What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements

I could swear that there’s already a thread on this, but I couldn’t find one, so here’s one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very recently, I’ve seen complaints pop up that, for example, red titans are one-shotting blue heroes when they shouldn’t be. However, since titan attacks are non-elemental, the hero color shouldn’t matter. To me, this implies that there is a misunderstanding concerning how elements affect different types of attacks. To clear this up, here’s a short guide about elements.

Type Effectiveness

There are 5 different elements:

  • Dark (purple)
  • Holy (yellow)
  • Ice (blue)
  • Nature (Green)
  • Fire (red)

When you match tiles on the puzzle board, each tile will be one of these five colors and represents an attack using that element. Every hero and enemy also has an element that determines their strengths and weaknesses against other elements. While most combinations are neutral, using certain elements against others can increase (or decrease) damage depending on the match-up:

  • Dark attacks deal 2x damage to Holy characters and half damage to Dark characters.
  • Holy attacks deal 2x damage to Dark characters and half damage to Holy characters.
  • Ice attacks deal 2x damage to Fire characters and half damage to Nature characters.
  • Nature attacks deal 2x damage to Ice characters and half damage to Fire characters.
  • Fireattacks deal 2x damage to Nature characters and half damage to Ice characters.

If you forget the type effectiveness during a battle, there is a small chart icon in the upper-left corner of the battle screen. Tapping this icon will show the type effectiveness chart in greater detail.

What Counts As Elemental Damage?

The following types of attacks are considered elemental attacks and follow the type chart above:

  • Tile damage by the player (the attack’s element is the color of the tile).
  • Minion damage by both players and enemies (the attack’s element is that of the hero/enemy the minion is defending).

Some attacks are considered non-elemental and do the same amount of damage to all elements. The following attacks are considered non-elemental:

  • Special attacks by the player’s heroes.
  • Both normal and special attacks by enemies (including enemy heroes and titans).
  • Damage Over Time (DOT) effects like burn and poison.

There are also a few attack/defense modifiers that can affect certain elements:

  • Elemental defense buffs and debuffs affect all attacks originating from a character of that element even if it isn’t considered an elemental attack. For example, Kashhrek’s fire shield reduces Fire damage, meaning that any attacks originating from a Fire character (like red tiles, Kelile’s Dance of Fire special attack, or normal attacks from red titans) will be reduced by this shield.
  • Certain heroes have special attacks that inflict extra damage against certain elements (for example, Gravemaker’s special does extra damage to Nature enemies). This boosts the damage of the special attack against that element by 40%.

Color Stacking

You are allowed to bring a team of 5 heroes to any battle. A team that contains one hero from each of the 5 elements is referred to as a “rainbow team”, and each color of tile corresponds to one of those heroes. This type of team is useful for general-purpose activities.

However, you can also bring multiple heroes of the same color if you wish. This is known as “color stacking”. Color stacking is used to boost the power of tiles of the stacked color since all heroes of that color will attack at once for that color tile. Color stacking also implies that one or more elements do not have a hero representing them, and so tiles of the missing elements will only deal a single hit point of damage. Use color stacking in situations where you want to quickly deal a lot of damage to a specific enemy, like the center tank in a raid or titan battles.

That’s all I can think of for now. If I missed anything, feel free to let me know and I’ll add it.

Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


You should bold and change the color on the part about Defending teams don’t give elemental damage. In a lot of people’s minds, the computer is throwing tiles back at them…it’s not. It’s not making imaginary matches and combos against you! It’s just attacking one hero after another…so it doesn’t do tile damage therefore it doesn’t do Elemental damage. Titans are the same. When your team defends in a raid, it doesn’t throw tiles at the attacking team…so your team doesn’t do extra elemental damage.


Summary (man i rambled!) The defending team in a battle doesn’t use tiles to attack and therefore doesn’t do Elemental damage.


So a rainbow defense team isn’t important then, 5 blues could work better?

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No 5 blues would be superbad because the attacker just stacks up greens and wipes you out smiling;)


Also worth noting that damage over time (DOT) is not affected by defenses and is not elemental.


Assuming the attacker stacks green, if they do a rainbow all blue is ok.

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Indeed; I’ve added DOT to the list of non-elemental attacks. Thanks!

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True, if the attacker brings a rainbow team then a 5-blue defense team would work just as well as (perhaps even a bit better due to green tile exhaustion) a rainbow defense team. However, keep in mind that one of the advantages that raid attackers have is the ability to tailor a team to best defeat the defense. If I saw an all-blue defense team, I know I’d bring at least 3 greens with me to the raid.

A rainbow defense team (or at least not stacking the same color as the center tank) is recommended since that spreads out the team’s elemental weaknesses better.


That‘s the advantage of the attacker. He can adjust his team accordingly. No1 would ever bring a rainbow team against a 5-blue team unless he has no other options (beginner) or is a big n00b :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thank you, it will help many beginners.


Thanks for this lovely thread @lexinen. I still got one question. If stacking one colour, how is the tile damage calculated referring to troops? I read one time that only one troop/tile damage is chosen randlomly and that they don’t stack.

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Troop modifiers dont stack.
Hero attack values stack.

Very simplified:
(Hero1 + Hero2 + Hero3) * TroopX

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They do stack. The dmg is calculated by adding all of your heroes (of that color) attack stats together.

The randomly choosing one troop per tile is for crit and miss chance.

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I’m pretty sure troop att modifiers do stack? As they are applied directly to the heroes’ stats.

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Why does then some specials, like krashek’s are useful? If there is no elemental attack both by titans and ai controled raids?

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When I say stack I mean they arent additive.

If you have 3x blue heros with 3x troops that each give 10% crit.
You wont have 30% crit in total.

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Crit yes, but att, if you have 3 troops for +10% att you should get +30%.

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Yeah, since the attack modifier is calculated per Hero.

I think we’re saying/meaning the same thing, but with different words haha


So what is the Xtroop then? Let’s say I have a 3x blue Team. 1 Hero got 4* troops, rest 1* troops.
(Hero1 + Hero2 + Hero3) * Troop 4* or troop 1* ?
(Hero1 + Hero2 + Hero3) * (Troop4 + troop 1+ troop1)

What is correct?