Can we talk about heroes that make no sense?

Before I begin my ramblings, if you’re reading this just know I’m taking the assumption you are already fully aware of the terminology in reference.

That said, I’ve compiled a short list of heroes that, even though useful, retrospectively make little sense when one takes stats and specials into consideration. This list is in no particular order but I did attempt to at least break them into their star ratings.

3 Stars.

  1. Renfeld/Graymane/Prisca = While certainly people use them and may even have success, I can only wonder why “heal based on damage done” even exists with 3s. The return is so dreadfully terrible unless they’re facing Sharans…

4 Stars.

Rigard: More astutely, Rigard’s costume. I get the special end of it, but who in their right mind sacrifices mana guard for pierce when you emblem him? Aside that tiny stat boost and the fresh new look, this is probably the most nonsensical costume out there.

5 Stars.

Guardian Owl. This guy has so much potential and he’s probably one of the most unique heroes you’ve made and yet it’s the absolute worst implementation all in one. While there exists only two “Very Slow” mana heroes, one is an exceptional tank while the other… is Owl. With a special that literally revolves around most of your team being dead first, giving the appeal he’s a corner hero or at worst a flank. In an age where 95% of the heroes you guys are spitting out are 2x or even 4x as fast, Owl has quickly become a very useless hero. I don’t have him, want him, but even if I got him, he’d serve no real role.

Azlar. The first one in this list where his stats don’t match his special. Another slow hero, with a punishing special, but with such low stats in particular defense, he has the speed and special to be an amazing tank, but seriously lacks the statistical prowess to hold either flank or tank roles.

Magni. The reverse of Azlar, a beast sniper but he’s got such a glass jaw and with a special that has the full potential to effect both sides it’s hard to justify the means.

All save Owl are still very usable, not trying to state they aren’t, but I can only wonder why they make zero sense for a role they were seemingly designed for.


3-Star : Vlad…why does he even exist? You pumped up Val, but ignored him.

4-Star - Gadeirus…Look at Kiril and BT (before costume) and tell me again why in the heck is he slow or only self plus flanks?

5-Star - Thoth…see Seshat


True story. Forgot all about Vlad. Probably cause I never see him.


Vlad and Dawa make absolutely no sense. They are even considerably weaker than the other bad/unpopular 3* heroes.

Vlad would need a much more powerful special. Either double the DoT or add a small debuff or some direct damage.

Dawa has the same special as Karil and Isshtak (who are already quite weak) but a considerably lower damage percentage. She should either have the same percentage or a small buff/debuff. Another possibility would be to make her fast mana.

I also agree that Prisca, Greymane and Renfeld are quite bad as they are (although still better than Vlad and Dawa). A small buff–either somewhat more self-heal or a higher special attack percentage–would make them usable for PvP fights again.


I have no idea how long you have been playing this but the below are my comments:


  • I don’t use them but they are 3* vanilla so their designs were from the very beginning of the game development
  • Vlad usage depends on the level of war(field aid) and probably some rare trials/challenges where bosses do self heal

4* - Rigard costume is most likely there are no healers in the ranger class and having the best 4* healer to fill that role makes it one of the best costumes released in addition to the attack buff


  • Azlar is already dangerous as it is, if you want him to be more sturdy then emblem him.
  • Magni is a dangerous sniper with a buff for himself and those around him (any more he will be OP if his defense is around 700 before emblems)
  • Owl, I won’t deny he is niche and makes a very dangerous wing in AW but for normal raids, he is mediocre and extremely difficult to use during offense. Very slow mana is mainly for the fact he should fire when allies are dead and not too early in the rounds.

I don’t think you understood the point…

I know they are vanilla, irrelevant. Even in a class of their vanilla peers, they make little to no sense to have such a pathetic special.

A Sniper is one designed for a corner, not a blocker. Magni, eg, cannot block to save his life. Nowhere did I state he should be buffed, only that any given sniper having a special that effects only and both his sides is no longer an actual sniper.

Azlar can be, not is, devastating. His lackluster ability to hold down the center, even emblemed, is why he doesn’t make sense. Slow on the corner is just bad policy. Like Kunchen or Vivica. Worst place for them is the corner.

Also, in over 2 years, Magni on a defense has never been scary nor intimidating.

I can only guess costumes would be what is to be done to improve them in the coming future for those you mentioned in the 3* category.

Magni has been a staple for many in their defenses for the longest time until the current meta where new sniper class heroes are out.

He is still a solid flank and he still punishes a bad board at tank. Also, you are mostly mentioning about defense rather than offense. I doubt anyone here would say Magni makes no sense in offense.


Throw a few emblems in there and his defense is serviceable. Throw in the fact he has a 63% defense boost for himself and those near him… I use him on flank with good success


Rigard is hot and becames a h.o.t healer and boost damage!
Dont talk about him!


He’s no push over

And a major assist for that ole tank


I think Boldtusk’s costume makes the least sense. I’d rather have the higher attack boost than the extra healing and fighter is the perfect class for him. I don’t know how many times I’ve killed him then he revived and healed.


Two things:

  1. You’re talking offense. There’s realistically no such thing as a “tank” on a offense. I’m in no way “these heroes suck and are unusable”. Not even once have I stated such.

  2. Zeline and/or Evelyn and/or Caedmon (all his weakness) are not phased by your defense boost IF he fires off.

The entire post is, primarily, how x hero makes little to no sense on a defense. That’s it. Sure, you can emblem any given hero, but in due consideration, youd have to equally emblem every other hero that pertains to such and the same still stands true.

On offense, only a few heroes actually matter where you place them – Boril, Magni, Elena, yada yada. Also on offense, though, there’s only a hero in the center, there exists no “tank” role.

Lolol. Not saying he’s not ahem… “hot”. I love the look, and I guess like he said using a ranger healer for the emblem quest makes sense.

It all depends on who else you put with him.

Every hero has their own weakness. There are no ifs, since anything can happen during the raid. I can also say you have every hero charged except your dispel hero. Or perhaps you don’t have a dispel hero with you.

Most raids often don’t pay attention to Magni especially if he is not the tank. I doubt most would bring heroes to cater to him anyway but when he fires he hits hard and buffs his sides.

I recently reset his emblems to give to Kingston but I still left 1 node with him.

Just for fun, I am placing him in my defense now and see how the defense does. It varies from person to person depending on roster.

My current defense Kage - Zim - Kingston - Magni - JoonC

Putting 3 fighters in the lineup hopefully they can revive when killed.


I’m going to give some limited props to Dawa here. Not that she’s great, but she’s a 3* rogue, and there simply aren’t many of them. So for newer players, or those who seem to not get that class very much, she has use in trials. I’m level 48, and only stopped using her in one of the trials about 2 months ago.

She makes sense in as much as there are the other 3* vanilla heroes that do the same thing, but her class makes her a little bit better.


Last hour not much change for me. Hanging around 2600. Won 5 loss 5.


Sweet! But again… I never stated “you can’t be successful” using any given hero. I mean I literally stated the exact opposite.

You “can”, by all means use them and do fine in defense. Not arguing that.

At face value, all these ifs and variables aside, certain heroes, and to name but a few like Azlar and Magni, give the appearance to be designed specifically for one thing, but at the same time, eyeing the overall grand scheme of things – their designed role doesn’t fit their actual role.

The very fact your first two clauses revolve around “well if teammates” or “with his defense boost” or “emblems” are all add ons that, to the topic, are irrelevant.

Magni = stats + special + speed = corner sniper.
But obviously, due to the added effect of his special, a corner role restricts him.

Azlar = stats + special + speed = tank/flank.
Defensively speaking, where would you even put him? He’s awesome, I love using him yet he’s never seen my defense. Without (insert previous clauses) he doesn’t make sense.

Legit all I’m saying.


Azlar has 2 spots. Right wing and tank.

Tank which is an obvious gamble.
Flank is the worst for him IMO.
Right wing is the best.

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But is it because Magni is a good sniper flank or is it because he’s hiding right next to Kunchen? xD

I attack every defense with Magni in it. If the tank next to him is weak, he can be easily killed, even when he’s been heavily emblemed.

Back to topic, I agree with OP. Renfeld and co. are the most useless 3*. Costumed Rigard is not that great. Cleric Rigard is the superior choice imo. I disagree about Azlar though. He is scary. Squishy and scary lol.

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