To Epic or not to Epic

I have 6 Warm Capes right now @lightsmessenger. Would you rank the following for me:
Skittleskull (Costumed)
Skittleskull (Uncostumed)
What order should I level them up? Or better yet? Is my team structure good?

Kiril and Grimm are excellent… I would level both ASAP (if mats get in the way then ascend Grimm first as you have Boldtusk at 3.60 already and he’ll be your first 4.70 red)

Skittleskull is “okay” - slow mana can be awkward to play with unless you’re able to stretch the battle out for it (the direction the games been going is towards shorter fights and that favours fast and mana hero’s)…
I’d ascend Caedmon or Melendor before him out of the classics but I don’t think you’d regret him either.

Danzaburro is a dice-throw… He can be very good one fight and completely useless in others, it all depends which version of his special you get.
I wouldn’t bother until you have 8 orbs, if no other holy came along before that then I’d do him.

Scarlett has useful attack stats but she’s flimsy - if you had the hidden blades then Boldtusk should definitely get them before her.


My ranking would be:


@YCT, @Rohn, @lightsmessenger, @BubblesUK


CONGRATULATIONS! This is some serious luck! With these new additions, your team will be so much stronger.

Do you have the materials to fully ascend them?

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Everything except:
1 Poison Darts
1 Tome of Tactics
2 Orbs

I’ll get those before I get them high enough to need them. I’ll get them to 3/60 and sit for a while if I need to. Besides I can use my heroes to level up the 3* ones for my #4 & #5 Teams. :slight_smile: Gonna enjoy having them and I’ll take it slow / grind for a while.



They’ll take ages to ascend (much, much longer than a 4*) but if you have the mats ready and want to go for them then that’s okay too…

I’d advise against trying to power level them with all-colour feeding - feed them their own colours and work on 4* for the remaining feeders… And don’t be too surprised/upset when the 4* are more powerful than the 5* (and they will be - they’ll be maxed before the 5* to 3.70, the 5* will eventually overtake them but it could be a while!!).

Out of what you’ve got…
If I’m honest, I’d do Poseidon myself if I was as close on mats as you are - notleast you don’t have any great 4* to consider.
I’d probably shelve Vela temporarily… You’ll get more power and more fun much more quickly if you raise up either Kiril or Grimm first (probably Kiril if you’re working on Scarlett, Skittles and Poseidon).


(I got the curse of good luck and pulled two Kunchen in a single tenpull… But I already have an A+ tank and I’ve been intending to ascend Panther next in dark so he’ll be waiting a while!)

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I’m going to do a 10-pull later today (maybe). My debate is if I want to do Atlantis or wait on one of the other events. I’m probably going to re-post a new team lineup once I do. I know I am maxing out the existing 3* (like Balthazar) first, then focus on 4* (Danzaburo, Kiril, Grimm, and Scarlett). I’ll level Vela and Poseidon when I have no more Blue / Yellow for my 5 Rainbow teams.

Tbh I’d skip danzaburro… He’s unreliable and although you could max him much more quickly, he’ll jump back and forth between delighting and frustrating you.


Danza is a 5* two out of three times. The other time he is like Aife. Maybe even worse than Aife because at least she does some damage hehe

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Relatively low attack stat means tiles aren’t the best.

Two of his 3 specials are 5* quality… The attack is on 4* stats and even at 240% doesn’t hit like a 5* AoE, but blind is pretty powerful.

At the same time, the third special makes him fairly annoying in quests, events and maps - you can’t just pot him up and fire multiple times… Or atleast, you can’t rely on it.

I think he’s fun, but I wouldn’t waste time on him as a first holy 4*… I’d rather have Poseidon done to 3.70 than danza maxed

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@DrCasey put DOWN those shiny 5* and back away. Bad, Bad boy. Should make you stand in the corner for stealing my pulls!! :joy:

Really though don’t even consider the 5* yet. You need to work on your 4*
Now you will want to finish off BoldTusk as soon as you have the AM’s but, and I believe I’ll be repeating at least 1 or 3 of theses already listed above.

Grimm- Hits hard, Blue pulvevrizer, quite squishy
Scarlett- Hits like a truck, FAST, always wing, keeps your team alive
Tony Danza- You May come up cold on this one but he’s a tough little guy and swords can save a certain defeat, hey he had to have the freeze or he’d be a bit OP without a downside.
Skittkdskull can come in handy for trials on occasion and is good enough to fill out a war team. May want to wait for Caedmon, Melendor, LJ, Buddy (next year though), Gadeirus ( Atlantis Rising). I guess you can tell I’m not really a fan of hers. But she may be your favorite green. So you make that call.

Take a look at Tritons maxed attack, then compare him to many other 4-5*. Like @Guvnor said, he’s a top blue 4* sniper, and I brought him up to +18.

For 3* Definitely 100% Valen, Nashgar, Gunnar
Also useful Kailani, Oberon and Bergen. I’ll add that Azar can be helpful with her mana cut.
As for Renfeld, Prisca abd I’m sure you’ll meet Dawa, she’s a stalker, if you run out of anything else to work on…except Dawa, feed her to Li Xiu when you summon her!! Li loves some Kentucky fried Dawa!! Mmmmmm that tasty

Main point here is 30 hero’s for War, variety for titans, healers should take precedence for you at this point. Also eventually the challenge events, Along with other events, will have you looking for that last dang blue to make a full team because it’s reflect red. So don’t discard hero’s until you are sure you won’t need them, but NEVER discard a 5*. At least until we find out what the Hero Academy is/does/ and if it’s still a thing. Plus costumes can make even the worst hero worth having.

Once again, good luck and check back in when you have time. Very impressive advancement so far…put down the 5*. I know they call you in your sleep, just ignore them! They will be there when you are ready.


This is how I changed it up so far, but this is AFTER the 10-pull @PapaHeavy. See if my new Heroes change your mind about ordering.
Also, could you do something like this for me (as an example):
Team 1 - Baltha - Danza - …
Team 2 - Baltha - …
Then lock the following to keep - Priscia - xyz…




Main team - Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm + two of Danzaburo/Scarlett/Skitlle/Gobbler (depending on enemy colours). Don’t focus on getting rainbow team, stacking colours is fine.

Team Two - choose some of Melia, Brienne, Valen, Hawkmoon, Namahage and Gunnar (lvl costume, it’s cheap and fast) + 4* left from team one.

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I am going to follow 95% of your advice @Ser_Dit . The only thing is I want to follow @Rohn and build 5 Rainbow teams solid first. Once I have those, I can manipulate and adjust if I need a solo or dual color team.

I have been looking at high ranking players and their teams to see who to “copy” when I get up high enough. I imagine I won’t be ready for that level of play until Summer (at least until I hit Lv. 30+ and my Stronghold is up to 20+). I want the Alchemy Lab pretty badly.


You will be very disappointed in the AL. Until of IF they ever change it I suggest do NOT waste time or materials on the Alchemy Lab.


That’s something I’ve been working towards… What about the Hunter’s Lodge?

Get it…Level 1 is all that is needed in my opinion for a long while. HARPOONS is the best comodity in the lodge


@DrCasey, sorry for the delay, work called.

So you’ll want to start with mostly 3* rainbow teams. This will help you with Alliance wars, color stacking for events and raids and also will give you a variety of choices to pick from for challenge events.

Team1: Mnessus, Bane, Chochin, Valen, Hawkmoon

Team2: Balthazar, Melia, Gunnar, Nahmage, Friar Tuck

Team3: Azar, Ulmer, Gan Ju, 2nd Balthazar or Renfeld, Berden

Team4: Brienne, Jahangir, Gato, Tony Danzaboro, BT (until you get him leveled)

Team5: Scarlett, Kiril, Prisca, Grimm, Karil, Isshtak

Last one isn’t a team, unless you’re stacking blue :joy:, but hero’s to work on and have available. I went back and forth and tried to catch all the hero’s you have. There are a few on the list I don’t personal like, mainly, Prisca, Renfeld, Friar (but as you are low on healers he’s a necessity)
So for your 5th team you’ll want to put your hero in a specific order on defense. You can mess around a bit but this link will provide you with a good idea of progression.

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Congrats!!! You are hella lucky!

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