📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Maybe 5 or 6 weirdoes will make her +20 just to scare your yurple.



Same 6 that max Grimble and made him Tank?


Didn’t know that you already knew them. :wink:


Her attack stat is 770 which is pretty high.

Not the best but definitely amongst the “high” level of tile damage.

I’ll double check my sheet when I’m near a computer again.

I wish she wasn’t yellow (or purple). Her special would be more interesting in the blue-green-red triad.

In regards to defense only, yes slash makes it seem meaningless, however… Can her skill not be considered a hybrid defense buff? Regardless of color spectrum…

:point_up_2: What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements

So… if you have a rainbow defense team with Norns and she fires her skill: Someone on your crew just went from taking double tile damage to half tile damage.
And since she hits 2-3 enemy… depending on the enemies attack (3-2 / 2-2-1), potentially multiple allies receive protection from strong tile damage.

I agree that’s not the best defense skill ever but… it’s better than Margaret! :laughing:


You can play against her in S3 6-4 or 6-10, if you want to test her mechanics against Ursena’s reflect.


I fought her in the missions and waiting for her to finally tag Kuchen was a pain. My dark tiles fired after her special still showed as strong?

That’s interesting… so she could change strong tiles attacking to weak…

I’ll see if that plays out

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Yes… She changes opponents color meaning opponent in this case kunchen will be weak to yellow AND PURPLE…
If ursena reflect is active the debuff applies to herself so Norns will became weak against purple and yellow…
She won’t give extra defense or just change enemy color like Chameleon… Her changing hallow 2 strong colours against her targets

I tested it and it only affects the enemies defence…

On these screenshots, you can see Rigards attacks are ‘strong’ both with and without the effect

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Norns purpose would be to cut down incoming opponent tile damage in order to possibly negate stacking as part of defense imo. Maybe not a favorite so far but a little early to say totally useless.

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This is true unless you have a color defense down hero. G. Jackal is one of the easier ones to get, and one that’s easy to charge to fire. I see her as absolutely ending defenses where you’ve got a dark hero flanked by two holy heroes.

I’ve been playing a lot with G. Chameleon at 3.70, and believe he’s severely underrated by the community, to the point that I’m considering maxing him ahead of Zeline. His synergy with Tarlak is just too good.

And now I really, really want Norns for exactly this interaction. The ability to super charge tiles, and control which colors defense teams are vulnerable to turns basic 3 matches into murder engines.


Yes i think she’s at the moment not fully understood yet. Normally each hero has a strong color and weak color against him, but Norn changes 3 heroes to suffer from two weak colors, overall, that will mean the heroes affected potentially takes more damages from tiles,

Stupid RNG. I just did 3 30 pulls chasing her, and ended up with two duplicate Sifs (already had one) and two more Telluria (already had one of her too). I did get The though.

5x 5* heroes for those pulls is actually pretty great, but I didn’t need 3x Sif. Just wanted the Norns.

I would be interested to know how you have been using Chameleon elemental change in regards to special? Do you wait to fire special for right circumstances? Has the element change been impactful positively for offense or is it just other aspects of his special that you find beneficial?

The elemental change is incredibly valuable, but does require timing to use effectively. As I mentioned, I almost always pair him with Tarlak. They are both medium-mana Green heroes who amp up tile damage and have amazing synergy.

I will typically use them as part of a 3-2 stack. Most often this is with 3 yellow/dark heroes to make flanks vulnerable to my triple stacked heroes. Depending on the team composition, I’ll do the same if a red/blue is double flanked with green/red. Here the ideal timing is straightforward. Kill the tank with stacked tiles, ghost/use green to charge Chameleon and Tarlak, and then use tile damage to kill the flanks–though there will often be opportunity to hit the wings as well.

I won’t use him on a green tank flanked with blue–turning the weak blue flanks to red means I should have just brought Tarlak and skipped GC.

Against rainbow teams, when there’s a blue tank, I will make them part of a green 3/1/1 stack, typically using Inari and Ariel to for surviability and mana gain, trusting that I’ll be able to get the tank with normal tiles, and then say alive long enough to let the tile buffs take care of other enemies.

In this situation, I find that the difference between the 3 rounds of color shift and 4 rounds of crit/attack buff is very important. You can color shift, drop tiles (+154 normal attack and +36 crit–before troops) on someone who’s become vulnerable and then wait to use other tiles against someone who will revert to a color who is weaker against the tiles you have remaining. Even without a stack, it’s not uncommon to see 3 tiles from Inari kill a full dark hero in this case.

So yes, the color shift is a key part of the value of GC. There were complaints that the color shift should work differently–making heroes weak against the element they are currently strong against (similar to what the Norns do now), but what that misses is that in the current state, for green tiles the color shift is only negative for blue heroes–they become two stages less vulnerable to green tiles, while green and red heroes each shift to become one stage more vulnerable to green tiles, and neutral for yellow/purple. That means that a green stack with GC can be effective any of green/blue/red. Simply don’t fire when targeting blue, and shift red and green into a more vulnerable state.

It’s taken me some time to get effective with him, but as I’ve said, I think he’s possibly the best non-healing support hero out there, and wildly underrated by the community, and I think the Norns would super-charge that.


As an addendum to that, what I will say is that I have very limited experience using GC without Tarlak. If you’re using GC, you’re committing to tile damage to kill stuff, and there’s no reason not to bring Tarlak along for that ride.

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That settles it then. Best art and most worthless hero yet…

Glad I wasted no pulls on her, nor will I

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