Is element strength applied to special skills as well?


As I understand it, a strong tile will do 2x damage, a neutral tile will do 1x damage, and a weak tile will do 1/2x damage (enemy defense being equal). For example

  • Blue tile against red enemy (strong): 2x damage
  • Blue tile against blue enemy (neutral): 1x damage
  • Blue tile against green enemy (weak): 1/2x damage

Does the same logic apply to special skills as well? For example Sonya’s Piercing Strike:

  • Sonya against red enemy (strong): 2x damage
  • Sonya against blue enemy (neutral): 1x damage
  • Sonya against green enemy (weak): 1/2x damage


From what I’ve seen in the game so far - no, the skills aren’t affected by it. I might be wrong, in which case please correct me for I have been an moron.


I think you’re right Ellilea. I haven’t noticed a “strong” skill vs a “weak” skill.


Thanks for the clarification. I have a related question though. Are special skills affected by armor debuff?

E.g. if I first lower an enemie’s defense against dark using Guardian Panther’s (or Grimm’s) special skill, will a subsequent hit by Tiburtus’ special skill cause more damage?


To my knowledge, they absolutely are. First lower the armor, then punch face with whatever tools you’ve at hand. It will, however, not apply to DoT (damage over time) damage on heroes such as Kelile, Colen, Marjana, Sartana. And it will not affect the damage of Lady Locke’s skill.


Yeah, that matches my experience (even though I don’t have the hard numbers). Enemies seem to melt if I do a double hit with Panther and Tiburtus. And it seems to leave them with lowered armor against any element (Tiburtus) plus lowered armor against Dark (Panther). Which is pretty nice for titans I guess ;).


No, color does not affect specials, only normal attacks get that double or half damage, but attack and defense stat modifiers do affect specials.


Not on the base strike, but apparently the modifiers do.

  • Kashrek buff reduces Athena strike damage
  • Musa strike was reflected by the yellow reflect mobs in this past event (yay suicide!).

Allegedly this is the case for Kashrek and similar use against titans but I’ve never tested it myself.

Pure conjecture but I think the specials are tied to colors but the strong / weak mechanic which applies to tiles simply isn’t used for specials.


What I stated was that the double damage that colors do against some colors and half against others does not affect specials, only tile damage. So if you use Lianna who is green and hit Boldtusk or Sonya, who have both almost same defense, they will both get hit by the same damage. It is not Like Sonya gets 4 times the damage boldtusk gets, like would be the case with tiles.

But attack and defense modifiers do affect specials. Also the modifiers that increase or lower defense against a specific color do affect specials. I never denied that.


If anyone is interested, I did some testing with armor debuffing and special skills.

Panther/Tiburtus double punch against two Desert Warriors (holy), province 12/9

Panther tier 2, level 29, skill level 4 (-46% defense against dark)
Tiburtus tier 3, level 44, skill level 6 (-30% defense against all)

Panther first

hit 1 Panther: primary 307 / secondary 310
hit 2 Tiburtus: primary 830 / secondary 443
Total primary damage: 1137
Total secondary damage: 753
Total damage: 1890

Tiburtus first

hit 1 Tiburtus: primary 518 / secondary 246
hit 2 Panther: primary 401 / secondary 397
Total primary damage: 919
Total secondary damage: 643
Total damage: 1562

Conclusion: Panther’s defense debuff against Dark increases Tiburtus’ subsequent damage. Who strikes first also has an influence.


Just an input on damage buffs: the damage, e.g. Boldtusks 48% damage does add lots of damage to tile damage but not as much to specials. I don’t know the exact math behind it but I find that liannas damage increases something like 512% (liannas standard special) + 48% = 560% damlage and not the 758% damage that is implied by the base damage getting a 48% boost. The end result is something close to 10% extra damage instead of 48%.