🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

Yes it was shown by @Nexus1254


Is there any updated ascension table? I have one but it seems to be outdated

Can someone please explain what the ascension mats requirements are for both 4 & 5*

Example. ICE 5 * 1/1 to 4/80 would require
L 3 - 4 Capes
L 4 - 4 Capes + 6 Scopes

L 3 - ?
L 4 - ?

4* Hero
L 3 - 4 Capes

L 3 - ?

To get max value you need to max both the hero and costume? In example above you need:
Hero: 8 Capes and 6 Scopes
? and ?

Sorry if this was answered, I look for hours. So many posts!

So you still must level the normal hero to final tier if you want the costume to go to final tier.

From what I’ve heard both 4* and 5* require only a single 3* ascention material to take the costume to final ascention.

3* is cheap and easily farmable regardless

Yep, I need a chart
@Pois1 or @Mariamne?

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I will add one colour every day here. Starting today with Blue.
I got all the new hero titles from Beta (hopefully those have not changed) so it is only a question of time.


Thank you so much @Pois1 !

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Costumes FAQ:

@zephyr1, worth updating original post?

Is there already some summary of costumes : which one can be considered as “good” or improving the hero and which one are “meh” ?

For instance, I’m not a big fan of the heal change to HoT on 4 turns?

I wrote something up earlier… Think it was I’m this post…


Haven’t seen this discussed or answered: I pulled a Sonya costume and have 4 of her (2 unlevelled). The costume icon shows up on all, so I assume I can level multiple Sonya costumes and that it isn’t “used up” by the first one? Or will it disappear once I start levelling a costume on one? Actually…let me toss a feeder on one and find out.

  • Costumes level much faster. 3x 1* got her to 1-4.

  • It doesn’t appear to lock the costume to one copy of a hero.

Correct, one costume can be applied to (and leveled) on multiple copies of that base hero.

After having tried the summons I change my mind and agree with you. It’s cool for like the first 5 then you just go straight to mostly dupes.

All has been discussed. Also in the FAQs for costumes.

Costume FAQs:


Which means I can acquire 45 free 3☆ heroes each month from TC20 alone but I can only acquire 1 free 3☆ costume each month…

Such a waste…

The way I read it: P2W will have 5% attack, 5% defense, 10% HP, and 5% mana regen bonus over F2P…

Emblem is great
Tournament is good
Hunter Lodge is okay
Alchemy Lab is meaningless
Costume is utterly disappointing


But 1 costume can used with multiplied heroes.
I don’t want to rush with this costume, it is just a long-term bonus, just let it run properly.

EDIT: this discussion should be end, it already released now.
Hero Costumes Discussion [First Costume Event Live Now!]
New Costumes FAQs! Read here before asking questions!

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Yes but I can have more than 30 unique 3☆ heroes in less than a year but if I can have even 10 unique 3☆ costume as an F2P, I would have been very lucky.

@zephyr1 I posted it on the wrong thread…

IMO, it is still better not too rush, because we can get more 3* dups, it is slowly will be new 3* costumes to add later on.


Of course not, you know that I won’t rush it by spending :laughing:

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