📯 Norns – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

is Norns bugged?

just used on 8-7 as part of farm team for some testing to see how she plays out and fired her special on green bosses and when hitting with the blue tiles in one line only the first hit was strong the next two remained weak

that’s not how her special is described it doesn’t say chance of hitting strong…

much disappoint

Could you post some screenshots?

Or better a video?

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ok will try - in theory there should be no more weak hits when using her right?

I notice the bug u mentioned occured after getting a critical hit

i think you’re right

Status Effects guide updated with Norns Twist of Fate effect:

Note that this only applies against elemental damage.

Please see this guide for what is considered elemental damage:

I think Norns was specifically created to work against centers like the ones described above :thinking:

When I tested her in beta I didn’t find her to be good for defense teams in the slightest, but that’s because her ability only works against elemental damage (i.e. tiles, and minions – see above).

So what that translates to, is that Norns is pretty exclusive for offense only. As a tank… well the best thing she does is reduce mana when she dies :man_shrugging: not really that great of an attribute.

Something else worth noting; both Sorcerer trails are full of dark enemies. And the amount of yellow heroes allowed in those trails are… well not many. Mostly dark heroes allowed only (the most common ones anyways).

That means that for most players, their sorcerer trials team usually has more purple heroes than anything.

So having Norns, you can now run a yellow + purple offense for those trials, and make that usually weak match damage into strong match damage.


Her artwork… @Ender_BattleSchool


And did it work on Hero skill that put extra damages on certain element?
Like GM to blue Heroes after being twisted fate?

Looks like this here. So hits are for all red tiles ok, but damage seems week I think. Red hood is at 4.80.

All in all, I think I like her…

I do not have her, but I do like the artwork as well as the history behind the Norns (as has been said previously) and basing her off of the Nordic version of Sisters of Fate from the Greek.

3 Yellow tiles hit with her special activated but only 2 hit strong. Is this a bug???

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So getting her special right:

So purple is strong against yellow. So purple becomes weak against yellow? (Which already is) So her effect doesn’t have any effect on purple and yellow heroes but only against red, green and blue.

Sounds pretty weak. Am I missing something?

No, purple would be weak against both Purple AND Yellow

If Norns hit Boss in my defense…Drake, Boss, AND Ursena would all be weak against yellow (and weak against purple)

So normally a yellow stack would only be strong against purple and would be weak against yellow. In this case a yellow stack would be strong against all three.

Yurple is actually more susceptible to Norns than rainbow because of this…but tread carefully as Ursena would still reflect yellow.


Speaking of, I would like to see how Norn’s special reacts to Ursena’s Reflect, if anyone has a video…if I encounter one in raid I will try to get her to fire and share.

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Looks like it’s working fine then…?

Single hero tile damage is about 200-300 strong against (?) S1-6-8

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I’m guessing the last tile hit AFTER the enemy “died”… So the first two tiles that hit the boss did sufficient damage to “kill” the boss & the third tile is superfluous & not needed.

When the enemy “dies” all status effects disappear.


my yellow is loaded fairly well 2 drakes,i max+6 1 3/70. Jackal+13, onatel +2, joon+3, viv +7, ranvir 3/70, leo 3/70… neath, joon2, leo2, viv2, all setting bench

Thanks DaveCozy, very good post. So I now assume she could be the Telluria Killer. Team setup is: Magni, Grazul, Norns, Marjana, Fenrir. Norns goes off, makes Telluria weak against blue, any cascade of red + blue ×2 attackers x Norns weakening will kill Telluria - if not, Magni/ Fenrir finishes him off. Allows for not cornering yourself into color stacking and missing the color you need.

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Norns is likely much better than what you think. You can escape color stacking in attacks and with multiple colors you will not run dry of mana. You can create a powerful attack team.


Don’t believe so, but I’m not 100% sure.

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