👑 Knights of Avalon: Black Knight – Thoughts & Discussion

That’d be great, thanks!

I couldn’t get the video but here’s an ss, there’s the text but no bubble


So this means 99% of the players will not want to pull him anymore, he is useless now :innocent:


So that’s his Special Skill firing — what you’re looking for is when, while that’s active, he drops damage to 1 point.


aaah, ok! sorry, lol :smiley:


With the combination of Black Knight’s defense (846) and health (1458), it looks like he has the highest stat for it (Def+Health). I expanded Expired’s list and listed all other heroes with higher health, from POI’s list.

Mother North (slow) - D (819) / H (1462)
Horghall (slow) - D (650) / H (1545)
Boss Wolf (very slow) - D (826) / H (1524)
G. Owl (very slow) - D (795) / H (1483)

Given that BK’s mana generation is Average and that he has taunt (which is undispellable right?) and an improved berserker fury :slight_smile: (sort of Warcry + Berserker Fury) he looks very promising as a tank!


It’s dispellable on Black Knight, since it’s a status effect for him.

On Queen of Hearts it’s a function of her Minion, so it can’t be dispelled.


Oh great! Yes, great for those who don’t have him and have to face him. He can be over-powered if the taunt is undispellable. I hate taunt on Queen of Hearts. :slight_smile:


The taunt can be dispelled, from what I see in the event. And his taunt is far better, because he actually taunts you.

SG nailed this hero, simply due to the speech bubble.

Avalon was not really on my planned summon list for anytime in the near future, but I might throw some gems at this just because of this hero.

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For some reason, I was expecting a movie clip.

@jesse1 @zephyr1 when facing Black Knight and he uses his skill or reduce the damage the speech bubble still exist beneath him :wink:


I got Queen of Hearts, so I can’t help but compare him to her.
Same mana speed, tanky stats and a similar special.
I’d say BK is a bit better since his taunt doesn’t rely on a minion, but it does look like his taunt and damage prevention are dispellable, so at least not completely OP.

I already see an absolutely broken combo with Wilbur or Aegir. I can confirm that shared damage+taunt is strong, but together with the atk buff it is on a whole other level. For the same reason I lose against Aegir+Khiona so often.

As much as I hate/love Guin, I think this is the strongest hero in Avalon now.


run into some technical issues

Taunt and Just a Flesh Wound!

Hi everyone, I’ve added the Black Knight’s buffs to the Status Effects topic :slight_smile: This topic is a quick reference of all buffs and ailments in the game.

Black Knight casts 3 status effects on himself (counting the berserk attack buff), and only one on all his allies. This can be very useful for buff booster tournaments, particularly as a tank in those. They can all be dispelled, taunt included.

Note about Dispels vs Taunt

It is very worth noting that the dispel only affects the Black Knight regardless of the dispel’s range! That means if you hit Black Knight with Domitia, only his buffs will be dispelled; not his nearby allies. This is thanks to Taunt :slight_smile:

Once taunt has been dispelled, all of his allies can then be targeted and their buffs dispelled. Bringing two dispellers against him sounds like a good idea, or at least 1 dispeller and additional attack droppers.

So yes, that means that Frida can only dispel him, and you have to bring along other heroes to deal with his berserk buffed allies :grin:

He’s a very, very powerful hero.


Allow me to ask for a clarification. For example I have Domitia and Hel, I fire Domitia’s special to debuff BK then fire Crush of Hel on BK. Only BK will not gain mana because the nearby heroes still have taunt and will not be affected by Crush of Hel?

In that scenario:

Domitia fires - Black Knight gets his buffs dispelled. All of his allies (including nearby) will still have the berserk buff. But Taunt is dispelled at this point from B.K.

Hel fires - She can target whoever, because Taunt is dispelled from the Black Knight.

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Even the wings? Because Domitia dispels only the middle.

Domitia under normal circumstances dispells her target + nearby enemies. However, black Knights Taunt prevents that nearby allies dispel from working before it’s dispelled.

Maybe a screenshot will help:

Note that I’ve dispelled the Black Knight with Belith in this screenshot (including taunt), but Lancelot still has buffs active.

BK is the only one with taunt, once it’s dispelled, yes, anyone can be targeted by Hel.


But you said " That means if you hit Black Knight with Domitia, only his buffs will be dispelled; not his nearby allies . This is thanks to Taunt". So that means only BK lost his taunt and nearby allies still have taunt and can’t be targetted by any spells, what did I miss?

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