So this or layla?

I sometimes use 3 or more of the same color. it is color-stacking and is quite powerful.
when I was a beginner like you, I used to yellows - ditch Sharan, she will die too often. get Sha Ji and use him as your healer until you get Training Center level 13 and get those 3* healers.

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For a defense, you are generally better off with one of each color, except in special situations like the raid tournaments (for attacking, color stacking is very desirable, especially once you have a few heroes).

As others have said, don’t put too much effort into the two-star heroes, but as soon as you pull a three-star, concentrate on levelling him or her. Realistically, unless you are spending money, you are going to have one or two two-stars on your team for a while. (It took me forever to get a red 3-star, and was using green and blue 3-stars that most consider to be among the weakest, but they were all that I had…)


I know this is kind of hard to do, but, yes, forget about those 2* heroes.

For now focus on your Bane, he will do most of the job easily once maxed.

Try and complete as many missions as possible, from both the chests and from Stronghold (level up Warehouses, farms, mines, etc.) to get some extra gems.

If possible, get a VIP pass, it will give you 3 summons in a month, apart from missions and quests.

Once you get 300 gems, make an Elemental Summon, (never, ever spend your precious gems in Epic Summon, I wish I had known this from the beggining), and start building a nice rainbow team.

Before you noticem you will have a good base team.

Keep in mind that this is a LONG TERM game, it might pass a year or so before you have your first 5* rainbow team.


You can use 2 of the same colour, just make sure they;re not beside each other. If they are, they are vulnerable to a yellow splash attack (hit 3).

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@Ajsaker, not normally on defense but when raiding or on the map, Yes. You want to stack the strong color against the weak. Hold on. Let me grab you a link

@Ajsaker, this really helped me out when I started. I referred back to it quite a few times.

What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements

@Ajsaker, this is very valuable info from @Sernarok. If you have gems to spend may I suggest the Atlantis Summons. It has some very valuable Atlantis heroes, plus Some past Heroes of the month, including July’s HotM.
Do NOT start leveling 5* if you pull them early. I made that mistake and it set me back months. For now concentrate on 3* and after you have 3-4 rainbow teams of ascended 3* begin working on 4*. Getting the ascension materials to level 4* is difficult but a ton easier than what you will need for 5*. Plus 4* with emblems are almost 5*, some are actually better than some 5*’s in my opinion. Good luck and May RNGesus smile upon you!!


I’d like to add a note to what @mpolo said, level 3* EXCEPT Renfeld or Dawa :joy::joy:

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@Ajsaker, another one I wish I had seen when I started. The forums are a wealth of knowledge. If I had never joined here I’d still be wandering around in the dark with no firm course of action.

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

Well… I used to think that too, and I fed every single Renfeld and Dawa that passed through my hands…

Until I was making a list of recommended heroes to use in titan fights for my begginer teammates, and I (just then) realize Renfeld and Dawa have the highest tile damage for a 3* in their respective elements.

So even they are useful, in this case they are vaulable for titans and stacking colors.


True, but I’d hate to see someone wasting time on lesser heroes when there are so many better 3*. Excellent point though, tile damage does come in handy especially when color stacking against stronger opponents

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Speaking of ‘bad 3* heroes’, I’ve always had a bad impression about Prisca. She hits like a kitty and she doesn’t steal much life with her special. I’ve encountered a +20 Prisca on a tourney tho. She kicked my butt. Her defense was crazy with all those emblems.

What I mean to say is that every hero can be good, even the likes of Dawa and Renfeld. I would max a copy of each if I was starting to play the game again.


Stacking is all about the tile damage. In that instance even Renfeld and Dawa can have a place (against titans). I think they are disparaged more for their weaker specials. Typically you would fairly quickly have 5 better heroes to work with though.

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@nevarmaor, that was my point. I don’t think he should really worry about spending time leveling some of the 3* if he has better options. If he doesn’t, well I used Renfeld for a bit, hated him but he would get the job done occasionally.

Edit: 3* ARE worth leveling while 1-2* are mostly food. If you are free to play (F2P) then 2* would be your best option. Keep Bane and concentrate on leveling him with matching 1-2* yellows (holy) heroes. You get a bonus using matching colors on hero leveling. Once you have fully leveled Bane move on to any other 3* you have.

**Don’t worry if your 3’s aren’t at 8/8 on their special. Once they are maxed you have a much better rate to max their special, up to 100% using 10 matching 1 heroes

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This would be a good opportunity to suggest and remind OP @Ajsaker to “not” become a member of the Honorary First Bane Feeders society.
In short… Don’t feed your first Bane, not until you have someone better at the Yellow. And even then, keep him on the roster if you have the space, he is a serviceable 3* yellow you can use for challenge events, wars, raid tourneys.

Looking back, Layla had been the longest standing 2* of any color on my active roster, simply because I was, and still am, playing for free, and back then I simply could not get any better Purple heroes to replace her, which, when it eventually happened, it reluctantly became Prisca, who took the longest standing 3* purple I used, because, you guessed it, I don’t have any other better Purple 3* or higher to come into my roster.


Fortunately I don’t need to choose what 3* hero to invest in any more… :joy:

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Yea I was in that position until I ended up with several Muggys. Soooo, worth the quick ascension :wink:

@SirGorash how many times did the protect skill kick in when you were facing Prisca?

As for the topic at hand, stack the two in defense. As for positioning, you normally want your character that is really high in defense to take point. And I would position Layla either mid left or mid right. Her in the very back is fine as well. I know it took me a very long time before I got a good 3 star purple so I invested in a full talent grid for Layla as well. Sithis buffs attack so stacking the purples is just fine. As Layla’s mana speed is fast so she will be able to cast her special quite often. And with buffed attack, she will do a lot more damage. As for her talent grid, I went defense.

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I’m playing Puzzle Combat, which is Empire and Puzzle’s sister game (release is limited right now). Everyone there started from scratch too, but many of us brought over our knowledge from Empires to that game.

What does this mean? I have recently gone through basically the same start you’re going through right now :smiley: So here’s my tips:

I disagree completely with ignoring 2*s, unless you’re planning on spending money on the initial offer the game gives you for starting to play. And TBH, the starting out offer is actually really nice.

If you’re not planning on spending money, then leveling up at least one 2* of each color is very helpful starting out. You will barely have enough food to level the 3*s, I know to many veteran players that sounds funny but the struggle is real when you start playing.

If you are going to spend money initially though (if only on the first offer), then save your gems on the elemental summon portals (one 300 gem pull for each color). Even at their base ascension with a few levels, the 3*s can get you through most of the initial provinces.

Regardless of whether you spend or not though, push your base to level 12 asap. At that point, you can level up your training camp to level 12, and research Rare guaranteed training. Level 13 is better though, because it gives you 3*s with a small chance of a 4* instead.

EDIT: Layla > Silthus imo, to answer your question :wink:

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@Shohoku79, @nevarmaor and @PapaHeavy, I was also F2P for a long time, and I am an unproud member of the First Banefeeders society.

Well, back then, a good friend of mine taught me how to better summon, and before I knew it, I had a complete rainbow 4* team , with no need to level any 2* further.


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