Can someone please outline Titan weak colours

So confused on which colours to stack against titans. I want to know which colours fit perfect for titans attack.

Red is strong against Green

Yellow is strong against Purple

Green is strong against Blue

Blue is strong against Red

Purple is strong against Yellow

Red is weak against Blue

Yellow is weak against Yellow

Green is weak against Red

Blue is weak against Green

Purple is weak against Purple

All other combinations are neutral


Thx Appreciate @zephyr1

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You can always check the icon in the top left of the game screen too… although that’s a bit late for picking a team!


Here is my summary for Titan guideline.


This really helped me when I started. I referred again and again…what was the weak color…what was the strong color, oh and these are all neutral. It got me up there in Titan scoring pretty quick


Also check out your hero tile damage it’s the sword icon, can make a difference! I’m Fighting 7* 8* titans maybe a 9* but they get away! I bring gato has a high tile damage! Get his special done got the defence on attack moves for a few turns but yeah he dies! But still got that tile damage till the end!

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You could add Lancelot to the attack buff on green titans, but that is an excellent guide @jinbatsu


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