[Feb 17, 2019] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Justice!

A thread has popped up each previous Trial with forum members wanting to share and discuss their teams for the Trial. So I thought I’d create this proactively. :slight_smile:


Trials of Justice allows Paladins and Monks.

The bosses are Richard, Friar Tuck, Joon, and Justice. Monsters are red/fire and purple/dark.

If you need it, @Mariamne’s guide to the Trials is here .

@madmarv has also been doing a video tutorial series for each Trial .

Final Boss HP

The bosses in Stage 3 have 3763 hp (thanks @Stargasm).

That’s definitely low enough to nuke your way through the end with items if your team option calls for that. :slight_smile:

(image credit: @Stargasm)


Harder than I expect


Was piece of cake to complete. My team was Wu kong, Aegir, Sonya, Guardian Falcon and Aeron.

I went with a 3/2 split of wu (maxed), li xiu (3-60), joon (2-25), thorne (2-60) and arthur (max). Could have gone with wilbur in there but figured the better tile strengh would help more. Had to use a few hp pots. Did also use 2 of each of dragon/bomb/axe but that was less than I expected so was happy enough on that front. Should have a sonya up to 3-60 for the next Justice trial, so might sub her in for either li xiu or thorne, obviously Joon will be much further on to so should be easier next time round.

Had Wu Kong 3/60; Wilbur 3/60; Prisca 3/50; Leonidas 2/60; Bane 3/50. (Could have taken Li Xiu 1/30, just to have all monks on the ostensible “paladin” quest, but decided on getting a third color in, which was especially useful for Joon in stage 2.)

Honestly forgot to take any healing potions with me. Sucked down 10 antidotes in the last fight on level two to keep Wu around a little longer. Won with four heroes standing. Should hit level 29 today, so soon will be able to complain about the third level destroying me…

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Here’s my team…

And the bosses’ HP… @zephyr1

This one was pretty easy for my team, but even for those without 5* heroes, I don’t think this trial should be too tough. Justice’s slow mana seemed incredibly slow, she was the last one alive and never even got to fire her special. Even still, Joon is the only boss here that hits hard, both Richard’s and Justice’s specials are minor annoyances. Bring antidotes to cure the blind and -atk!


In Germany it looks like this.

I don’t yet have the world energy for the third stage, which gives me time to wonder if I can do it. I read madmarv’s take and am hesitant.

3.65 Santa
2.60 Aegir (only ‘healer’)
4.70 Sonya

And then two of the following:
3.60 Cyprian
3.60 Wu Kong
3.60 Li Xiu
3.34 Wilbur (as far as I could get him in time for this trial)

Team Power would be ~3150 pretty much no matter who grabs the last two slots. All items up to and including bombs are available. Thoughts on who to put in and if I can justify risking 20 world energy?

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I used Wilbur, Falcon, Cyprian 3-60, Falcon 3-60, Leonidas 3-70, and took bombs, dragon attacks, minor healing, and antidotes.

Without a healer, I blew through all 20 minor healing before the end.

I also used 1 bomb on the last stage of monsters before the bosses to debuff their attack a bit while I wore them down and charged my specials.

Wilbur and Cyprian proved useful in getting the bosses to damage themselves a lot on riposte, but without a healer and with Cyprian at 3-60, he died too early in the battle for me to use riposte suicide the whole way.

I wore down the bosses a lot with the Wilbur and double Falcon combo, along with tile damage. Leonidas proved pretty useless with the board I got, as he never charged up to fire. I had hoped he’d be useful for a bit of mana control.

I used antidotes a few times when Joon and Justice blinded me.

Toward the end I was down to just Wilbur and one of the Falcons, so I used 2 dragon attacks and 1 bomb to wear down the bosses enough to finish them with tile damage and not risk dying. I probably wouldn’t have needed that with a little more luck on the board — I had a remarkably hard time charging specials or getting good tile damage no matter how much I cleared junk out of the way to get more tiles.

All-in-all, not terrible. Next time I might bring Sonya instead of Leonidas so I at least have more chance at charging her special.

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My team:

It took awhile since I only had two hitters, but fortunately the bosses in the last stage don’t heal, so I could slowly whittle away their HP and rely on HOT to keep my team in the fight.

It took me 2 times to finish it.

The first time, I forgot to launch Wu Kong in the first turn of the boss stage… Loosing for a little bit, but loosing because I didn’t take some battle’s items… just some small mana pots…

So for the 2nd try I came with :

It was tough but I didn’t needed the battle’s items to finish the trials, it’s the hardest trial for my roster.

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Another though one for regulars: no healers and have to use weak colors.

My team of Gunnar-Li xiu-Justice-Leonidas-Wu kong need a pair of timestops, but i like to play very safe and i don’t like any of my heroes dead (also, i have over 250 timestops, so i don’t rely bother use them)

Definetely another “problematic” trial.


I used a team with Wilbur, Aegir, Li Xiu, Leonidas and Sonya. No real healer, but Leon healed himself and Aegir kept the rest alive until the final battle.
I used some arrows and axes, small mana potions and antidotes against the debuffs.
I’d like to test Queen of Hearts for the next trial, if I can get her to an acceptable level.

Haha I cant. I just cant beat the last stage right now. This is my team, and yes, those are my best. I just literally pulled Cyprian and Wu Kong yesterday, thats why they are both babies. I cant max them till I get more energy for recruits.


This might be my weakest trials to date. I beat the first 2 levels while warming up my car after work and thought about how i can improve this team for the next one.
I only have 8 warm capes right now and Richard was going to get 4 of them but now I’m torn. I just pulled Alice and she was going to get them until i saw what i had available for this!
I know my next red project was going to be Ares as he is probably my best bet for paladin emblems and my next set of rings. I just need to finish pulling Zim up to 4/80 before that happens.
I could bring Cyperian up to max, but I’ve got Sartana to bring to 3/70 and Kunchen to 3/70 and after that i only have enough trap tools to take one of my 3 5* dark to final acsention.
It looks like this just might remain my weakest, because even though i can take another yellow 4* up to max for Li Xiu, I’ll probably spend the orbs on Justice after i max my Onatel. So, maybe I’ll have Justice at 3/70 before the next one. She’s not yet even in the 2nd ascension, so i didn’t use her.

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Wish me good luck :see_no_evil:

edit… :trophy:


Wu Kong - Leonidas - Aeron - Aegir (3/70) - Sonya (3/60)

No real issues. Didn’t need many items, though I still used a few bombs at the end just to speed the fight up a little.

I also have 3/40 Olaf and 3/40 Hou, but I thought they were redundant with Gunnar, so I used Gan Ju and Prisca with me. :sweat_smile:
Nonetheless, I managed ti clear the two first stages with them, Bombs were my best friends.