Caedmon costume?

Costume one dispels status aliments, can be quite handy as he is I think only fast green cleanser.


What about damage? Is that the same?

Yes, it is 345% damage, both regular and costume.


Ok thanks, I will put him on hold for now.
Got Rigard and he is priority


Costume Rigard is the best 4* hero IMO, even better than many 5* heroes and deserve to be maxed ASAP. With a costume bonus and level 5 mana troops he charges with only 9 tiles, and practically becomes fast healer/cleanser/attack booster.


to break down the details: the % damage is the same for both. but the final actyal damage will be slightly different based on

  • Base attack (635 for normal, 670 for costume)
  • Emblems (normal and costume are different Classes, so different emblem paths)

Yes you should do Rigard first

BUT don’t discount Caedmon, I have him at +18, and he is a staple in my green raids. Choosing between cleanse or debuff based on the defense is very powerful. Definitely worth training him up both versions


Exactly this.

I have 2x Caedmon maxed and his costume on both.
One is a +15 and the other is +14.

I use a Mono Green team. I use his regular + costume in the mono green team. He is so good against Telluria.

He is great when facing a Kunchen Tank, too, and of course many others.
Using one or both in War Teams too. There are a lot of purple or blue tanks, so he is very useful.

( c Caedmon / Evelyn / Telluria / Caedmon / Lianna )


Yeah nice. My green raiders are Evelyn +6, Lianna +18, Caedmon +18, Hansel + 18, Heimdall

Also use this as one of my War teams. Caedmon definitely pays his way


As others have said, Rigard is a must, but don’t forget Caedmon, dispell and debuff in fast hero is very useful. You can lvl both at a time if you are not hurry and feed same color. I always lvl a rainbow team unless I want to power lvl a hero for some reason.


I have 2x Caedmon-C and 2x Sonya-C, very handy to use for war as needed, dispell or cleanser or both at fast speed.
Rigard-C is a must for war depth,… I already have 3x Rigard-C, and maybe I would level another. Specially if we have mana troop lvl5.


Thanks Guys for advices.
One more questions. I have 4* troops five of them but only red one.
Problem is red heroes I have only buldtusk full maxed.
I want to make good red team for raids.
Any suggestions for heroes?

What red heroes do you have?

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Back on topic. Just got the costume. Will level at some point. Have already +9 nice as Mel and zeline for dispel cool for the cleanse :+1:


I got the costume today. I have already x2 C.Mel so the green dispel thing is covered but the green cleanse thing at fast speed is huge. I will level another copy of caed after i max the first costume on my maxed caedmon.

As for rigard, im leveling a third one for war depth. Is a powerful healer.

My advise here is to work on a rainbow team . Feed the heroes only with feeders of the same colour.

Train Rigard - Caedmon - Scarlett


Thank you all for helping me.
I also wanna ask something in this topic about Hero academy.
I see 25 lvl of stronghold needed for that but wondering what are the benefits of that building?
Something about leveling heroes?

I find it. Thanks all for help.

While I agree that you need Rigard, and should, indeed, focus on him, I recommend you give Caedom’s costume a second thought.

First, it is more efficient to feed like colors to a hero, so where possible, you should be feeding purple to Rigard and your green feeders to a green hero. I get impatience – I really am impatient – but it is more efficient to do on-color feeding. Plus, this game is ill-suited to those of us who are patience-challenged.

Second, the costume makes the regular hero stronger, too. (I’m sure you know that, but just saying.)

Third, having a green hero who can dispell or cleanse is handy for raids. If you raid 3-2, you won’t always want to use a purple hero. In those instances, Costumed Sonya and Costumed Caedmon can be handy as they can do either cleanse or dispell depending upon what the defense poses.

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So if I understand good if you feed green hero with same colour feeders he will be upgraded faster?

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