Concern for Raids and Class

Thank you!!! :innocent: I’ll have to check these out.

Thanks! I’m gonna try that out ASAP! :arrow_up:
I know gold tier is the best. I just need some better players at this point frfr… And I’m not mad lol I love the game! I’m just trying to figure it out. Some things are complicated or not thoroughly explained. I’ve learned a lot and came a long way because of the Forum!

Omg yesssss everything would be so much easier. This game is a real challenge for sure! :ok_woman:t5:

That is one of the things with raid matchups. Even more so if you’re the sort of player who can attack effectively but don’t have a good defence team. I find it happens more when you’re on the boundary between arenas; a bit too good at attacking to be in the lower arena, but defensively too weak to stay in the higher arena.

Also, this came to my attention:

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stop rerolling and play who ever they give you its good practice and if you get good boards you can gain 50 trophys or loose a few and save your food

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Oh, you will! Belith, Hawkmoon and Friar Tuck are one of those inevitable things. Belith and Hawkmoon (costume) are excellent.

And that is the truth (with a minor reservation). Exercise some discretion, because getting whipped can be demoralizing. However, I was out raiding the other day and I looked at the match and the tp was frightening (4199) and I had been running a 3, 2., 4, 1., mono combo (all around 3400 +/-) and decided to give it a go (1 flag? Who cares!). Walked away with 57 cups. I have never seen that before.

I’d recommend not rerolling raids at all , unless you desperately need to finish filling a raid chest.

As others have said, the matching mechanic is trophy count, and what’s worse is the team you can barely beat, likely has a more powerful offense team or more skill waiting to revenge you. Food is too important a resource to waste on rerolls when you need to level a lot of heroes and are starting out.

Even now, I find myself short on food far more often than on iron, but I rarely spend any money, so I rarely have 2 builders going.

Ok, spoiler. Find attacker who’s online and then you get free reroll. Repeat till you’re satisfied.

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Ouuu okay! hopefully one will pop up! Thanks for the spoiler! :grin:

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@QUEENDEE22, when going up against much stronger opponents try color stacking. Say your facing a green tank with blue flank (using this one for a specific reason) then you bring 3 red and 2 green hero’s. You can also go mono, all red, but at your level I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.
You can also try the 2/2/1 set up where you have 2 of the color that is strong against the tank, 2 against the scariest flank and the 1 should be your healer of a color strong against the other flank.

When setting up defense it’s important to have your hero’s in a specific arrangement. You want the flank to be strong against the color the tank is weak against. I’ll add one of my favorite posts on Elemental damage.

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@QUEENDEE22, this is a good write up that has tons of great info in it. I highly suggest anyone just getting into raiding read it. There are 4 parts

P.S Edit since it’s better to start with part 1

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I never thought about doing that. I’ve been hearing about having a “rainbow team”, so that all of the tiles will cause some sort off damage? I’m thinking about buying some more gems and getting a 4 or 5* hero. I REALLY need to find a healer too.

It’s tough when you are starting out… you meet people your own level as well as cup droppers… it will improve!
I also would try colour stacking but as a beginner you won’t have a lot of depth, so just start by doubling the strong colour against the tank and see if that helps
Good luck!


If you plan to spend on the game, be prepared to the fact that summons for gems don’t guarantee you 4 or 5* hero. Really don’t. If you are not lucky even 10 pulls may bring you only 3* heroes.

Also, check your inventory: do you have ascension items like Fine Gloves, Compasses, Warm Cape, Hidden Blades and others that are required for maxing 4* heroes?
If you don’t have enough, then there is no reason for chasing higher heroes right now. Play at your level with 3*s.


If you’re goin to spend money, don’t buy just gems. Buy special offers, you’ll get more gems + some AM and other nice stuff. Like today. For 30 bucks you get 3000 gems + 1000 VC + WE flasks. That is 20 pulls at Vallhala. And you can still get bunch of 3* and no 5*. But they will come. Eventually. At my first 10 pull (free gems no money spent) l got Lianna, Mel, Boril, JF. Then l bought gems, did some 30 pulls at Vallhala and Atlantis and got Ursena and Telly. So…

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I run rainbow on raids unless they color stack 3 or more hero’s. My team power runs around 3600 - 3800. Honestly it comes down to the board and how you play it.I have messed up some great boards by going for the 5 match. Look the boards over.


Raiding is a pain in the *** for newer players because of a number of reasons:

  1. Bias in the matching for stronger opponents
  • While it is true that the raid matching limits are +/- 300 trophies, it doesn’t appear that the algorithm’s target is actually your current trophy count, but rather a point some 50-75 trophies higher than yours (Data Collection: Raid Matching). In other words it is more likely to choose stronger opponents than it is to choose weaker ones.
  1. Cup Droppers
  2. Lack of strong heroes (making your team highly susceptible to even a small amount of bad luck)
  3. Lack of hero diversity (making effective stacking and synergy very difficult, or at least only feasable against a limited subset of proposed opponents)
  4. The introduction of emblems shifting the power level of teams in arenas higher* (I will confess I haven’t done any sort of data-driven analysis of these changes, but it seems that my alt is seeing an awful lot of 4000+ tp teams in the gold arena, more than I remember seeing with my main account)

Ultimately, my recommendation for dealing with raiding until you can develop a deep stable of heroes is to stack where you can (I typically use a 2-2-1 or 3-2 stack), take on whoever the matching algorithm spits out when drawing random opponents and go take advantage of any revenges you match up well against whenever you can (especially if when you are close to filling a chest and either have a chance to move up to collect a higher level chest or are in danger of falling down an arena before being able to collect). I wouldn’t waste a lot of resources on re-rolling because that food is far more valuable for training and leveling heroes as well as building up your stronghold’s infrastructure and making battle items.

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It took me a long time to realize what you just stated and I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention it’s always better to be your own judge of your next move because the suggestions the board gives will screw you over sometimes. I’ve definitely noticed… :upside_down_face: However, I’m finally in the silver arena. Doing it all for POV lol

It took a while, but I thankfully figured that all out. I’m currently in the silver trophy arena… I’ve been trying to get these POV milestones completed. Thank you for tagging me in that blog btw …it has some useful info in it! :innocent:

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