All Season One/Classic/Vanilla 5* Heroes

Because I was looking for myself and can’t find anything:

Stats can be found at this excellent and useful location, updated regularly: New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)

Just FTR, I’m over two years in (25 months next week), and am still missing Quintus, Justice, Kadilen and Lianna, finally having received Sartana from TC20 yesterday. I’ve had one TC20 running for about a year and a half, and a second started a few months later (both almost continuous, with just a couple of weeks off).

More stats: There are 20, four of each colour, 8 fast, 8 slow and 4 average.


FWIW, all a player needs to do to check all Season 1 heroes is just go to the epic hero summon portal or special hero summon portal (if it is available) 24/7 and he/she can check all S1 heroes, including their power rating, element, class, mana speed, stats and skills. It’s so basic.

I just like to have it all available at a glance, which I’m sure a few others might, too.