STATS: What's considered above average, average, & below average for attack, defense, & health stats on 5 * heroes?

According to the link below, the average red five star hero has an attack stat of 727 (if I did my math correctly).

Highest is 809 - Elena
Lowest is 611 - Black Knight

If it takes 800 to be above average you’re limited to Elena and Baldur. I would consider anything above 800 to be excellent.

But as you mention this all has to be taken into account with the hero as a whole (Costume, special matching skills, family bonus, emblems etc).

If we’re talking about fully leveled/emblemed offensive oriented heroes, 800 might be considered more of table stakes.

*All numbers from above were based on fire heroes only and based on me manually entering their attack stats in excel and then doing some basic calculations