Ascension and team decisions, help!

Let start by saying that Sartana is a great hero, so she’s more of an exception to what I’ll follow up with. You can definitely max her first if you want, since you have the mats I think it’s fine to do so.

In general though, focus on your 4 stars first, until you get all the mats for the 5 stars. Since you said in the main post that titans are most important to you, that’s why I advised to do some 4 stars first. As a general rule of thumb, 4 star heroes at 4/70 have better stats than 5 star heroes at 3/70. There are exceptions, but generally, this means they’ll deal more damage and stay alive longer.

Tile Damage

The best way of dealing lots of damage to titans is through tile damage (match 3 or more) of the strong color against the titan. In order to get the best amount of damage, you want to stack heroes with high attack stats that are of the strong color against the titan. Ideally, this is something like:

  • at least 3 of the strong color
  • Wu kong
  • another hero to support with damage or survival

This means you’ll want several heroes of each color maxed, to deal the most damage possible. Not only that, but the longer a hero lives, the longer you last against titans. Dead heroes do not benefit from any boosts either, so another reason for them to stay alive is to benefit your damage boosts.

Note about Tiburtus vs Kunchen

Power of a hero isn’t everything. Kunchen has max attack of 618 before troops. Whereas Tiburtus has max attack of 660! So you get higher tile damage against yellow titans and the same def- effect with Tiburtus! :wink: Check this topic out, and bookmark it: New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses)


Since you mentioned you are just getting these ascension items, I’m assuming you don’t have many of them to spare… meaning that if you solely focus on 5 stars, you won’t have many strong heroes to choose from. Instead of waiting a long time to get the 5 stars maxed, you can start building a strong army now with 4 stars.

Keep that in mind too, especially for titan damage; more maxed heroes of the strong color that you have, the better your damage will be.