🔵 [Oct 20, 2019] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Justice!

This is the Tenth of the Trials in the 8th Cycle!

NOTE: The Trials officially start at 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT). This post is scheduled to go live 5 hours earlier at 2:00:00 AM (2:00 GMT).

If you do not see the Class Trial in Quests as of 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT), force quitting and reopening the app or restarting your device will usually work.

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:ballot_box: Polls

How did you do last time on Trials of Justice?

  • Last time I beat all 3 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first stage
  • Last time I wasn’t playing yet, or was unable to beat any stages
  • Last time…I’m not sure, they’re all a blur

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How did you do this time on Trials of Justice?

  • This time I beat all 3 stages
  • This time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • This time I beat just the first stage
  • This time I couldn’t beat any of the stages

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Did you need to use a lot of items this time on Trials of Justice?

(hat tip to @JAWS_3D for this question)

  • Yeah, I nuked the bosses from space. Ripley would approve.
  • I used some items to finish off the bosses, but it wasn’t the full arsenal
  • I used support items like mana, banners, healing, and maybe a battle item or two, but nothing too crazy
  • I just used some minor items, like healing, mana, or antidotes
  • I didn’t use any items

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Overall, how do you feel about Trials of Justice?

(hat tip to @Rapisu for inspiring this question)

  • I love all the Trials equally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • It’s definitely my FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I like it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s about average for me
  • I dislike it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s definitely my LEAST FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I hate all of the Trials, give me my Emblems and let me get back to farming :rage:

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:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Post your team in a comment down below, and how you did!

:dizzy: Special Questions for Trials of Justice

  • Monks and Paladins have some healer options…but only amongst HOTM and Season 2 Legendary heroes (other than Friar Tuck). Do you have any of those ultra-rare heroes for Trials of Justice? If not, did you find these Trials harder without healer options?

  • Monk Wilbur can really shine on Quests and Class Trials, where his combination of buffing and debuffing can help both survival and damage output. Do you have Wilbur, and if so, are you bringing him along?

  • Monk Wu Kong can turn even non-hitters into serious killers with heavy tile damage. Do you have Wu Kong, and if so, are you bringing him along?

  • Paladin Cyprian’s Perfect Riposte can be an effective strategy to killing multi-hitter and AoE Bosses like Richard and Justice. Do you have Cyprian, and if so, are you bringing him along?

:grey_question: Standard Questions for All Trials

  • Did your team change notably since last time?

  • Did changes to your team make the Trials any easier or harder?

  • What items did you use, if any?

  • What are you doing with your shiny new Emblems?

  • If you beat Stage 3, who’s eating the 3* Trainer Hero?

  • Anything else interesting to share?

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That is my team. Only have done first level due to lack of WE. Very interesting damage by unleveled Vodnik, not far away from Prisca’s +2 special. Oh, I don’t know why I used 2* troops on yellows


used same team as previous times
Wilbur, Joon, Ares, Frida, Wu
all maxed and got talent on except Ares
last boss took a while for bad board and wu misses but overall there was no risk of anyone dying used some healing potions to be safe

Reset Emblem result = NO


This was any easy one for me. Thorne is the only 4-5 star paladin I have but I’m loaded with monks. Monk emblems will go to Drake and Paladin emblems will sit there until I get someone to use them on.

I went in to the final board on stage 3 with Wilbur and Tarlak ready to go and 3 diamonds on the board so I was able to finish in 4 moves

Pop the purple diamond

Pop the yellow diamond

Make the blue diamond

Pop the blue diamond


I have about as few paladins and monks as I have rogues and sorcerers, so this week has features just about the worst trials for me historically speaking. Last time my team seems to have been (with Drake probably a few levels lower):

Having no healer is tough, but at least Wilbur is there to save the day. This time we had a newcomer, however:

Finally, someone who heals! With two spirit linkers, this trial got immediately a lot easier.


Last time Frida and Leo were +1
Swaped out Li Xiu for Thorne

Got rid of Joon

Then Justice

Had to pop the scroll to finish off this handsome brute

Emblems probably go to Frida




Sadly Cyprian died without becoming scary.

Boss Battle Clip

Musashi ate the trainer.
RT tank Wilbur to +6.


This the team I took on my alt. Not too bad. Kept Sonya constantly charged to take off the mana regen increase from Friar Tuck. I only did the first stage. Jabbar came in handy to block most of the healing.

This is the team I took on my main. Sonya replaced Gunnar and now I do not have to worry about timing the specials really as spirit link fudges the riposte damage. Having two dispellers and two mana controllers kept Friar in check constantly. And Joon on stage two and Richard on stage one always kept going for the ones that were protected by Ye ol riposte. Made me laugh each time. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Alt, Pally emblems are being saved for Sonya, monk emblems for Bane. Main, Pally emblems are being saved for Cyprian, and Li Xiu’s monk buffet is getting bigger.


Same team as always. QoH, Aegir, Wilbur, Richard, Leonidas.
I forgot to give Wilbur the better troops, otherwise I could have reduced his mana.

Since Wilb is +20 I’m feeding Wu Kongs now. Paladin embs go to QoH


This would have been a great board against the bosses… if I had any purple heroes:

I used 5 health potions, 3 antidotes and 3 axes.
The new emblems will go to Wilbur and Richard.


I guess this team worked last time:

Didn’t work again, so I switched out Sonya for Cyp +11 and nuked the bosses with arrows, axes and bombs.

Edit: funny, I found that last team worked without any items. Very bad luck this time then? Oo

Haven’t decided yet who gets the rewards…
Okay, Paladin emblems went to Falcon, trainer to Drake Fong, Monk emblems stocked atm.


Why is the voting closed?


I accidentally set the end date to today instead of tomorrow.

I fixed that, but unfortunately that resets the polls, so any existing votes were lost.


Wilbur - Drake - Ares - Tarlak - Rana


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

I figured Arthur was far enough along to join, and was a more natural choice for the enemy colors than Falcon.

I was tempted to try Joon in place of Wu Kong, but decided that he was still a better fit with Wilbur and Frida/Arthur.

The Battle

Last time I needed 2 Bombs and 4 Dragon Attacks, plus all of my Minor Healing Potions, and 9 Antidotes.

This time I managed to only need 1 Dragon Attack at the end, to avoid risking setting off Justice again, so it seems like I had an easier time, although I still got very beaten up without a healer.

Shiny New Emblems

Li Xiu and Sonya each stepped up once.

Off Color Feeding :confounded:

I’ve run out of red and yellow heroes that I want to level at the moment, so Yunan is getting those in addition to greens.

So he ate the Trainer Hero.

Off color feeding makes me cringe a bit, I hate losing the 20% bonus. But it’s better than leveling a hero I have no use for.


Last time team : Aegir 3 /70, Leo 3/70, Cyprian +3, Joon 4/69 and Frida +3

This time same team but a few improvement:
Cyprian +6 and Joon +4.

Leonidas self healing helped to keep him alive, while Cyprian reposte wrecked substantial damage on the bosses, although himself and Joon didn’t make it to the end of the battle, however, they did enough damage to get Boss Joon and Richard out of the way.

Again, the synergy between Aegir and Frida, kept the duo alive till the end.

Items used : 5 healing potions, 10 minor mana and 2 antidotes potions.

Trainer goes to Inari, all emblems banked for now.


I actually had options on this one: Wilbur +20, Cyprian, Leonidas, Sonya +20, Joon 3/70 is what I took (Justice 3/70, Wu Kong, and Li Xiu sat on the bench).

I forgot to bring mana potions, ended up using a couple of healings, antidotes and axes.

I will probably give Chao the trainer (4/25 or so). Emblems are banked for now.


I did the second stage, i dropped all arrows and axes to finish Tuck and avoid problems, I lost Vodnik too early. And my strongest color was weal vs Joon.


No change from previous time. Used the same team. Had to use some minor potions for health and mana, and antidotes to dispel blind and attack down. Paladin emblems went to Falcon, and monk emblem stored for Wilbur. Trainer hero hoarded. :slight_smile: