Fun Hero for Upgrade - Dark

No idea which dark hero to upgrade next for fun.
Purple stack.
Mok-Arr or Domitia and why.

Here u go. Best info I can give u is from @Razor. All the time going above and beyond to update these player charts. Look out for updates.

New! All Updated Hero Rosters

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And also @_John_Doe too for anything from where to farm for backpacks to how to feed troops.

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Yes thanks.

I am just looking for opinions on who to up next. Already have Kage, Aeron and Sartana.

Looking to probably replace Merlin for a tougher one or Rigard for more firepower.

I’m gonna go Rigard all the way. For a healer he actually has quite the punch and he has a fantastic shield and heart. I use him in concert with Mother North and if they get in sync and as she resurrects he is ready to juice them up it’s AWESOME. Rigard is in my opinion one of the top Epics!

I should have asked too… r u looking to just level up or use hero emblems?

Level up to mess around.

My Rigard has 7 nodes right now.

Just looking for a possible substitute during raid.

Im so jealous. My Rigard only has 2. I think in raids he suits very well because of debuffing too. Should have mentioned that.

Mok is solid when paired or grouped with his family.

My only debate is that Mok is good in an all dark team.

But with Domitia, I get to dispel buffs from the enemy since I already have cleansers in the team.

I’d go for Domi.

20 Domis and a Mok.


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