🌴 Roc - 5* Holy/ Yellow from Sand Empire (NEW)

My roc sits at 370 waiting to play…had the makings of a great hero in beta…If they’d return him to fast and add damage he would line up with the Halloween heroes and would get darts ahead of any upcoming yellow hero


Keeping hope and this thread alive. New hero should have been a krampus or Francine equal. So far from it. I mean come on SG you want people to summon for him next time around right? Balance

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Deals 485% damage to the target.
Damage Bypasses targets Minions
All Enemies who own a minion recieve 315 Sand Damage over 3 turns.
Element Link summons a Nature Minion for all Holyallies with 5% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.


All enemies receive 306 damage over 3 turns.
All enemies get -50% decrease for any healing received for 2 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
Dispels status ailments from all allies.

Uraeus third special is stronger than Roc’s primary :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



Needs a speed, damage and DoT buff. Or at very least a much better DoT.

When you see other heroes doing what Roc does but better it’s frustrating


Completely agree. I’d love to be able to dust this hero off and actually start using, bags of potential but just nowhere near top tier ready

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I see Roc now as a victim of a past issue, collateral damage when GTV and their DoT were overwhelming combo. Seemed like SG wanted to avoid having a whole-round stacking DoT defenses with potential to deal 600 dmg per turn (Clarissa + Gravemaker + Vela + Roc).

Unfortunately to Roc, we would never have gotten to that point anyway as that DoT meta was destroyed with many counters to DoT and Telly/Vela changes. Still, Roc remained as below mediocre, sitting forgotten in the corner, next to many other forgotten heroes. We can only keep lobbying for balance changes to those - perhaps with the summer approaching SG will want us to love Roc more to invite some cash into the summer portal.


There are always threads with heroes that arw often used in the top defenses, thats where bera finley frigg and odin stand insanely high.

SG themselves claim to “wisely watch for heroes that overwhelmingly are used, and use balance to give more diversity to the game”

Maybe they should also watch at the bottom of this list. I am very sure that this bottom of all yellow heroes looks something like this:

Number 1: Odin
2. - 23. All other yellows

Then… somewhere in the darkness of the game, they appear:
24. Leonidas
25. Norns
26. Roc
27. Guardian Owl

And i swear to god I encounter even gullinbursti more often than roc… it is such a shame

Whilst I was looking for all yellow heroes i got really angry (look here)…
Except for Guardian owl and roc, almost every… single… one of them has quite goos usabilty, maybe you should put inari in Addition

So… anyways… look at the freaking bottom of the list…

Buff roc… give him healblock of 75% for 4 rounds if you dont want to enhance his damage, but just … do something. For diversity


Lol. Yeah, I’ve seen Gullinbursti from time to time, but haven’t seen Roc A SINGLE TIME yet this year.

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Roc has been well a truly benched until E&P pull there Finger out and Buff him already

With the summer event about 3 months away I’d expect a buff for Roc, after all it would boost spending on probably the least desirable of the seasonal portals

I think they have buffed some other seasonal heroes a few months before the events ( Leptus, o’hare and valeria are the ones I remember)

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I really do hope so.

Sand event legendary heroes are hell of boring because I have the feeling that all those heroes are like one full mana speed class too slow compared to all other seasonal events.

Lets compare:
Sand event:

  • roc, average, bad hero
  • rana, average, okay hero
  • yunan, slow, okay hero


  • victor, very fast, okay hero
  • vanda, very fast, great hero
  • franciney, fast great hero


  • lepus, fast, great hero
  • killhare, average, awesome hero
  • roostley, average, okay hero


  • krampus, average, awesome hero
  • mothernorth, slow, awesome hero
  • santa, slow, great hero

So a curiosity that almost ALL legendary saisonal heroes are really really good. But sand empire is sitting in the corner, crying.

So, bringing sand empire one speed class up, whilst of course correcting and balancing effects a bit (maybe ranas and yunans sand damage or rocs healblock should be lowered in this case), would make them at least playable.

I am 100% sure that dand empire heroes by far are the least used heroes in pvp offense and defense (if you compare it with all seasonal event heroes)


I maxed him out, as at those times I didn’t have any yellow options (even yellow HotM were evading me). I don’t even remember the last time I used him. Seriously, SG overdid it when they decreased his speed to average AND reduced the damage of his DoT. And yes, it looks like a splash damage from GTV rampage, as it was at that time that there was an outrage against Telluria teams and/or nerfs. Kinda funny when you compare him to S4 heroes … Not even his high stats help him, I prefer to emblem Guardian Kong, as his damage is more instant.

More annoying is that SG’s solution to this will be most likely a costume, so I’ll have to pull him again if I want him to be useful, if even the costume will be useful. Sigh …


What do we have to do for the Devs to take notice of this thread and do something about this seriously under par hero ?

Let’s use commonsense and buff him NOW , whilst all of these s4’s heroes are coming out, he’ll stand half a chance. Any later, say when s5 heroes coming will be a total waste of time .


So balance changes announced for a number of heros in beta with Noor being the newest hero to receive changes , why was Roc left off ???
This is getting beyond joke will he receive his changes when he is completely obsolete???

I believe the rebalance is done incrementally.

Roc has been out for almost two years already and hasn’t even been breathed on let alone touched , and this being an Event hero where are the incremental balances here I say ???

One year of Roc, not two.

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Thank you for the correction, it certainly seems alot longer when new heroes are getting balance changes

Well, I guess that some things take a while to happen. There are plenty of heroes left in the dark. Roc like I said before and all other sand heroes lack speed OR damage.

I love the idea of sand damage and healblock but even with healblock active almost every healer outheals the sand damage, thats ridiculous.

Every time I post here, I get new great ideas to save sand empire heroes…

Sand empire heroes sand damage and healblock is stackable. This includes the damage per turn and the lenght of tje effects

Roc and rana would be a heavy combo in that case, and even the 4star sand heroes couls find a proper use in tournaments then.

And due to the fact that sand damage is cleansable, a sand empire defense still would be attackable.

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Please look at the stats on usage, win rate, top 1000 etc… needs rebwlancing to make remotely viable, please do so development team


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