[Feb 13, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Shadows!

A thread has popped up each previous Trial with forum members wanting to share and discuss their teams for the Trial. So I thought I’d create this proactively. :slight_smile:

If you need it, @Mariamne’s guide to the Trials is here.

@madmarv has also been doing a video tutorial series for each Trial.


Anyone know the HP of the final bosses in the last stage?

They’ve been relatively consistent so far, and certainly nukable with items. If no one else posts it before then, I’ll update you later today once I have the WE to finish the Trial.

EDIT: 3763, added screenshot to top post, and thanks too to @RedKirby for mentioning it in the thread below.


I’ll second that request for boss hp. If they are toward the low end ie 3500 ish I can get away without using dragon attacks I think but if it’s 4k+, I’ll have to resort to a full nuke.


I think this is going to be my team straight through:

I was debating bringing along my second Sabina at 3-60 to have more healing security, but with a fair number of purple mobs and bosses, I figured Kelile was a better choice.

I’m thinking Scarlett and Skittles will be useful for keeping boss attacks debuffed.


Has anyone else noticed that there is only 1 yellow rogue and no yellow sorcerers.

I find this a little odd as most of the sorcerers and rogues are purple, meaning the strong opposing colour tile is useless in boards unless you have Inari, Muashi, G. Jackal or Dawa. Three od tjose heros are hard to come by and i dont think a 3* would last long in the final 2 battles.

I’ve found that to be true often in the Class Trials so far. I’ve needed to use neutral or weak colors several times — including this one.

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This is my worst, 2nd is Druid quest. Apart from that I do okay.

1 Marjana 4.80, Khiona 4.80 Sabima 4.70, Domitia 2.4, Marjana 1.1,

Fair point but it works in your favor too. They do less damage to your purples and if you have 1-2 sabinas then you can safely outduel the bosses with less risk of being one shotted.

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Here’s my squad.

I used a couple of each item and ended up losing G. Jackal and Peters in the final round. It wasn’t too terrible, except Scarlett kept evading my specials.


I think I am going to end up 9 of 10 for class quests. I don’t think this one is going to be possible:

Kiril and the Decoys worked for Mysticism since Kiril could keep his decoys alive long enough to reach the bosses and nuke them. Kelile and the Decoys, not so much.

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This was the team i used. I thought i had maxxed Sabina but must have forgotten too. Yes, Scarlett kept evading but wasnt too difficult. Used some red pots to keep Sabina alive.

Had to use the scroll, then got bad board and spent 75 gems :frowning: lol


Dawa 1/1; Graymane 3/30; Sabina 4/70; Carver 3/39; Skittleskull 1/20.

Very weak team. As usual, the first level was not hard. I used almost all my healing and axes to get through the second. For once I was thankful for not having to subject myself to the third level…


This one was rough as I didn’t have a lot to choose from. But it wasn’t super difficult with the team below.

I used 2x Natalya @ 70, maxed Khiona, maxed Scarlet, and Sabina @ 60

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3763 hp on bosses so toward low end. My 1/1 heroes died early but even with 3 heroes I used 1 dragon and 2 axes (and my minor pots of course). Properly timed usage of Scarlett was very helpful. Domitia boss did around 450-500 as a result and Scarlett less than 200 (with -34% atk debuff). I spaced my hero in that order to minimize enemy Scarlett’s special. She only ever hit one after my two 1/1 heroes went down.

Summary: Maxed 4* has no problem surviving here and even 3/60 will be very safe if you have Scarlett. Scarlett gives -34% def and lasts 6 turns compared to -20/-25% from axes/bombs. It maybe better (cheaper) to load up on pots/banners and just time your specials to mitigate damage from bosses specials.

You can always nuke but cheaper alternatives will work well. If I had to do it again with same exact team I’d bring minor mana pot, antidotes, turtle banner, axe (forge lvl 8). You can outduel these bosses with a 3k team if you use def/-atk items and specials effectively.

I suggest killing skittleskull first as he won’t dodge your attacks like the other two.


With my 4* team, 2 Jackals, a healer and 2 fast red, I knew I could do it without too much trouble.
I don’t know if this was a good choice but I kill Scarlett first and 2nd Domitia. Scarlett “evade” was working and my poor Sabina didn’t end well lol.


Next time, I will do this trial with Ammeona who was sitting on the bench and maybe Danzaburo if I have time to level him.


My team


Sabina 4/70+2, Gill-ra 3/50, Chochin 3/50, Jahangir 3/50, Greymane 3/50. First two levels were pretty easy using only small heal, small mana, antidotes and arrows. Final level I took a miracle scroll and had to carpet bomb the bosses, but I got through it.


Thanks for the HP information I know how many axes and bombs I can spend before meeting the final bosses.