Black Knight v/s Krampus

It seems there were standards per color:

  • Holy - Blind/Mana Drain
  • Dark - Poison
  • Fire - Defense/Burn
  • Ice - Offense
  • Green - Utility/Revive

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See how red is loaded with health and armor. See how blue is loaded with high attack, def down, elemental def down and one of the best attack boosters.

There was once a theme that is beginning to…drift.

So the biggest difference between Krampus and Black Knight…
BK has to withstand the hardest, sharpest, most devastating attacks.
And Krampus has to withstand some tree huggers with interesting skills.

Stacking colors may not have been thought out during this… theme phase of game creation. Because of color stacking, don’t expect your BK to tank.

Krampus on the other hand. Has some interesting flankers that I haven’t seen in play yet.