New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

Last update: 3.9.2021 new Holy Heroes and HotM list added and updated.
Update completed.

  • Total is Attack+Defense+Health and heroes are listed in alphabetical order.

3* - 4* - 5* (Costumed)
Fire Heroes: 12-18-34 (13)
Ice Heroes: 12-14-35 (13)
Nature Heroes: 15-16-32 (16)
Dark Heroes: 15-15-37 (13)
Holy Heroes: 11-12-34 (13)

Unique Heroes: 64+60+64+67+57=312
Costumed Heroes: 68
1* + 2* Heroes: 26

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Magyar (Hungarian) nyelvű kibeszélő
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These charts are fantastic, thank you for the hard work!


Thank you very much indeed! :slight_smile:


Here are ascensions for three from the Knights event.


Maybe @Coppersky can help you out.


I lifted this image off of Zero’s lineup this morning. I’ve been collecting images of the heroes at different stages, not at full ascension, max level. I’ll ask my Nuts to keep an eye out for the others and send them along!


@Rook Is this thread worth a sticky? Very useful reference.


I don’t usually do those. How about I try and see how long it stays up? :grin:

Edit: Ah, it can only be pinned for awhile (in this case till the end of February). Globally pinned topics are outside of my purview till I’m told otherwise. :wink:


@Pois1, you are a super hero! Thank you, very much.


I got Guinevere from Zero’s defense team too. But I do not have the other four to be sure I got them right.

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Well thank you Ricksta. I would like to see a card of fully ascended and leveled up heroes though.


@Pois1 Lancelot’s mana speed is Average, not fast as listed here.
Great work with the chart tho :smiley:

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Thank you again for your work, I’ll move this to the Player Guides section - we can keep it stickied if it helps to find it. :slight_smile:


All Knights of the Round updated.


Hello to all of you.
As you can see I was able to update most of the heroes as the description of the Special Skills changed. I kindly ask you for help with the ones I highlighted in yellow. Those heroes I have not met recently in a Raid nor anybody from top 100 players have them in their defense team. Thank you for cooperation.




With the Zoom function when viewing heroes, we can now see some extra info about them. Not crucial to game play, but fun. Here’s most of the 4* and 5* info. Those who can fill in the gaps, please post! (Lianna row is missing)



Isarnia Protector of Glaceholm
Azlar Last of the Leors
Elena Captain of the Royal Guard