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Hi folks,
i am kinda new player (few month) to E&P, so please can i get some suggestion for a best RAID defense team setup

Some of 4* heros not yet maxed, but will be shortly :slight_smile:

Without seeing your whole roster that will difficult. My suggestion to you, only because I made this mistake, is to work on a minimum of 4- rainbow 3/4* teams. Don’t touch your 5* until you have that completed. 5* take an enormous amount of food, ascension material and time that a newer player, such as yourself, just wont have.

You can just about complete 3-4* hero’s with the time and materials it takes to max just 1-5*. Plus you will NEED these 3/4* hero’s for the rare and epic challenge events, tournaments and alliance wars. Plus some of those 4* are very special. I see BoldTusk at the bottom. If he’s not done GET him there!!

As for a Defense with your current hero’s, I guess
Grimm, Kingston, Rigard, Neith and Sonya would serve you until you have added additional maxed hero’s to your roster.

P.S it’s a pretty impressive “few months” playing roster. Obviously you spend some money. But don’t let those shiny 5* catch you in the trap like they did me. Work on those 3/4* FIRST, otherwise you will have a decent 5* defense team and nothing else. Good Luck!! Check back in and let’s us know how your progress goes occasionally.

Disclaimer: You will likely receive much better advice for a Defensive lineup from much better players here. I’d suggest sharing you entire roster so you can get advice on WHOM to prioritize.


Maxed 4s. At least 1 full team. I have had the hardest time convincing headstrong newbies that a maxed 4 beats a 5 at 3/70 almost every time. Looks like Neith can fill the yellow spot in a rainbow lineup of Scarlett, Rigard, Boril and Little John…Wu just ain’t a defender. Kash is King of 4 tanks, too!


Thnx on replay, and yap did spend some money on pulls. I didnt show whole roster because i am interested how to setup best defense from current heros available. Remaining rooster heros isnt yet reach 4.ascencion (lack of AM). And yeah i got your point of pushing 3/4* heros instead 5*

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It’s already been said. But to hammer it home. Please focus on maxing 3 x 4* rainbow teams to begin with. You will not regret it - they will get you the mats and emblems etc. You also need some max 3* heroes for the raid tournaments. Think of this game as a marathon run rather than a sprint race - you just need patience…
With regards to your raid defence team, from your heroes that I can see, I would go with a rainbow team of:
Kashhrek and
Rigard or Sabina
Max out Little John, Sonya and Boril next and that will give you more options


Neith as middle tank right?

I can’t see your full roster, so it’s difficult. But from what I can see you have Santa, Kashhrek, Boldtusk and Boril.
Max out Kashrek first for Tank position
When you have the mats max out Santa and use him as the Tank


Agree here with @JGE. Just work on those 3/4*. Right now, as much as I hate to say it, put together at least 4 teams of 4* first. Concentrate on leveling your 4* healers 1st. One of each team of possible. Kash is a good 4* tank but has a very short shelf life. You’ll quickly find that you aren’t using him. He loses his luster quickly in high gold raiding. But for AW, with Field Aid, Kash in the corner will waste A LOT of flags against alliances that are relatively new.

I’d highly suggest on holding off on the 5* because just filling that last chevron will take WAY too many feeders which will slow down your 4* leveling. If you show us what the rest of your roster looks like we can help you prioritize. LJ hits like a hurricane but is VERY squishy until you emblem him into some defense. Plus he’s slow so he rarely even gets to fire. Scarlett and Grimm hit like trucks, Grimms Defense Down is extraordinarily useful and Scarlett will help your team survive longer. Scarlett, bring fast, will often times let her fire but the wing is the best place for her. Grimm you want towards the left side of your D as the AI fires left to right as specials become available. Grimm is average speed so has a better chance of firing than LJ but is as squishy as Scarlett so I’d put him wing left and Scarlett wing right.

Rigard is extremely durable which is why I put him at tank for now. I put Neith next to him because Holy does half damage against Holy. Color positioning is very important. You normally always want Dark and holy together. Neith would be better on a holy stack on your offensive team however. Since you have Rigard finished and Emblemed I’d use him as your tank immediately which is also why I picked Grimm/Scarlett as well. Most maxed 4* are stronger that 5* at 3/70. Since Neith is done she CAN tank and cab be swapped with Rigard, although move Rigard to her left side of you do swap.

Speaking of elemental damage I share this post with every new member that joins my teaching alliance (Voidbringers) as it helped me immensely. I even have the core bit pinned in my alliance chat.

We have Guardians of Teltoc upcoming. Which is a great place to gain significant AM’s (ascension materials) for your hero’s. You will need 5-3* for rare, 5-4* for epic and you can use 4/5* for legendary although you will want Max’d hero’s as it is likely to be unforgiving with the addition of the newest Guardians.

You may want to try summoning for Guardians Falcon and Jackal (both 4*) but also the only element specific 4* hero’s in the game. If you happen to summon Panther a 5* or one of the newer Guardians then good for you, still hold off on 5*. Other than that I’d suggest to stop summoning for a bit, maybe only Atlantis if you need Proteus or Wilbur (both incredibly useful 4*).

I’m not done with my large amount of verbal vomit. Best of Luck and please ask any questions as they come up. Everyone in this forum is more than willing to help newer players.

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