[Feb 6, 2019] Trials of Decimation Teams

Just beaten the two first stages with this team:

I’d like to add that I killed Elena with Oberon’s poison right after she ‘resurrected’. :skull_and_crossbones:


Anyone knows who the final bosses are?

Oberon, Ulmer, and Balthazar.


I beat all 3 stages with this team, and thanks to Proteus I didn’t need to use items much:


i used a very similar team: Boldtusk, Gato, Kashhrek, Proteus, Hu Tao and i as well didn’t need lots of items… some small mana and 2 axes it was…


I needed no items and used Boldtusk, Isarnia, lancelot, Colen and Merlin. All maxed except Lancelot, he is on 4th tier.

My team was Delilah, Boldtusk, Hel, Isarnia, and Guardian Panther. The previous two trials my teams just weren’t strong enough to complete so it was nice this time getting all three stages done :slight_smile:

I was Kiril (4.70), Magni (4.80), Sartana (4.80), Zeline (4.31), and Onatel (3.57). This was one of the easiest ones for me.

With some good heroes maxed for this trial, it was easy for me :

Looks like my team, only it’s Melia in Hu’s place

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[quote=“Ian487, post:2, topic:82884, full:true”]
Anyone knows who the fasaaaa

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I always suspected Ulmer and Balthazar hated each other. :slight_smile:


It seems that Proteus is the man for a situation like that…


Used Balthazar, Proteus, Kiril, Merlin and Boldtusk. Oberon rezzed and Balthazar jinx talent popped. I didn’t know trial bosses had talents now.

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Thats exactly the team i used on my alt account. Breezed through with just a few antidotes and one mana pot.

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Arrows, axes and bombs were needed in stage 3 but I just wanted to play safe.
Disclaimer: the heroes involved in the fight didn’t get any better at all since I reached lvl 30 :joy:


If you don’t have good wizard or fighters… you’re doing it wrong.

It was all about Proteus for me.
Was desperately leveling Boldtusk and Delilah this past week in order to avoid using 3* on the final level.

Delilah 2-47
Boldtusk 3-40
Kiril 3-60
Sartana 4-80
Proteus 4-70

Proteus kept them quiet enough that the minions built up to full set of three. That was enough padding that no one died when Ulmer and Balthazar fired.

Lots of healers, Sartana had to do the heavy lifting. Did use several small mana pots…

Or are a F2P/C2P player whomhasnt happened to pull a good fighter/wizard. I agree, though, that these are classes full of good heroes.


Well I must have the ugliest team posted so far. 3 healers so I had almost no damage. Balthazar got sniped early in the boss fight due to carelessness soo the fight dragged on.

I was a miser and took only super cheap and easily farmable items. Just forge lvl 7 needed for the turtle banners. In the fight, I used all minor heals, most normal heals and turtle banners but no minor mana pot.

Turtle banner was used to counter ulmer specisl when my Kiril special wasn’t ready. Didn’t take antidotes for Oberon as I intended (and did) just take the hits and then heal back up. Worked fine but it was really slow as the bosses had 4K hp. I don’t recommend this setup unless you’re desperate and have no better options on heroes (proteus/Merlin) and items.