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Hello there! and Welcome! :slight_smile: :wave:

This is my personal guide (please see footnotes)

1. for daily `chests`
2. for longwaited `quests`

1* Strength|4* Serenity|7* Decimation|10* Justice|
|2* Fortitude|5* Survival|8* Nature|Dates 2019~jpg|
|3* Mysticism|6* Piety|9* Shadows||

| Rare | Quest Calendar~xls|
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
|1* Mount Umber|4/7* Farholme Pass T/D|
|2* Shrikewood|5* Shiloh Desert|
|3* Frostmarch|6* Morlovia|

3. topics for `rewards` and brag
4. for my `bookmarks`

|Crew Family~recruit topic| Missions| Heroes|
| ----- | ----- | ----- | ----- |
|The E&P Bible~xls OutDated| S2 avatars~post| HOTMs~post|
|Troops~post| S2 gems~post| Roster~topic|
| XP per level requirements~topic| |S2 Families~jpg|
| Formatting posts~topic||Heroes Xp value and leveling~topic||
|Helpful Infographics~topic||Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments~topic||
|Titans & Harpoons Calculator~xls|||||
|Hero Xp Tier Level Calculator~xls|||||

5. topics for `chillout`

The Ridiculous Complaints thread
The Ridiculous Bragging thread
The Feline Fans of E&P :heart_eyes_cat:
Puppy power! The Dog Devotees of E&P :dog:

Goal is to make it as easiest and quickest (one click) as possible to get the “all we know info but we dont load our memory with” basic infos. Also to bookmark this post and delete all other/too many bookmarks :smile:
:ballot_box_with_check: Suggestions and Inputs are most welcomed.
Flamming and offtopics will be asked to be moved. Many thx in advance to our Mods :wink:

Main Resource:
Thx Rook :+1:

Boolz :wink:

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P.S. : many thanks to @Rook @Mariamne @Mai @hotdamnmess @Rilf @Kamikaze_Assassin @Eries @Pois1 @madmarv @Redeye and I hope I didnt forget anyone :wink: (also I’m limited to 10)

Don’t wanna be rude, but: Complaining much? Game is unfair? This is the solution => LINK :wink:


Everybody just keeps posting 6-8 for red, someone correct it finally, it is wrong. Fastest red monster level is 4-1.
6-8 is 4 waves, red and blue enemies and BLUE Boss.
4-1 is 4 waves, red and dark enemies and RED Boss.

11-6 is OK and then 20-4 you can delete 19-4 and 19-6, no need for that.


Great job you did here Boolz :+1:


First of all nice work and great info. I have to give a shout out to Pois 1 and Rook too because they really go out of their way too to help others with these kind of tools. I know this takes work and all of u obviously put in SOLID work because all of the tools r great. These that u just did r fantastic. Thank u so much and excellent work. If u chat with either of the names I mentioned too make sure even though I thank them and like their stuff that I did mention them. Nice work again. I will b sharing this with my alliance. :+1::pray:


Very nice…this takes the place of a bunch of my bookmarks, appreciate all who worked to put it together for everyone to use and benefit from!


Amazing collection of helpful tips and information - bookmarked :heart_eyes:


U did it again @_John_Doe. Simply amazing detail and presentation is spectacular! Not to mention sheer data is mind blowing. Rock on! :love_you_gesture:


New avatar mission added


An amazing collection, thanks a lot @_John_Doe!

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This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this.
You so deserve all the blessings from Mystic vision… Titan loot… Mission rewards… :wink:


I personally do 25-1 for Gadeirus+Atlantean Drone.

  1. it is one of the only two 5 wave stages in the last three Provinces (the other being 27-3)
  2. in 27-3 there is Atomos + Gadeirus as final bosses and you can easily screw up by not killing Atomos before he triggers and he is a kind of pain in the ■■■ then

So 25-1 all day long for me:
My team: Delilah-Gormek-Natalya-Azlar-Delilah (absolutely delightful for this stage)

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Color of levels - for color chest

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Wow, this is great. Thx for doing this

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then where is the blue chest?

can you be more specific?

There are no blue coloured stages in the picture. And I think it’s not the thing, as e.g. in s2-1.1 there are no green enemies…

Ha! I got it! They are indications for stages where you’ve got both bosses and enemies for different missions. So it should be coloured more like this:


Probably. Thats why i didnt edit the pic to put a legend there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work. I’m sent this info to creator.

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I think that might be an intended feature of Discourse, but I’m not sure.

It looks like I have the option to edit posts older than that, so I assume it’s a permissions issue that’s by design.

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