[Feb 6, 2019] Trials of Decimation Teams

Colen, Ulmer, Boldtusk, Gato, Proteus, all maxed, full load of mana pots and timestops. Used all small, one large and two medium mana pots to power-up Proteus and Boldtusk. No timestops needed. Lost Ulmer and then Gato during the boss fight, but never been in any real danger. Proteus was the key. No boss ever used a special.

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I have to say, this was the first of the trials where I could compose a team of 5 fully maxed heroes (well, Zeline at 4.60, but it’s close enough) out of the pool I use on regular basis.

Boldtusk - Kiril - Zeline - Magni - Proteus

It was super easy like that. At the final boss stage I even stopped firing Proteus at some point to let them at least tingle. This hero is such a beast for the PVM. WIth two healers, def buff and attack reduction from Zeline noone was even close to dying.

I used 2 Proteus, couple healers, I forget what else… but yeah. They never had mana. Just alternated them. Cakewalk.

Boldtusk 3/60, Rudolph 3/50, Ulmer 2/22, Valen 3/50, Balthazar 3/50. First level was incredibly easy (though Elena revived with full mana – ack), second needed some healings. Not level 30 yet…

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Breezed through first two stages, final stage used a couple bombs and arrows and some red pots.

BTW, after running a “better” team on my main account that excluded Proteus, I think that choice was a mistake. Proteus’s mana control is incredibly valuable, particularly if you don’t have a debuff hero to clear the potential riposte from Elena.


4^70+1 Boldtusk
3^52 Isarnia
3^60 Kashhrek
3^50 Balthazar
3^60 Colen

Obviously a little more comfortable that I could bring healers this time and that Isarnia is a bit more leveled since first tested in the Trials of Mysticism a few weeks ago. Went in with Dragon, Bomb, Timestop, and Antidote (maybe could’ve substituted this one, but with a debuff and DOT and no cleanser, I didn’t want to risk it). Balthazar and Colen were gone before the final 3, which uncharacteristically did not contain any 4* or 5* heroes like the other trials.

It is essentially 3 vs 3 now, and while Oberon and Balthazar were able to fire off their specials, Balthazar was the primary concern because of his fast charge rate, and I needed to be careful that I don’t send too many weak tiles to Ulmer to charge him. Sure I have antidotes, and Oberon’s DOT doesn’t really concern me, but I wasn’t about to let Ulmer fire off his debuff.

In the end, Balthazar was gone first, then Ulmer, why was Oberon the last one? It was definitely not by choice because I think he Revived himself 3 or 4 times at the end before I ended his misery. Not the hardest of trials, but perhaps the fact that I had healers with me this time around made me drop my guard a little and didn’t go into the final level with 5 heroes that I had intended, and also did not bring healing items either. So in the last fight, I may have used a bit more items than I had wanted to. So I suppose don’t take things for granted when it comes to handicaps you are imposed with when you are asked to step out of your comfort zone.

Proteus prevented Obe, Balt and Vale from charging, Colen, axes and bombs ripped them off and Boldie kept em alive throughout the mobs.

Hard without a holy, but done…

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Almost no items needed thanks to all mighty Proteus


If it helps this is what I used (bottom is last stage), thought Colen was critical

Also thought the bosses ghosting was amusing

Boldtusk, Sumi, Colen, Hu Tao, Valen. Took on revive for BT and 1Super Mana Potion.

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4/70 Kiril
4/70 Boldtusk
3/60 Kiril
3/60 Colen
3/50 Valen
Had to use miracle scroll…

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