Is Kadilen the only fast hit all hero?

Hi everybody,

I was trying to find one or two fast hit all heroes for my team, but the only hero I found from the regular heroes was Kadilen. Do you know any other in fast or very fast? Should be at least 4*.


  1. Zeline
  2. Zimkitha
  3. Jack o Hare
  4. Kadilen

Idk of top of my head but the hit all tend to be the azlar, isarnia, justice that are slow but hit hard. Kadilen does fire fast and hit all but it’s like a cool breeze hit that I never worry about. The defense against specialv is good but I think of the 2 elkanen is better though lianna is by far the best. I’d rather hit once with a sniper and kill then hit all and barely injure.

Rabbit Jack’O’Hare also hits all at fast mana. Melia as well.


Right, that’s the same I found out, but I have no overview of Atlantis and Event or Seasonal heroes, so maybe there is a fast one with a higher damage?

Great, thanks a lot, just too bad eastern is so far…

The conditions you laid out are extremely restrictive:

  1. Full area of attack special skill
  2. Fast mana speed
  3. Four or five star hero
  4. Regular, which I’ll interpret as, ‘available from training camp 20’

A hero doing all of those things would probably be very powerful and useful. Which is why so few heroes check all of those boxes. Most heroes who do a number of those things fail to meet some other criteria.

There are plenty of heroes who meet 1, 3, and 4. But their mana speed is then average or slow. Examples: Isarnia, Azlar, Li Xiu.

Or you could take a hero who does 2, 3, and 4. But then they will fail to meet number 1 by being a single target sniper, or do splash damage. Examples: Lianna, Elkanen, Caedmon, any ramming pulverizer.

I could go on, but I’ll do just one more: there are a few who meet criteria 1, 2, and 3. But they are hard to obtain. Zeline and Zimkitha come to mind - as a result they are highly prized and used in the upper tier of the game.

You did get some answers: Kadilen, as you said, and Jack O’Hare. Even they have some compensatory minuses. Kadilen does not hit terribly hard, and Jack fails to meet your fourth condition.

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That’s a misunderstanding, I just said that I checked the regular heroes for the first three conditions, as I have no overview of Atlantis and Event or Seasonal heroes.

Zimkitha is the 2nd best fast hit all hero in the game, Zeline is #1. No tellin when either may come back around tho.


Zimkitha also hits all

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I would give that honor to Zeline, but Zim-kitty is awesome too

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True zeline is #1

Thanks for the coffee reminder lol

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@Pois1 to the rescue

(New! All Updated Hero Rosters)

Over WiFi I download full resolution versions to my smartphone.

And so you can find it.

Those three are just the few ones I know… “4* & 5* fast mana and hits all”.

Kadilen is the only fast hit all vanilla hero. Zimkitha, Zeline are HOTMs, we’ll never know when they will appear again in Atlantis. Jack O’Hare is relatively easy to get with EHTs during spring event. I think those are all the fast hit all 4* and 5* heroes.


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