Ares, Hood, or the Queen?

I would select The Queen as tank with Wilbur, and Justice (or Frida) as flanks.

All you need from this setup is to trigger Queen’s special one time with hopes that you will also trigger, if not already, the specials of any of her flankers. Triggering the specials of any of her flankers, next, will increase the chances of having the Queen to retrigger her special a second time.

Carefully go through the outcome of this in your mind and analyse…What you will see?

The art of crippling your opponents from using their powerful specials, or render them useless … live!

If the above keeps happening , your team will become nearly invincible to the teams with which you will matched in raids … for a quite long time.

…Just saying.

Queen is the highest red on health at 80
Check out this table.