Best Yellow Hero EVER?!

Gazelle has now entered the conversation as probably one of the best holy (if not hero) in the game. I might be biased though.

She’s good but too situational to qualify as the best. I love her against Titans but she can disrupt the team synergy in raids and war.

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That’s the fun thing about opinions, they vary. :slight_smile: I’m not sure I’d actually call her the best in the game (as alone she’s not great at all and average to bad on defense) but she has an extremely high power level when used in attack builds that suit her. I can’t see her being replaced as a war hero in my roster any time soon, and that, for me speaks to how unique she is, but like I said, I might be biased just because she’s so fun.


I pulled her too, and even though id prefer a yellow for defense she has been fun to play with. And i haven’t even started leveling her lol

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I would add Delilah as a great yellow. Very powerful healer on offense.

Regarding Guardian Jackal, I have to disagree with the level of enthusiasm. Jackal is just too glassy for much use. Easily one-shot by 10+ star titans, and frequently dies before firing in raids. Useless for defense. Even embleming Jackal fails to cure the problem, although it helps.

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Heck yeah! The list is nice, but truly a challenge to land in a Summon! My Top 5 for Holy are (and in no order):

  1. Guinevere
  2. White Rabbit
  3. Delilah
  4. Drake Fong
  5. Rana

But dang. Guardian Gazelle and Onatel are pretty impressive at times, as well.

It really depends on where you are as player. I love these Top 5 Holy Heroes in the 4* ranks:

  1. Guardian Jackal
  2. Gretel
  3. Li Xiu
  4. Hu Tao
  5. Wu Kong (who you already mentioned)

@Pois1’s content shown in the link below will show you every Holy hero in the game and all the other elements, as well.


Darn. I dont have any of those top 5 Holy Molies on your list.

  1. Guardian Gazelle
  2. Drake Fong
  3. Joon Costume
  4. White rabbit
  5. Vivica Costume

Every time I forget how awesome Onatel is, she does awesome Onatel things to remind me. Was in a war battle last night that wasn’t going well. Eventually, it was just my Sabina and Onatel against Evelyn (left wing), Kiril (right flank), and Joon (right wing). I basically have no firepower left, and I’m just waiting for Joon to blast my poor gals into oblivion. But Onatel keeps recharging and firing at the Kiril-Joon combo, preventing the heal and the death blow. Sabina kept my duo healthy, and over time, tile damage did its thing, giving me the win. It’s ridiculous sometimes how long Onatel can hold off an opponent’s special. I basically go into mourning during Guardians when I have to face the legendary tier without her.

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I find this post very helpful so I am gonna copy paste the question I asked in another thread not to spam there.

Is Joon better on defence than White Rabbit? My defence after couple more scopes will be: White Rabbit - Kageburado - Queen of Hearts - Kadilen - costumed Magni. I am thinking about sacrificing wonderland family bonus and using Joon on defence. I know he is A grade on Anchor’s guide, but it is pretty out dated when we talk about season 1 heroes (I believe all snipers are A grades on def). What would be better option for defence: White Rabbit (B grade) + QoH or Joon?

So yeah, I like Rabbit very much and paired with c. Magni they would be devastating for enemy team, but isn’t Joon (without a costume) better option? His blind ability looks pretty decent, still his basic stats (health and def) suck when compared to WR.

No need to use 2 def-down heroes in same team (White Rabbit & C.Magni), Rabbit’s will overwrite Magni’s

So, QoH tanks, she will attract at least 3 blues, you need blue & nature heroes as flanks to get the advantage (reduce 1/2 damage from blue tiles). Then blue red green or green red blue in the middle, purple & yellow in the corner

AI will cast skills from the left to right, so def-down or Blind or dispell Left Wing will be preferred

In conclusion : Joon - C.Magni - QoH - Kadilen - Kage

or Kage - C.Magni - QoH - Kadilen - Joon (if you want dispell early)

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So many good points there but if we forget about overwriting, I believe having 2 def-down three target hitters is pretty useful:

  1. Not always both of them will use their special skills
  2. When we are un/lucky and they hit the same targets, they are barely alive or dead

edit. still gotta admit, WR’s special kills c. Magni’s special…

I would go WR. Hits 3 for equal damage and his def down is one of the best in game imo since it resets when target heals and can’t be dispelled.

Edit: I use Finley and WR in my raid and war defense and it holds up quite well.

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Costume Joon has more 5% mana gen, combine with mana- troop => nearly very fast . WR doesn’t have that precioud 5% bonus. In addition, 488% dam easily take down almost enemies…

So, Joon is the long-term choice

I don’t have a costume for Joon.

Custom Joon is great, but regular Joon is still a beast with Poseidon a close second.

I meant “in the future, long-term choice”

According to me, in the current version of the game, following are some really good yellow heroes.

5 star - Legendary

Delilah: Her decent heal + minion buff;

Sif: Surprised no one mentioned SIF till now!! She is the best support hero from S3, imo. She works so well in almost any offense team.

I enjoy using both of them, and as it so happens, their combination is really really tough to crack:

  • They charge simultaneously
  • Delilah’s minions are already a nuisance as they absorb a decent damage and prevent her from getting one-shotted
  • Add Sif’s damage reduction + riposte to this. The enemy snipers keep getting one-shotted (looking at you Magni, Joon & co.) while barely tickling these two.
  • Sif’s mana boost - once it gets going - practically makes these two fast mana.
  • So, Delilah becomes a fast healer + minion generator.
  • Those minions keep dealing their attack while protecting the entire team.

Ever since I put these two in my yellow stack, I have taken on so many teams 600-700 TP above mine comfortably.

For the record, my yellow attack stack is:

(Yes- I don’t have a good yellow sniper… and still that is probably my strongest attack team. For purple titans, I replace Gretel with Wu.)

4 Star - Epic

Jackal - for obvious reasons
Mist - One of the best support heroes in the 4* category
WuKong - Must have for anyone, again for obvious reasons.

I know I have left quite a lot of legendary yellow heroes like Onatel, Drake etc. Please note that I mentioned the above heroes because I have them and know for a fact how well they work.

Hope this helps.



It is obvious that costumed Joon is one of the best heroes in the game, but we talk about the present. I wish I had him but odds are not in my favor and I prefer to look at the current roster and compare WR to standard Joon not improved one.

You said that WR overwrites Magni’s special. It will only happen when he hits exactly 3 same targets which not gonna happen very often and even if, they will be hit hard with their def alread down.

You mentioned about c. Joon mana bonus, but wonderland family also gets 2% mana and 5% crit chance.

Maybe it looks like i defence WR and value him more than Joon, but I am just not convinced that Joon is better in this composition (despite the fact that he is an awesome hero and I am glad I finally pulled him).

lv 29 mana troop - 15% mana gen

You just need lv 17 mana troop + 5% mana from costume then we have lv 29 mana troop (we all know that it takes ages and tremendous ham to level up troop)

And Monk class has more 4% mana gen (only 3 classes have 4% mana : Monk, Druid, Sorcerer), Joon will reach to nearly very fast easily (if you dont switch to Fighter) !

It’s just my opinion, for now, WR has better stats, and you love him, so be it !

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