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yes red not blue.my mistake

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@Mariamne FYI :slight_smile:

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It is intended, I received the same on both my accounts. I believe they just couldn’t display both icons. Since finishing Normal awarded a 3* trainer hero as well, getting 2 halfway through advanced makes sense.


Ok, I finished Stage 20 Advanced using only 4-star heroes. I couldn’t get past Stage 15 using 4-star classic heroes. I had to put Proteus in the mix to take down the bosses. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get past that stage w/o mana or SS sabotage. Color stacking and defense debuff fall a bit short. Oddly enough the undispellable defense debuff protects the bunnies from getting debuffed by the Pulverizer brothers (Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus). The relative -20% debuff is survivable by boss level bunnies. I’m sure that a 20% debuff on raiding bunnies would be crippling, but under quest conditions that self debuff isn’t bad enough to be an advantage for the attacker. I tried using LJ’s 63% mana gen debuff and it wasn’t enough. That and LJ is too squishy to survive that level of questing.

In the end I used Proteus, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Kiril & Tiburtus in that order. Proteus is the key to taking down the bosses and I packed enough mana pots to keep the bosses locked down until i killed them to death. Had to color stack purple because that color is neutral to all colors of the bunnies. The advantage is in surviving the regular attacks not necessarily color stacking for offense. If you try to color stack against any one color of those bunnies, then one of the other two will be one-shotting/crippling your heroes using regular hits. Taking a neutral color is safer. Boldtusk and Kiril are tankier healers so they survive regular hits form the bunnies fairly well. Cyprian is also centered on these two healers so it works out fairly well that the riposte covers the healers rather than the more fragile heroes.

Proteus is by far the squishiest hero on the team and you will need to take special care to keep him alive. As long as the bunnies never get their SS off, Tiburtus can weaken their defense better than the bunnies’ self-debuff. Cyprian’s riposte is much more important to killing the bosses than you might expect. 600 - 700 hp of riposte damage vs. 100 +/- of damage per purple tile vs. 120 DoT from Proteus. And that’s after factoring in Tibs’ def debuff in the tile damage.

Here’s a video of Stage 20, the link below jumps straight to the boss wave.


Hey guys I’ve managed to beat the last stage on advance with 4* heroes only. Boril and proteus made the challenge easier. I did use bombs and dragons but only to be done with the stage faster. Thanks everyone for the advise on overcoming this challenge.


Can you elaborate on this a little?

It sounds like you mean that the bunnies will have elemental slash and special skill hits that would be strong against heroes taken on the Quest — but damage from AI enemies is color neutral (except certain circumstances that don’t apply here), so I may be misunderstanding what you meant.


I agree.

Not just this, but also the hero Bunnies three base stats are distorted when made into a Boss. My favorite example of Bosses being unrecognizable as the hero form is s Pokemon GO and do not Fudge with God Boss Shuckle ( image if Gunnar Raid boss defense scaled 1:1 with HP ).

AI Boss Damage is colorless, only weird cases does it matter ( looking at you Domitia).

But if you try and color stack strong against one, you end up color stacking WEAK versus another and Weak’s flat 50% Damage reduction is harsh.

This was first seen in Knights ( reflect blue) challenge event because yellow ( Guardians) and purple ( Pirates) behave weird and Knights has rainbow Bosses unlike the other two.

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i do update this morning


@Asher89, how many emblems do you have on the folks in that team? It looks closer to my team than anything I’ve seen so far in terms of the kinds of heroes used. Trying to decide whether to make a run at the tonic or stop when I get to the EHT.

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This is the team with emblems and troops used for the challenge. Its doable with most 4* heroes. I recommend carrying revive scrolls just in case of unexpected heroe death. I used a few in some levels.

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We should have weakest team challenge :laughing:
But I did use better items…

I got sloppy and let Proteus die… Luckily, only red and blue bunny left with HP at critical level…


Thanks. Your heroes are slightly better emblemed and your troops are slightly better, but I’m thinking I can maybe pull it off with my crew of:

  • Grimm 4^70
  • Sabina 4^70+7
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Gormek 4^70+6
  • Melendor 4^70+6

I have four-star level 6 troops on everyone but Melendor, who has three-star level 8 troops. I usually bring small health potions, axes, bombs, and dragon attacks for carpet bombing. Onatel isn’t as good as Proteus for mana control, but she helps a lot. I’m just about to attempt Advanced, stage 10, and nothing has been super difficult yet, but I know they scale up in a hurry.

Nice. That’s much closer to my level.
But I don’t have any of those heroes :sleepy:
Hope to be able to do levels 11-15 later in the event. Manufacturing dragon attacks now.

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Here is my crippling devastating blue team :rofl: with some green sprinkling and a dark cherry on top.
:cold_face: :smiling_imp: :cold_face: :cold_face: :leaves:

Used 2 dragon attacks, 3 bombs and 3 axes so it wouldn’t get to messy because the board was already looking weird. Also some small mana potions [7].

Some notes:

  1. Domi kinda made the mob fights easy since in the last one they’re all yellow so 3/5 heroes were almost always covered by that holy protection. I wanted to put her between Grimm and Melendor [since both have cracky defense] but then Boril riposte would have ended on one of the 2, so at the end i wanted to leave Boril between the heroes with the most HP [even if that meant i would have done less damage with the riposte since Domi and Aegir have high defense].
  2. Aegir made me comfortable not wanting to take any health potions even knowing that Melendors defense is squashy so i could have ended losing him and remain without the healer.
  3. Grimm is Grimm - one of my favorite heroes.
  4. Boril is insane on these suicidal bosses, they all do splash damage [one hits all], always nice to see him doing his job. :sweat_smile:

Hi all…I was stuck 5 levels before the end…TP 3800 recommended…I’m giving up on that tonic, unfortunately…
I’m f2p, relatively new (about 5 months playing).
My strongest team 3340 TP…Boldtusk 4/70 +6, Sonya 4/70 +1, Gormek 4/68, Caedmon 4/67 and another 3/60 Sonya…
Unfortunately no other 4* healers yet and no other 4th tier heroes…:pensive::pensive:
Hope by the next seasonal event I’ll have my winning team…


You did well making it that far!

It just takes time to level up and progress. I was in a similar boat during the Christmas Event.

I bet by Sand Empire in a couple months you’ll get farther or finish, and by Return to Morlovia in October you’ll be a total vampire slayer. :slight_smile:


Love it; however the available hare heroes are limited and not too strong…
Also can you pleeeeaaase change the background music for the Springvale tournament… please…

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Do you have maxed Gunnar or Kailani?

First post on the forum. First seasonnal event. Just cleared it using 2x dragon banner, 3x bomb and 4x full mana potions. Had miracle scroll in case things went south but wasn’t necessary.

Cyprian made them kill themselves and Proteus made sure they didn’t fire their specials unless i wanted them to. The mob waves were almost harder…


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