Could you help me with my team's setup?

Hi! I’ve been playing for 4 months now, so my hero collection isn’t impressive :upside_down_face: First of all, I have some troubles with choosing my defense team (def from the raids).
My def team looks like this:

Wu Kong 4/50 - Kiril 3/60 - Cyprian 3/60 - Little John 3/60 - Sartana 3/5

I’ve recently obtained Kashrek - should I level him and put him in the middle?

My other problem is that I don’t know which heroes should I level above 3/60? Probably Sonya, Sartana, Boldtusk and Kiril? Should I level any other heroes or is it a waste of resources? This is my collection:

I would appreciate any words of advice! :blush:

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Based on what you have right now available to you, I would go: Kiril, Cy, BoldTusk, Grimm, Sartana. Reasons: John is just too slow. You could move him to center and he would fire faster though. I might even consider embling up Belith for her dispel (plus she is a good healer at your level if play). That would look like this:
Left wing, Belith heal/dispel
Left flank, Grimm defense down/big damage
Tank, Boldtusk attack boost/heal
Right flank Sartana or Cy (I don’t have Sartana so I can’t say what I would do there, but I would lean toward Cy to force teams to bring a dispeller against me and give me time to level up a couple of 3 and 4 star teams before pouring resources into a 5*… your 5* teams will eventually be your priority, but your just not there yet)
Right wing, Bane blind/damage

Second option gives you a rainbow defense with pretty good synergy.

Sonya, Boldtusk, and Kiril all the way.


1st pretty good roster for 4 months. You’ll want to concentrate on making several 3/4* teams before you even touch 5*.
These will help you in challenge events, Titans, Alliance Wars etc. which in turn will help build up your ascension material stock.
Meanwhile try to place hero that are strong against a color next to ones that are weak. Take for instance Cyp and Wu (1st off Wu isn’t very good to have in D but you’d want him to fire after all the other hero’s so if you DO use him put him to the far right as the AI fires specials from left to right)
For where you are now Kash would be a very good tank. Maybe a lineup of BT, Sonya, Kash, Cyp, Hu Tao would be your best bet. Just be warned that Kash’s shelf life is very short. He will lose all value as you enter High Gold/Platinum level in cups.
Work on Kiril to get him to max as well. I placed your hero’s in that order as BT buffs allies so you want him firing 1st. Sonya next to your tank Kash as Kash is weak to Fire (red) while Sonya takes half Damage from fire. She also punish’s the team attacking your tank plus being healed by Kash. Cyp next as he will like charge and is also protected by Kash, not to mention his riposte will also include Kash and Hu. Cyp is weak to Holy (yellow) but takes half Damage from his own element, Dark (purple).
There’s several other viable set ups as well but this appears to be the most efficient. Sartana could be used to replace Cyp and being fast has a good chance of firing, but without being fully maxed is extra squishy.
I’m going to find a post of elements that really helped me, and now helps my alliance(training) to understand why you should set certain hero’s next to each other.
You will get much better advice than mine here but to give you a starting point, just work on your 3s first until you have several, rainbow, teams then move to the 4. Maybe prioritize your Defense 1st if you wish? Good luck. I’ll add a link on elements in a minute.

This is a great post from @lexinen which is pinned in my training alliance chat. It’s been extremely helpful.

P.S @BossTot, has given some GREAT suggestions while I typed my novel. You can’t go wrong and his will be much quicker to put together than my suggestion.


I would keep 1 of each unique hero 3*s and above, so that you can participate in all the game content – particularly challenge events and weekly raid tournaments that have restrictions on rarities allowed.

Kiril and Boldtusk definitely should be leveled, their special skills are great at keeping your team healthy and boosting your damage output. Even when you get to diamond raiding, you’ll still use them regularly.

Little John isn’t the best nature hero, but I think he should still get ascended before Kashhrek. L.J.s special skill can shut down bosses from using their skills. Kash is good at healing and keeping himself + nearby alive, but that’s about it, he’s not a damage hero and I personally prefer having damage.

Cyprian is an odd purple, I say you may as well ascend him though since you’ve got him this far. Will be useful for wars, mainly for fighting heroes that have wide hit range (as the counter attacks will hurt back a lot).

You should also finish leveling Grimm and Wu Kong. Both are your best heroes for fighting titans right now.


Thank you for your help @BossTot! :slight_smile: I’ll try those options and see what works better :slight_smile: Also, thanks for the tip with 5* heroes, for now I’ll concentrate on my 3* and 4*.

Thank you for your advice @PapaHeavy and the link, I’ll read it for sure :slight_smile: Yup, I was pretty lucky to get those heroes. When I pulled Wu Kong from my 13th lvl camp, I almost jumped for joy :slight_smile: I was able to finish 1st season on the map thanks to him. My friends started to play the same time I did and they’re pretty mad about it :wink:

I’ll concentrate on my 3* and 4* from now on. I’ve got +/-1400 cups, but I can’t get higher because of my defense team - I lose too much.

@DaveCozy That is my plan (to keep one of each 3* and up heroes)! :slight_smile: Thanks for assuring me that it’s worth it! :slight_smile: I suck at tournaments, maybe it’s because the lack of choice in heroes, we’ll see :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips about leveling my heroes, they are really helpful!


One thing I forgot to explain about my reasoning on option one (probably because I decided I liked my second option better) is the color spacing. I like to keep heroes of the same color far enough away from each other that if anyone is stacking against me, it drastically reduces your odds of losing both heroes to one good tile cascade taking them both out.


THanks for clarifying that. For now I’ll try option 1, until my Belith isn’t maxed and I’ll see how it’ll go :slight_smile:

Thanks @BossTot, meant to mention to NEVER have hero’s of the same element right next to each other. You have some great advice, appreciate the help!
One of the reasons I pinned that elemental damage post was some of my alliance were just bringing their highest level hero’s to fight titans and wondering why an all Dark team wasn’t even scratching a dark Titan :joy:
Or trying to explain why color stacking works, and how to do it. No you don’t bring three fire hero’s against a Boril tank…you’ll have a bad day :wink:


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