needs a rebuff, Khagan still needs a rebuff, Ameonna [needs to recover some mana in ghost mode, like half or a quarter of the normal mana recovery], Skittle [need at least some +hp, because after a fart he/she’s already gone], Chao [nobody is using him for the ‘‘sniping’’ damage, just for the mana cut but Li does it better and to all even if average mana], Hu is still mehh, Atomos.

Atomos and Quintus for sure. Quintus does slightly more damage than Isarnia, Azlar and Elena but he doesnt have another effect. If he has attack debuff he does a crap damage.

Atomos has a ressurection that can be dispelled and he also only does quintus damage if everyone is at maximum mana, they are both really bad right now.

Quintus need a buff faster because he is the only regular hero on the sorceress class and he is too bad.


Khagan still needs something more, perhaps the benefit for all, not only the near ones. Obakan should improve a lot, maybe even damage the 3, 230% or 240% or increase the counterattack to close one of the two things. Elena, I did not like her last improvement, a hero who improves her special being dead is useless, Elena’s problem is that she dies before hitting, or she would change her stats or reduce her special and make it average. Domitia, without a doubt, she should be quick, anything else does not work. Kadilen one turn more his defense skill. Quintus, lower the damage and give it a good secondary ability, a mana reduction maybe, an LJ of 5 *. Perseus should increase the damage of his special enough. Thoth there is already a thread with great ideas. Anzogh should either increase the damage or cure it, although perhaps the damage would decrease the healing and it would do so quickly, something similar to red hood. The wolf could just be slow, just like the owl. And I’m left behind some more safe.


I know this thread is focused on the legendaries so far, but with the advent of raid tournaments limited to three-stars, can I make a case for Hawkmoon? Three-star healers are rare as hen’s teeth. Belith gets dispel to go along with her healing. Friar Tuck is restricted to heal nearby, but he gives a mana boost as compensation. Hawkmoon does the same amount of healing as Belith and she also gets… nothing. OK, her attack stat is higher, but who is bringing a healer to the party for their attack stat? Sabina and Melendor have exactly the same special. Why doesn’t Hawkmoon get anything besides healing?

And while we are on three-stars, all of the self-healers (Prisca, Graymane, and Renfeld) are terrible. They don’t hit hard enough for the heal to make any appreciable difference - especially Prisca. I understand not wanting to make them OP. Maybe their specials just need to be totally reworked, because what they do now is not working for anybody. I’ve literally never seen anybody on the boards say anything other than, “Only use them if you don’t have anyone else available/leveled”. Could there be a more obvious sign of a broken hero? Even the 5-stars that folks are complaining about have their advocates now and then, but nobody advocates for the self-healer trio. They are more valuable as food than on the battlefield.


My beloved kadilen and quintus

Gobbler. I think he needs better stats. 450 defense on a 4 star hero is pathetic, makes him almost unusable. His saving grace is that he’s a druid, meaning his special is at least useful in all quests he participates in.


Sumitomo needs some love, similar to Oba.

Atomos needs serious help. Perhaps 1) Mana regen buff for everyone when his special goes off, 2) resurrection buff can’t be stolen, and 3) upon resurrection, applies a HoT to everyone, including himself.


A T O M O S.
Please SG

Thot amun also.
Gretel (mana speed and dmg compared to Hansel, still a decent hero tho, just increasing her smh should do the trick)
boss wolf (mana problems)
Sargasso and Kestrel (i dont see them on def)
Boomer, Ague, Gobbler (they’re bad)

Atomos again. Because he really needs a rework ASAP.


This is an easy question to answer. Where do I send the screenshot of the heroes that I have?



Badly needed:
G Kong
Boss Wolf

G Owl
Capt Kestrel
Capt Sargasso

A little buff:

  • Obakan
    Increase counterattack to 125%.
  • All Rabbits from Springvale
    Increase HP and DEF or/and decrease DEF debuff that they put on themselves.

If we’re getting crazy…Morgan Le Fay needs some oomph to make her worthwhile. Nobody uses her currently because she just isn’t good enough. I at least see Quintus, Khangan, Kadilen, and even Atomos getting some use on teams. Never see Morgan (or Lady Locke for that matter).