🔵 [July 7, 2019] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Justice!

This is the Tenth of the Trials in the 5th Cycle!

NOTE: The Trials officially start at 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT). This post is scheduled to go live 4.5 hours earlier at 2:30:00 AM (2:30 GMT).

If you do not see the Class Trial in Quests as of 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT), force quitting and reopening the app or restarting your device will usually work.

:world_map: Full Guide

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Now that the Class Trials are on their 5th Cycle and seem to have reasonably stabilized, I’ve moved all of the guide information to a separate thread.

:ballot_box: Polls

How did you do last time on Trials of Justice?

  • Last time I beat all 3 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first stage
  • Last time I wasn’t playing yet, or was unable to beat any stages
  • Last time…I’m not sure, they’re all a blur

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How did you do this time on Trials of Justice?

  • This time I beat all 3 stages
  • This time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • This time I beat just the first stage
  • This time I couldn’t beat any of the stages

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Did you need to use a lot of items this time on Trials of Justice?

(hat tip to @JAWS_3D for this question)

  • Yeah, I nuked the bosses from space. Ripley would approve.
  • I used some items to finish off the bosses, but it wasn’t the full arsenal
  • I used support items like mana, banners, healing, and maybe a battle item or two, but nothing too crazy
  • I just used some minor items, like healing, mana, or antidotes
  • I didn’t use any items

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Overall, how do you feel about Trials of Justice?

(hat tip to @Rapisu for inspiring this question)

  • I love all the Trials equally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • It’s definitely my FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I like it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s about average for me
  • I dislike it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s definitely my LEAST FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I hate all of the Trials, give me my Emblems and let me get back to farming :rage:

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:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Post your team in a comment down below, and how you did!

:dizzy: Special Questions for Trials of Justice

  • Monks and Paladins have some healer options…but only amongst HOTM and Season 2 Legendary heroes (other than Friar Tuck). Do you have any of those ultra-rare heroes for Trials of Justice? If not, did you find these Trials harder without healer options?

  • Monk Wilbur can really shine on Quests and Class Trials, where his combination of buffing and debuffing can help both survival and damage output. Do you have Wilbur, and if so, are you bringing him along?

  • Monk Wu Kong can turn even non-hitters into serious killers with heavy tile damage. Do you have Wu Kong, and if so, are you bringing him along?

  • Paladin Cyprian’s Perfect Riposte can be an effective strategy to killing multi-hitter and AoE Bosses like Richard and Justice. Do you have Cyprian, and if so, are you bringing him along?

:grey_question: Standard Questions for All Trials

  • Did your team change notably since last time?

  • Did changes to your team make the Trials any easier or harder?

  • What items did you use, if any?

  • What are you doing with your shiny new Emblems?

  • If you beat Stage 3, who’s eating the 3* Trainer Hero?

  • Anything else interesting to share?

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This is the team I went with last time and beat it with no major problems. Will probably go the same route this time. Never seem to have too much of a problem with this trial. May mix Wilbur in there somewhere… we will see


Same team as last time with QoH+6. Wilbur+13, Aegir, Richard, Leonidas
Somehow Justice always used his special when the QoH minion was down, so I had to use some antidotes and 1 arrow when the last boss was at 47Hp and about to cast again.

Because of the new buildings I don’t have enough iron to use all my emblems :sweat_smile:
Trainer hero is for Marjana, since I don’t have any yellows to train


They’ll do the trick nicely. Waiting for the flags for the last stage. Trainer hero goes for Ranvir.


Wilbur - Drake - Ares - Tarlak - Rana


I lead off with a dragon attack but it really wasn’t necessary. This team made short work of the bosses.


Last time Frida was 4/24
Put Valeria back in in stead of Wilbur with 10, for extra blue tile damage but had to use some bombs with a bad board :joy:


Jovial Brother it is…

:zero: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

:zero: :monkey:

Yes but only at :three:/:six::zero:

Sonya up from :four:/:five::four: to :four:/:seven::zero::heavy_plus_sign::four:
Some troops change…

New Team:

I save :three: more :dragon: Attacks.

:keycap_ten: Healing :pill:, :five: :bow_and_arrow: Attacks, :five: :bomb: Attacks, & :one: :dragon: Attack.

Currently hold off embleming to save food and iron.

Mitsuko, currently focusing on developing her as my new tank.

In case you are wondering why I use so many emoji in this post, that is because of @zephyr1 put a status ailment on it :laughing:.


Joon got a breakfast to 4.55 :boom:

Boss fight.


Aegir my MVP like always in these paladin trials. My true pillar, they can’t put him down. :rofl:
Last time Sonya and Li were 3/60, now both are maxed. Thorne still 2/60 lol. Aegir same as last time at 4/80. Cyprian at 3/60.

Unfortunately i dont have Wilbur Wu or other great heroes like Tarlak but i did get Joon like two weeks ago from 16 tokens trying to get Yunan/Ranvir. Maybe ill try to up him to 3/70 so i can replace Thorne.
Used a couple of mana potions, 9 health potions and 2 bombs and dragon attacks.


Same team as last time, except that Wu and Wilbur are now both max + emblems and i started giving some more love to my troops.

3 dragons and all the other items used. Stupid Joon dodge the bombs attack down twice :joy:
Trainer and emblems stays on bench. Finished SH21 this morning, currently at 30k ham and 140k iron. No resources for emblems :rofl:


Same team as last time .

3500 TP
Joon, Wu, Drake , Sonya and Cyprian .
No emblems used.

Did have to use a few battle items and all my small health vials .:hospital:

On a plus note, no hero died.
I’ll keep leveling Sonya and Drake to max them , making this trial hopefully easier in future . :thinking:


Forgot to bring dragons, but with the Wu-Wilbur combo it wasn’t really necessary. Bosses killed themselves on Cyprian 3/60 riposte.

Monk emblems will go to Wu. No maxed paladin so emblems go to the shelf. Trainer is food for Ranvir if he decides to max his special before hitting 2/60, otherwise they’ll go to Guin once I ascend her!


1st Trial of Justice stage 3, finished! (with brutal bomb and dramatize end).

Last 1 bomb not killing bosses, and use mana to Falcon twice… boom… boom twice (very lucky)… look at the status effect: Blind and Gamble Stance.

Emblem saved for Paladin: Falcon, and Monk: WIlbur and Wu.
Trainer for Wu.


My team

Swapped Tyrum out for Cyprian and he was MVP even though he was the squishiest - minor health poitions kept him in til the end. Wu and Wilbur combo all day, but bosses killing themself through Cyprian’s riposte… Priceless!

Used two bombs, a few arrows which was handy as boss specials did miss a couple of times, and nearly all my minor health pots. Trainer will go to Onatel and emblems will sit in my inventory for now.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Typically this has been one of the harder Trials for me, due to a lack of healers.

But oddly today’s run was quite straightforward and quick. This screenshot really demonstrates that, particularly minimal item usage vs. previous times:

Shiny New Emblems

Paladin Sonya stepped up to +2.

Monk Li Xiu needs another 10 Emblems to go to +4, so no change there for now. Wu Kong was originally going to be my second Monk, but having gotten Ranvir last month, Wu Kong’s days are numbered.

Speaking of Ranvir…

He ate the Trainer Hero, accelerating Wu’s soonish departure from my Titan teams.


My team last time.

My team this time. Queen is now maxed, and she has a King by her side. Valeria said she didn’t want to go anyway.

I made it to the final screen with Frida and Arthur ready and Tarlak’s buff in place, but Wilbur was not ready (slacker). Some minor mana got him going. No one “Withstood” the initial round of debuffs. As Joon seemed the most dangerous, I had Arthur target him.

The board was fortuitous, giving me a free blue diamond. Like last time, the combo of Wilbur and Queen proved to be a nearly impenetrable defense. Joon went down, and Richard followed him soon thereafter.

Arthur granted Justice a warrior’s death.

The trainer will likely go to Onatel, once I stop being stingy and give her the darts. The emblems will go to Queen and Tarlak (or Wilbur, IDK).


My Team Last Time: Leonidas 4/80+4/Frida 4/80+5/Wilbur 4/70/Sonya 3/50, Prisca 3/50
My Team This Time:

-I don’t have any healer option for the trials of justice, other than Friar Tuck, who I didn’t bring. I did find the trials harder without a healer option. I wish I had a 4* healer that qualified.
-Yes, I have Wilbur. I brought him along. He was very useful, especially when combined with Sonya. Wilbur lowered enemy defense and then Sonya dispelled the shared damage buff.
-I do have a maxed Wu Kong, but I didn’t bring him.
-I have Cyprian at 3/60, but didn’t bring him along.

-Yes, my team changed since last time. Prisca replaced with Guardian Falcon.
-The changes to my team made it a lot easier. 3* die really easily on the third stage.
-I used some heals, antidotes, and a couple axe attacks.
-Hoarding the emblems for the time being. Perpetually out of food and iron thanks to new upgrades and hero projects.
-Poseidon ate the trainer hero.


This trial was fun the tiles were falling on the final stage but I did use a dragon bomb and a time stop because I knew my energy was too low to try and survive all them bosses specials. And I fed the trainer to Li Xui she made the cut since we pulled her from tc20 she took Friar Tucks place