Attack the opponent's tower

Changed a lot GORMEK and GRINN are very different indeed every single thing

that’s what I say so easy

If everyone acts so arrogantly that I believe the forum is not good for anything,Because I’m putting together what I understand as problems for a player, Here come some who not only help but are stupid and rude,Let’s open it for everyone to do that too

Sorry but I just couldn’t understand the first post fully. Didn’t help that it wasn’t just one complaint but several rolled into one and the icing on the cake was the translation that seemed to have been put through google translate.

Titan scores go up and down over time. Sometimes I’m rather displeased with my scores but a tornado or four always helps on the next attack if I want to take out my aggressions. In general I say my attacks has gone up and just last week I got a new high score on a blue titan. So the game hasn’t nerfed titan boards or the like.

As for raiding you just have to find your style and improve on it. After you know how you want to play you can search videos. Just no reason to watch videos on how to mono raid if you hate it. I go with the same team every time and reroll some. I attack everyone that I have an advantage against and also ones with much food and iron in their watchtower. It’s Alberich-Gravemaker-Hel-Alasie-Zeline. So really at a disadvantage against many enemies but they are good heroes so as long as I save time by not switching and stay over 90% win rate that’s enough for me. Maybe 3-2 is the thing you should go for. If you like it stay with it but if you don’t try something else. I go for efficiency team wise only for titans and war.

Had my first 3 losses in a row in over 6 months just 2-3 weeks ago. Can only remember 3 heroes but the other ones were new also. Finley, Costumed Vivica and Jabberwocky (Last Puss in Boots and Kingston maybe?) It wasn’t because raiding was nerfed though. All boards were slightly below average and I wasn’t too familiar with the heroes I faced. Vivica usually fires once against me and I don’t care at all. Costumed Vivica with a Jabberwocky without a cleanser on my side is a whole other matter. When going in with a disadvantage I can only blame myself, not the boards.

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Man, just fell in love with this phrase :slight_smile:


ok mayor placing yours, thank you very much.I understand that my heroes still have a lot to evolve I just complain because it’s so discouraging so many without a victory. .our heroes are still far from yours but I arrive one day

Hi! Looking at your original post, I understand your frustration (no one like repeatedly losing), but understand that diamond level is the top, and ace players are there. It’s really easy to lose repeatedly and fall back to Platinum.

The purpose of the Forum is not to belittle other players, but to offer them constructive criticism.

When there is a language barrier, it is easy to misunderstand or take offense. I hope everyone takes a step back when things get heated, so I don’t need to show up in a fire truck. :wink:

(If it helps, I have a Kashhrek+13 who i wont use in Diamond because he’s just not strong enough.)

When you face three reds, you should be reaching for [the correct] multiple blues, as blue beats red:


wise words I have to agree with your theory because in the diamond is the maximum we can achieve. but I managed to a few months ago the remains with 2600 2500 trophies .after a few more complicated upgrades came because I see that my thrusts defeat and at 75% however my opponent returns trophies

In my tower, I usually only attack at 40 trophies or higher, since I might lose the first time, but repeated attacks usually end in victory; my overall trophy win/loss will end in a win for me.

Congratulations on your victories! :wink:

Raid difficulty at 2400 has increased, and will continue to do so. There is little benefit to holding more cups. Many players, maybe even most players, try to stay close to 2400 cups, so filling raid chests is more efficient. As time goes on, new players add into the general pool, but older players STAY IN THE SAME POOL. That is why I reason that holding 2400 cups is harder than it used to be.

Any team, even with +500 TP to your own, can be taken down with the proper strategy and a bit of luck. Your screenshots say you’ve had a long run of very bad luck, so I hope it balances out soon.

Ok Raghadorn thanks for the words also hope you get better .I’m not a big player I have a lot to follow , but in time I have been realizing this, my alliance colleagues even take me a shell, by the teams that I have was to be among the first in the war and not like that, but let’s go front that the game does not stop

I attack Kashhrek with red too. In second color I bring a dispeller, for example Lianna and Melendor/Caedmon.

@RCS, I found this post from @lexinen back when I started. It’s now pinned at the top of chat in my alliance (just the basic facts) and I send this link to all my newer players. see below
Kash is great for sticking in a corner during AW with Field Aid, it’s fun to watch if the other team struggles or knows to charge up a few hitters and just kill him. You’d be surprised at how many flags some alliances will waste on “Kash in the Corner” as my alliance has come to dub it. It helps even our weaker teams take more than one flag.
But as for the level you are currently raiding at Kash is not a threat or a help to your team. You will want to replace him ASAP.
If you have Gadeirus, he will be a much better help, especially emblemed. But for a tank I’d suggest finding another. Specifically speaking on green tanks, Yunan is probably the only one I’d consider using. You’d be better off with Drake as your tank and replace Kash with another hitter on the right wing. There are plenty of green hitters out there. Even Caedmon would be a significant step up.
Anyway I hope this link will help you as it did me. Good Luck!! I wish you the best in your future raids!

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Well, the first thing is that Kashrek’s special protects him from Red. And 3 reds isn’t going to do anywhere near enough damage to him before his special goes off. Then you don’t have a dispeller to remove his defense debuff.

Second, you have no heroes that are really suited to taking out Isarnia, Seshat, and Drake. To be honest, if that is your default raiding team, it seems too slow and lacks the focused damage to take out diamond or high platinum level teams. Add at least one sniper and drop Li Xiu.

Sorry but and only one team I set up, my defense is set up with ZIMKITHA, MARIE-THERESE, NEITH, SARTANA and MISANDRA I have a hero board reasonable, my weak point and the ice where in 22 months of play I have not acquired a legendary heroes of nature, besides I’m not looking for opponents With ice center, always of light and shadow where my team gets stronger 11 shadow heroes counting 4 legendary Full and light but 9 where 3 are legendary I’ll see if I find the link of some of my investing videos and I’ll share there yes you have a better view Better that it’s not me but the board I get

I will use the topic I created to show that my theory was right after three days the result of my watchtower is quite different from what I shared earlier

Im confused why this thread is still open…

Vpu confess to you things are happening on my profile that I am also finding very strange because generally and closed with two or three days beyond certain messages that are appearing in my Inbox is weirder still

Hi there ! Comecei agora, gostaria de saber mais sobre o funcionamento do forum, se puder me dar unas dicas . Agradeço

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confira este link também

Por favor, desculpe minha má tradução


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