[Feb 10, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Nature!

A thread has popped up each previous Trial with forum members wanting to share and discuss their teams for the Trial. So I thought I’d create this proactively. :slight_smile:

If you need it, @Mariamne’s guide to the Trials is here.

@madmarv has also been doing a video tutorial series for each Trial.

I’ll go first: for me, this Trial is probably one of the strongest teams I’ll have available during this first cycle of Class Trials. I’m looking forward to having the WE for the last stage…


This was one of the easier trials as long as you have a Melendor to heal your team. I took Melendro, 2 Caedmons and 2 Tiburtuses. On the final boss wave, go after Chao first using color stacked tile damage w/ Tib’s defense debuff then grind your way through the others.


I’ve bringed Tiburtus, Evelyn, Gadeirus, Gregorion and Melendor.

All these stacking heals and damage modifiers are dope :heart:


Melendor (2/1); Triton (4/57); Caedmon (4/59); Melia (3/50); Berden (1/1).

Spent the whole trials saying “green - yellow - blue” so I wouldn’t choose the overwhelming walls of red and purple unless there was no other choice. Level one was easy, on level two I panicked a little and used some bombs to remove one of the bosses. I am not in the cool-kids club that can do level 3 yet.

Funny that this trial gets the druid symbol by its name, and most of the bosses are rangers in the first two stages.

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How much stamina do the level 3 bosses have? I don’t have good heroes for this one and need to evaluate carpet bombing. Thanks

This one was the easiest by far…


5 axes 1000 and 5 bombs 1500 about half down. Each boss has about 4K to 4.5K lp, maybe 4 like the difficulty level.

Unfortunately in my roster aren’t any reds for this challenge. I fielded 3 nature (2 Evelyn + Melendor), Chao and Triton (tp ~2800) for this adventure. Also took small health and mana potions, bombs and axes.

Horgall fired once, Chao twice. I used all mana, 17 health and all boom to cut em down. I was able to save a green gem for the bosses. Almost bad boards throughout the mobs, but many green matches against Brianna, Chao and Horgall. Healing mostly after Tritons buff was the key this time.

First try, success :partying_face:

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All the ennemies have the same amount of Hp


I’m still not confident enough to try the third levels of any of the class quests. That’s ok for me. I appreciate the emblems gained by the first 2!!!
I’ll get there eventually! I’m not one to use many items if i don’t have to! I like the challenge!
I guess i should have looked ahead more at the class quests when i posted which purple hero to level next! I went with Merlin instead of Tibs and then got excited when i pulled Sartana and gave her a bunch of purple feeders instead of working on Tibs more for this. Lianna ended up one shotting Tibs during the final boss stage on level 2, but it was still an easy one to beat!


This was too easy

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One buddy died in 2nd wave…


As expected, this Trial proved to be the easiest one so far for me, given a well-suited and well-leveled team.

I used 3 minor mana and 5 minor healing out of an abundance of caution, but it was an easy time.

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Remember to craft replacement items after you complete the quest. That way you will not have to wait on your Forges this Wednesday.

Melendor and Tiburtus ( together they fight crime)

Melendor and Tiburtus great help with Fog of the fallen and Ramming Pulverizer.


Melendor 4*+2 & 4* 3.60, Tiburtus 4* 4.27, Khagan 5* 1.1, Caedmon 4* 3.08 with 100% mana, Turtle banners, Attacks- Dragon & Bomb.

Leveling Khagan

I will now be leveling Khagan to 5* 2.60 to help with Ranger quests.



More then everything it was boss position that was wrong and makes the battle really easy.

Brienne central (so in the rear) activated her special when already i’ve killed the other two, and i keep throwing tiles at her to recharge her special and make her waste her turn.

Probably would be more challenging if she was left or right.


This one was really easy since cheap items pretty much negate all of the enemy specials (axes overwrite Brienne’s attack buff and antidotes cleanse Horghall’s attack debuff). So I had some fun owling everything to death! :smile:


Triton, Caedmon, Gadeirus, Buddy, Chao.
Fairly easy with some bombing (spears, axes and bombs) at the last stage.

3700 HP put these bosses on the low end of the difficulty scale. No lianna in the boss lineup so even unmaxed 4* are relatively safe from being one-shotted. Enemy has no heal while you can bring melendor so you can safely whittle bosses down at your leisure. I took only low lvl pots (forge lvl 5) and had no problem keeping pace with a 4* team. Save your damage items/time stop/tornados if possible.

Only threat for a low-ish 4* team/3k team is brienne’s special so make sure to save your melendor special to counter her.


My squad severely lack Druid and Ranger so this trial is where I field the weakest team on this first cycle. Fortunately this trial is surprisingly easy, I finish it with only 2288 TP. This is my team:

I use carpet bombing for the last stage:


Nice, even possible with only 2 and 3 stars :sunglasses:

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With good items and troops you dont need a full team of 5stars. Although admittedly I used all the time stops. Gobbler ate a lot of minions too so that was helpful too. Beat it all in my first try;