Ares, Hood, or the Queen?

Taking Ares raiding is a lot of fun. Tile cascades just slice through opponents like butter, with all those crits. Add Tarlak for extra spiciness.


I’m not going to bank on pulling Guinevere because of the odds, but I wouldn’t be against it if she dropped in my lap. I’m not short on really strong tanks anyway between Ares, Richard, and a Justice that I’m probably never going to ascend because of the first two.

Since I pulled Merlin already and have a Frida, Avalon isn’t that high a priority on pulls.

I’m already dragging Ares everywhere, and I’ve gotten so used to him that I wonder why I’m doing so poorly when he’s not around (Kiril and Gadeirus and Boldtusk just don’t match up that great), but at 3/70 he does seem a little flimsy if RNG isn’t in my favor.

The only thing that would slow Ares ascent would be Falcon gobbling up the blades since I’m short on good red hitters. I have great support but nobody that can really punch by themselves, but good point that Falcon needs someone to follow up on the strike… and I already mentioned I’m short on those.

I’d love a Scarlett to drop, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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And another vote for Ares.
One of the best Polyvalent/all around hero.
I would recommand upgrading him first to rank 4

  1. very tanky
  2. useful for titan
  3. farming, attack raid. Very good it makes enemy hp go down much much quicker especialy with stack. And the regen buff helps a lot
  4. ton of synergies: ares + wilbur/wukong/Khiona(to cover attack buff for all heroes)…
  5. very good special (big attack buff+crits+regen), just put it on flank or tank. Less useful on rear tho.

@Snowdoggydogg and @Starryeyedgryph do you guys still stand by QoH as the first ringbearer? Would love your guys’ inputs once more.

@Snowdoggydogg, since Qoh isn’t ready for primetime, I’ve been running a modified defense based on what you recommended: Rigard-Hood-Richard-Ares-Caedmon. I get attacked a lot less, even though my center is still pretty weak. I’m super excited to see how many “nopes” I pull when it’s centered by a Hood-Richard-QoH, but that might be a bit off in the future.

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If you have Ares and not ascend him you are evil and not deserve any cookie.

Also you probably go bald.


Well, I don’t want to go bald…


i have ares and the queen and ares is the best in all situations. i can use him on any color titan as my tank, owns in raids, owns in pve, tons of characters to benefit from his stat boost. the queen is nice also but more niche i feel than ares. just my take his heal alone took me to diamind and beyond.

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I still say yes. The question is, which hero do you find yourself using the most? If you find yourself using Ares in all sorts of situations, you will not be mad about giving him rings first. The queen is nice for defense, but for your first set of 5* heroes you are looking to fill as many roles as possible with that set of heroes.
For that reason Ares may be your man.
But, if you find yourself using the queen often…go with her. The right answer for one person isn’t for the next.
I personally like hitters, so my Ares really only sees titans and he’s fine at 3/70. Eventually he’s awesome enough to give rings to, but i would still personally choose the queen.
If you are eager to give them to Ares, you probably wont regret it though. You can give the queen the next set


QoH is solid in the flank spot. She’s been causing grief when I’ve faced her and I’ve allowed that minion to pop. As a result she’s a priority kill just like Alby/MN if they are on D.


Looking down the road, a QoH/Red combo is very effective. Cast Red first, so that the card minion sits under the fox minion.


I would do Ares.

Red+Queen is strong just on attacks or in some defenses if foes doesn’t think to field counterattacking heroes.

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I would select The Queen as tank with Wilbur, and Justice (or Frida) as flanks.

All you need from this setup is to trigger Queen’s special one time with hopes that you will also trigger, if not already, the specials of any of her flankers. Triggering the specials of any of her flankers, next, will increase the chances of having the Queen to retrigger her special a second time.

Carefully go through the outcome of this in your mind and analyse…What you will see?

The art of crippling your opponents from using their powerful specials, or render them useless … live!

If the above keeps happening , your team will become nearly invincible to the teams with which you will matched in raids … for a quite long time.

…Just saying.

Queen is the highest red on health at 80
Check out this table.


Try this with Triton that’s been given emblems -

He hits really hard and buffs up the minions - a bit better synergy that I anticipated from a 4 star

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I do value your opinion on this, @Starryeyedgryph which is partially why this thread exists at all. So thanks for that. But the consensus is pretty much where I expected, and yeah Ares is someone I drag everywhere. Though in all fairness QoH isn’t leveled enough for me to get a good sense of her utility, so it’s hard for me to make a practical decision as I have no experience with her, and this is one of those unanswerable questions because, @Kerridoc notwithstanding, experience with all three is super rare.

It’s unquestionable that QoH will get rings imho, but I’m not sure the first set makes much sense for the first rainbow team. It’s a decision I’ll have to make and then live with the decision.

I don’t think there’s a wrong answer in this regard because all three are great, and I think only Gravemaker is better than any of them and even then only in some situations.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and recommendations and time spent.

I am curious how you feel about all three, @Kerridoc. Where do you use Hood/Ares/QoH, and how do you feel when you face them in a defensive lineup, where do you think they shine and where do they struggle? As one of the few other lucky owners of all three, what’s your practical experience?

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then go for Ares. You won’t regret it. :slight_smile:

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Also put a reposte hero flanking Queen and not only will she absorb the hit but she’ll also counter!


So update, Ares was my first girl and got the first set of rings, and I’ve been unsurprising happy with this decision. Anchoring a defense at +6 has kept me easily in diamond typically at 2500+ due to being attacked so infrequently. He’s a solid slab of beef that doesn’t die and typically keeps his buddies alive too unless they’re glass cannons like my attack path Grimm or my Panther on a bad RNG raid.

I’m a bit surprised how fast the next set of 5* rainbow is coming up since the first set took so long, so I’m back for one more ask for advice since Mount Umber is coming up soon (sorry mistaking with Frostmarch for my Frida) which should allow me to ascend another red, so here are my options:

I think Queen of Hearts should get it, but what do y’all think? I’m inclined towards Kestrel too just because I have so few hitters, but he’s been kinda meh when I bring him to raids. Here’s the rest of my bench for reference.

Ty for any and all responses!

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QoH has a fun factor—it’s great seeing Ursena or Quintus or whatever AOE hitter fail ridiculously. She’s also good on titans, if you can keep her Taunt up when the titan fires. Of these three, I’d go with her.

Red Hood is loved by some, but not me. Her healing is too unpredictable to let me feel okay with her as the only healer. Her minion’s mana-block capability should make her a good Guinevere counter, but it’s tough to get 10 red tiles (or 9 with a big mana troop) before Guin fires.

Everyone was excited by Kestrel on release in 2017. He’s not aged well, though he’s still a hitter I keep an eye on when I’m playing against him. He is getting a bit of a buff in the new update to Pirates by gaining the Pirate family bonus (attack + mana_gen, exactly like a stacked Lagoon and Sakura family bonus). The trick is that you’ve got to put him with at least one other Pirate to get any boost.


Hmm, well I ain’t got any other pirates, so I guess the queen will get the next set.

Always appreciate your perspective Kerridoc. Thanks! :+1:

Queen of Hearts for me.

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