Ascension and team decisions, help!

Hello, new to posting here but I’ve been reading for a long time, thanks to all who contribute!

Looking for some advice on my teams, as I finally have top ascension items for red and purple. The purple choice is more difficult since my main team right now has both Kunchen and Sartana, and I love them both and together. I use the same team for attack and defense, and it works pretty well (lineup shown below). I don’t use Elena, and unsure of how to integrate her, I prefer the snipers. Open to all ideas about switching things up, I only need one more telescope, but far off on darts and tonics…

Please no flack for the partial ascended heroes, I chose to make teams of 3 or 4 strong in each color for titans and wars, and I am consistently top of my alliance in those categories. I’ve spent some money but also gotten very lucky to get lots of good heroes, which makes decisions more difficult. Titans are most important to me, just got my final tabbard from one which prompted this post. But now I need to chose who to use the ascension items on, and want to be well rounded and make the right decision!!

Thank you all ahead of time!

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For titans you’ll want to focus on heroes that can maximize your damage and/or help keep your team alive.

I know you said that you have the epic ascension items for red and purple, but I’d suggest going for some 4 stars first. You’ll notice much quicker results in your damage scores that way, which will help your alliance get stronger titans.

Purple: Tiburtus, then Rigard or Sartana
Yellow: Wu Kong, then Gretel or Joon
Blue: Grimm, then Kiril or Frida
Green: Hansel, then Peters or Lianna
Red: Wilbur, then Boldtusk or Elena

For your first ones to work on, I chose 4 star heroes with skills that will help you maximize your damage output. Wu Kong and Wilbur in particular have support skills that are deadly against any titan color. Exception is Hansel, I went with him first over Gadeirus because he’s fast and can stop titan skills from firing with his skill, which is great.

The next ones I chose were one 4 star or one of your 5 stars, depending on how you feel at that point with your roster. Remember that it’ll take a longer time to train a 5 star.

The 5 stars I chose were those that can hit hard too. I went with Sartana over Kunchen for that reason. I also went with Elena for red because she has the highest attack stat of all red heroes, meaning she’s going to be consistent in your titan team once she’s in the fourth ascension.


Thanks Dave. I know this is what most say about leveling 4* first. But all those you mentioned above first have their final ability, for defense down etc. (with the exception of Wu and Wilbur who are recent and I am currently leveling for titans), and those I only use for titans. I know 5* will take a while, but I’ve already been focusing on them. Shouldn’t I continue, for example, leveling Sartana in fourth ascension instead of going back to Tiburtus? He is so far behind her in power, and I only use him for titans now, it feels like a waste when I could be leveling so much better of a hero, even if it will be slow… thoughts?

If you have the mats to max Sartana do it!..Why drive a Prius when you have a Benz?

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@Deadpond my thoughts also, but the real choice is between her and Kunchen, based on my other heroes, I am not sure which team is best to put together for the future. I love his defense down and healing, and I have other snipers in all colors. Should I rearrange my team and get ready for Elena, and what happens to Boldtusk then? That’s what I’m trying to get advice on, looking at all the heroes I have to make new potential teams.

Well most of this is on you. Your playing style…etc…I see your snipers and none are maxed. A maxed Sartana is no joke. Kunchen can wait.

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True, but still looking for feedback from advanced players. I have enjoyed getting new heroes to decent level, to have 6 strong enough teams for wars, and color stacking for titans. I think I am just at the point I need to decide what team I want going forward.

For example, if Elena became tank I would definitely want Kunchen for healing on my team, right? Although I also have Ariel, and her and Kunchen overlap with the ally dispel. I’m gonna hate losing boldtusk attack buff though… looking for what people think would be the best team I could put forward, regardless of their current level/ ascension

Let start by saying that Sartana is a great hero, so she’s more of an exception to what I’ll follow up with. You can definitely max her first if you want, since you have the mats I think it’s fine to do so.

In general though, focus on your 4 stars first, until you get all the mats for the 5 stars. Since you said in the main post that titans are most important to you, that’s why I advised to do some 4 stars first. As a general rule of thumb, 4 star heroes at 4/70 have better stats than 5 star heroes at 3/70. There are exceptions, but generally, this means they’ll deal more damage and stay alive longer.

Tile Damage

The best way of dealing lots of damage to titans is through tile damage (match 3 or more) of the strong color against the titan. In order to get the best amount of damage, you want to stack heroes with high attack stats that are of the strong color against the titan. Ideally, this is something like:

  • at least 3 of the strong color
  • Wu kong
  • another hero to support with damage or survival

This means you’ll want several heroes of each color maxed, to deal the most damage possible. Not only that, but the longer a hero lives, the longer you last against titans. Dead heroes do not benefit from any boosts either, so another reason for them to stay alive is to benefit your damage boosts.

Note about Tiburtus vs Kunchen

Power of a hero isn’t everything. Kunchen has max attack of 618 before troops. Whereas Tiburtus has max attack of 660! So you get higher tile damage against yellow titans and the same def- effect with Tiburtus! :wink: Check this topic out, and bookmark it: New! All Updated Hero Rosters


Since you mentioned you are just getting these ascension items, I’m assuming you don’t have many of them to spare… meaning that if you solely focus on 5 stars, you won’t have many strong heroes to choose from. Instead of waiting a long time to get the 5 stars maxed, you can start building a strong army now with 4 stars.

Keep that in mind too, especially for titan damage; more maxed heroes of the strong color that you have, the better your damage will be.


I think it all depends on your ultimate goal. Are you trying to be the best of the best? If so take the slow route and max your 4 heroes. As for myself I’m in the middle. I want to progress yet have some fun instead of stressing out of what I should do next. Max Sartana and have fun melting faces!! It’s a game afterall.

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@DaveCozy Thank you so much for the detailed response!! I think I have primarily been abiding by what you are saying, but trying to make those teams all at once by leveling lots of heroes back and forth, with a focus on one or two of my best 5* in a color. I am finally to the point where I am going to get to choose one 5* of each color to ascend soon, and won’t get engough 5* ascension mats to do another of a certain color for another 4 or 5 months. I have plenty of the ascension mats for my 4* heroes, and I’ll keep working on them as I wait for my 5*’s.

I guess my overarching question is still what the pros think would be my best overall team. I’ve had boldtusk as tank for a while, but at some point this needs to be changed. Kunchen, or Elena? If you could have all these heroes fully ascended what would be your team? I spent a good amount of $$ when I started here and I’m mostly done with that, so which heroes that I have should I focus on, for the best team I can have?

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@Deadpond Haha, you are right! It will be fun no matter what, I’m not trying to be top ranked in the world, but just wanted some feedback. Like I said I’m consistently top 3 on titans in my alliance, we take on 6 and 7* titans. Most people have been playing much longer than me, and have fully leveled 4* teams, but not as many options for titans and wars, which put me on top more. But I’m 8-10th in cups usually (at 1950-2050 in general now). Anyways, just trying to learn and chat with experienced players, live this forum!!

I went through the same thing. You read the forums…trying to get tips…The tips can be good. But at the end I realized I have to do me…I’m getting ready to max out my first 5*…Richard!!!..I know from the forums he ain’t all that but I love it!..have fun bro!


For tanks:

Kunchen > Boldtusk > Elena

I think its fine to keep Boldtusk in tank until Kunchen ascends. Elena is all about offense.

@Deadpond IMO Richard is great, paladin class ninja buffed him :wink: He’s a good tank.

You could definitely do much worse, and if he’s the only blue one you have, then he’s great.

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