Black Knight v/s Krampus

How dual taunt works together:
Queen of hearts and black Knight walk into a bar
Black Knight and Queen of Hearts

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I still think BK is superior than Kramps chiefly by reason of the Just A Flesh Wound skill. But yeah, I don’t have a taunting hero other than Shrubbear :rofl: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :rofl:


Lets not forget the minions krampus provides

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I think Krampus would work similar in offense. You can bring him in a blue stack or even off colour and you will enjoy him im sure. In fact he seems to be really really solid on offense. I have heard lots of doubtful comments about him on defence but not only one negative comment about him on offense.

If you pair him with a healer Krampus and damage dealers in your attack he will act as a sponge absorbing the specials giving that precious time to your other heroes to do the job.

I think that depends on your roster there could be no reason to rush him. Even though he will be an amazing addition to your ice heroes it does not matter if BK is around or not.

I’ve seen this argument a few times and think it should be fleshed out. I know the damage calculations are… complicated, but doesn’t Krampus’ +44-90% defense mean that all damage (except DOT) is reduced by 44-90%? Just a flesh wound functionally reduces all damage by 50%, albeit in a variable manner. Unless my understanding of the damage calculation is wrong, I’m inclined to call those roughly equivalent. As such, I think that Krampies’ minions may be the deciding factor in direct card-to-card comparisons (ignoring color advantages)

Difference is attacking with mono. BK might reduce heavy tile damage to 1 where Krampus is still get heavy damage, even with a super boosted defense

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But if both get hit by 100 tiles, overall damage is still reduced by ~50% (assuming I’m right on the impact of defense on damage)

It seems there were standards per color:

  • Holy - Blind/Mana Drain
  • Dark - Poison
  • Fire - Defense/Burn
  • Ice - Offense
  • Green - Utility/Revive

Look here: [New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)]

See how red is loaded with health and armor. See how blue is loaded with high attack, def down, elemental def down and one of the best attack boosters.

There was once a theme that is beginning to…drift.

So the biggest difference between Krampus and Black Knight…
BK has to withstand the hardest, sharpest, most devastating attacks.
And Krampus has to withstand some tree huggers with interesting skills.

Stacking colors may not have been thought out during this… theme phase of game creation. Because of color stacking, don’t expect your BK to tank.

Krampus on the other hand. Has some interesting flankers that I haven’t seen in play yet.


Who has the better taunt? Who do you think is stronger? Better tank? Flank?

Overall, who you got?

Hiya LadyAchilles;

I’ve merged your thread into an existing thread shares the same topic your thread did.

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I have them all, tested extensively —

If you got both, Max them both as emblems allow;

BK is better on Defense most of the time — unless you’ve got a better barbarian or preferred red on rainbow

He has built in mitigation for himself vs the couple of hundred hitpoints Krampus’ minions throw up

I prefer K on offense — you can do a lot with him; especially in a stack

It’s easier to use BK as a red on D — because there are simply more diverse options on blue… I’ll use K as a Heimdal flank I’m sure, but no much so that I retire my Alice or Ariel

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You don’t need 100 tiles to kill Kramps. As pointed out by @Euphoria:

100 tiles aimed at Black Knight MAY possibly only damage him by 100 HP, each tile dealing only a single unit of damage of 1 HP due to the flesh wound skill. Favorable green tiles against Kramps using mono is damaging against the xmas fiend that you may only need 10-20 tiles (super conservative estimate) enough to kill him. You see the difference?

If I may add:

  • Holy - Blind (and almost anything that affects the mana, i.e. Guinevere, Leonidas, Neith, Onatel, Poseidon, Inari’s minions, Li Xiu and costume, Chao, Lady Woolerton, Danzaburo’s bottle gambit, Mist, Gretel, and Pixie)
  • Dark - Poison
  • Fire - Defense (don’t know about the kind of defense you are talking about but I remember a lot of them deal burn damage over time, i.e. Jean Francois, Azlar and costume, Gravemaker, Marjana, Colen, Kelile, Jahangir, and Nashgar)
  • Ice - Offense
  • Green - Utility (i always remember greens as the source of resurrecting heroes, i.e. Alberich, Mother North and Heimdall, and healers, i.e. Lady of the Lake, Ratatoskr, pre-nerf Telluria, Kashhrek and costume, Melendor and costume, Gadeirus, Grevle and Belith)

I hate boxing everything into one category. I love variety and that drift you are talking about. It gives spice in the gameplay. I want to hear costumed Karil say to Nashgar: “Who’s burning now, ugly?” or hear Mitsuko say to Guinevere: “Where’s your mana, beach?:rofl:

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They “boxed up” the fire element with health and defense. While lowering the attack stat. And did the opposite with Ice. Even frozen healers have high attack stat…

It’s too late. That box was shipped a long time ago. And is why your BK sucks as a tank. Zeline makes for a good flank to BK. But… Frida is more prevalent, and doesn’t care about either of them. She doesn’t speak, there’s nothing to say.
She just grins. And thwacks them both.

Yeah… it’s starting to drift but… still.
Too late. Don’t need mono blue for Red tanks

I did over simplify the so-called themes tho… thanks for making the pixels in my painting smaller! I’ll edit in your additions @Ultra

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Azlar and Elena both waved at you. They might switch to their costumes which has insane high attack stat. Baldur giggles. Gefjon snarks. Guardian Kong smiles apely. Vanda licks blood from the edges of her mouth. And Puss in Boots playing around with the praying Reuben while Tyr is trying hard to sharpen his claws. And, oh, Scarlett is busy dodging specials while trying to line up tiles to the enemy. What low attack stat are you talking again?

Aegir, Raffaele Richard, Thorne, Krampus and even Skadi cried. They don’t have high attack stat over 700. Most of the rest have passed the 700 attack stat mark, I agree.

Who said that? Was it officially announced by SG won’t be encroaching the “specialty” of one element to another? AFAIK, they are already doing that in front of our eyes. Costumed Renfeld “adopting” what Onatel’s mana regen thievery does. Yellow Kvasir’s minions have been poisoning their targets. Mica is the yellow equivalent of Aegir. And there are more heroes to come, i.e. heroes from Season 3, Season 4, new Villains monthly challenge event, Costume Masquerade and 2021 HOTMs.

I am confused. If reds are generally blessed with defense and health based on your previous statement, why would BK suck as tank? He is one hell of a tank.

Nope. I’d rather chose Frigg, costumed Kadilen or Odin.

That is, if you you are able to match at least 9 tiles if your Frida is supported by a level 23 mana troop, hoping that BK won’t be casting his attack buff that ever increases by +20% everytime he and his allies are hit in 3 turns. If boards are not favorable though, you know the story…


Yep. I have them. They wave from my bench.

For you maybe. I cut them to ribbons.
You don’t need Frida to do it, either. There are plenty of high attack, dispel, def down, element def down and boosting blues to choose from.

And that’s the difference between BK and Krampus… the opposite line-up

The opposite line-up, in fact… was a contributing factor for the success of Telluria. The slow S1’s you mentioned have high attack. And a recent S3 drift.
Def down? 4*…
Element def down? 4*…
Dispel? ahhaha…
This paltry group is not the situation
for blue!

Well at least Krampus’ gradual defense-up cannot be removed. BK may reduce damage of all, even super-effective moves to 1, but one dispel and that’s that. And since I am bringing my Kage everywhere, well… Though granted, Kage’s not easy to get.

Both are great with slightly different situations where one is better than other. But given the odds of getting BK, I decided to go after Krampus instead.

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That maybe a better short term move.
Honestly. I don’t think green tanks are going anywhere anytime soon.

Red is still lacking too much firepower, dispel, def down, element def down. It’s kind of funny, that… it took Telly to break the green meta loose. People were looking at the cards only.
Black Knight is such a tank’… lol and then they suffer losses.

So far all these experiments for the new meta have all been short lived.

The scramble will continue. I’m not convinced that blue will over take green.
But I’m am very confident:
Red won’t!

This debate seems to forget that Queen of Hearts exists. What’s the point about her ? Why do we talk about Black Knight and not about her ? It’s a different but similar tauting heroe actually.

It isnt just the taunt that makes the difference. QOH never created a problem as the other 2 as she doesnt give her allies anything special to make them stronger. BK and Krampy gives secondary skills to all allies that makes them hit stronger with 50+ attack boost. I have never noticed QOH in any of the raids in the last year or so. But plenty of BK and i am seeing Krampy has been doing quite a few appearance. I have not lost any raid where i face Krampy +20 in tank or flank yet as he dies without even making an impact. BK is a different game, but i am really cool with him as well unless he has the Odin Frigg flanking him or the rabbit chik ready to fire with the attack boost.

She would work better as a flank rather than a tank.

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