Guide "Increased damage against elements - how much? by Vikingblood80

It all started out with the question “How much is increased damage?” as this is not stated on the card and turned out to differ. Thanks for all who contributed. Enjoy reading.

Hey guys,

did anyone figure out how much is “increased damage” against a certain element? 20% 50% ?%

Special attacks are considered colorless. Some heroes do increased damage against their weak element. This needs to be stated in the character description.

Extra damage

Name Element Extra damage Mana speed # of targets Type of damage
Athena :snowflake: +40% average 3 direct
Bjorn :new_moon_with_face: +40% average 1 (only second hit) direct
Clarissa :new_moon_with_face: +66% / +33% very fast 3 direct and over time
Francine :leaves: +40% fast 3 direct
Gravemaker :fire: +60% / +25% very fast 3 direct and over time
Hel :new_moon_with_face: +40% average 3 direct
Mok-Arr :new_moon_with_face: +40% average 5 direct
Natalya :fire: +20% fast 1 over time
Ursena :new_moon_with_face: +40% average 5 direct
Vela :snowflake: +60% / +30% fast 5 direct and over time
Zeline :leaves: +40% fast 5 direct

Blue :blue_heart:

  • Athena +40%
  • Vela +60% / +30%

Red :heart:

  • Gravemaker +60% / + 25%
  • Natalya +20%

Purple :purple_heart:

  • Ursena +40%
  • Bjorn +40% only on 2nd hit
  • Hel +40%
  • Mok-Arr +40%
  • Clarissa +66% / +33%

Green :green_heart:

  • Zeline +40%
  • Francine +40%

Am I missing heroes? How much is “increased damage” ?



It depends on the hero.

Gravemaker is +25%
Vela is +70%

Natalya I believe is also +20%

I am unsure on Ursena, Hel & Athena tho… THINK they are 30-40%

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How did you get these numbers?

From their DoT :slight_smile:

DoT is the same regardless of Buffs etc… So if you watch the different numbers you can see the difference.

Natalya I can’t really check cause I don’t own her.

Athena etc… You could work out if you use the damage calculation

Don’t think anyone has done it yet b

This might help. :slight_smile:

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Did a quick search of the Forum:

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There’s base DoT, then there’s actual DoT. Actual DoT will fluctuate based on mana troop level and you can check the actual DoT by tapping and holding down over said hero while using them.

+70? That’s ridiculous…no wonder why she’s so darn effective next to Telluria against a red stack. That’s stupid high.


Yeah I was meaning when it’s applied.

If you watch the damage number IN BATTLE when it’s applied. The damage flashes above each hero when it calculates.

From that you can see the number for a normal hero & a “extra damage”. Then divide the two and bobs your uncle.

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Dot is the easiest to calculate:

You can see that the damage dealt from GMs Burn is:
Evelyn = 243
Anzogh = 195

So GM is actually 25% bonus damage (my apologies; updated post above)

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And here is Vela:

So damage is:
90 on strong
53 on weak

So Vela is 70% as stated above


Updated first post above.

For heroes without DoT it’s harder to find out as you can only compare targets with almost same defence value.

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Found this one:

So it’s +40% for Athena and Hel. Will edit starting post.



Damage strong = 213
Damage weak = 171

So Clarissa does 25% (same as Gravemaker)


Anyone else can contribute?

I have Bjorn fully leveled so I can test him on stage 12-8 with yellow and red enemies.

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Tested Natalya, she’s at 3.42 atm but if my calculations are correct the boost is only ±20%?

By her description in battle: 688/4 = 172 per turn
She did 205 per turn, so 205/172 means 19.2% increase.

That’s very low, pictures are here: (taken in-battle so it’s with troops)


Best way to test is by firing against a “strong” enemy and a “normal” enemy… Quickest is in a mob stage (farming)

There’s no reason for the damage to be different, but I still tried :rofl: and the damage was exactly the same (used the same troop). 172 per turn to blue monster and 205 to green one. Tested it in S3 when farming boars.

I am a bit disappointed tho, I don’t have much heroes with “strong” specials and I always thought it’s fixed +40%. Seeing Natalyas only +20% makes me sad, she’s already weak compared to all new hotms and I was hoping that she would be green heroes killer for me :man_shrugging:

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Eh doh!!

I thought the special skill part was from Out of battle lol…

First try on Bjorn. The values will only be accurate if both type of monsters have a similar defense value. I assume this holds as both are on season 1 stage 12-8

First hit 360/346 +4%
Second hit 889/661 +34%

No attack buff active. The value of first hit is definitely too random. Second may be more accurate.

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