🔵 [Aug 28, 2019] Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Survival!


This is the Fifth of the Trials in the 7th Cycle!

NOTE: The Trials officially start at 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT). This post is scheduled to go live 4 hours earlier at 3:00:00 AM (03:00 GMT).

If you do not see the Class Trial in Quests as of 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT), force quitting and reopening the app or restarting your device will usually work.

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How did you do last time on Trials of Survival?

  • Last time I beat all 3 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first stage
  • Last time I wasn’t playing yet, or was unable to beat any stages
  • Last time…I’m not sure, they’re all a blur

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How did you do this time on Trials of Survival?

  • This time I beat all 3 stages
  • This time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • This time I beat just the first stage
  • This time I couldn’t beat any of the stages

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Did you need to use a lot of items this time on Trials of Survival?

(hat tip to @JAWS_3D for this question)

  • Yeah, I nuked the bosses from space. Ripley would approve.
  • I used some items to finish off the bosses, but it wasn’t the full arsenal
  • I used support items like mana, banners, healing, and maybe a battle item or two, but nothing too crazy
  • I just used some minor items, like healing, mana, or antidotes
  • I didn’t use any items

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Overall, how do you feel about Trials of Survival?

(hat tip to @Rapisu for inspiring this question)

  • I love all the Trials equally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • It’s definitely my FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I like it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s about average for me
  • I dislike it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s definitely my LEAST FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I hate all of the Trials, give me my Emblems and let me get back to farming :rage:

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:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Post your team in a comment down below, and how you did!

:dizzy: Special Questions for Trials of Survival

  • Trials of Survival is well-named for its lack of healers in the Barbarian and Rogue Classes — how did you do without healers?

  • The Barbarian and Rogue Classes have a lot of heavy hitters — are you able to put together a strong offensive team?

:grey_question: Standard Questions for All Trials

  • Did your team change notably since last time?

  • Did changes to your team make the Trials any easier or harder?

  • What items did you use, if any?

  • What are you doing with your shiny new Emblems?

  • If you beat Stage 3, who’s eating the 3* Trainer Hero?

  • Anything else interesting to share?

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Same team, but swaped out Grimm +7 for Jackal, gana accend second Grimm and have 2 next time lol

Didnt set up board so used dragon bombs

I have so many 3* trainers its not funny and they are taking up space lol


Jackal - Grimm - Margaret - Kage - Azlar


Scarlett, Grimm, Gravy, Inari, Gretel

No change from last time.



Also no changes to last time


Excellent series of threads that I’m discovering just now.

I don’t have a full team of 3* or higher, so my team was
Kelile (3/41), Karil (3/50), Azar (2/31), Dawa (1/1), and Layla (1/1)

Admitedly bringing Layla was dumb because there are so many purple monsters, I should have brought a 2* blue or yellow. This didn’t prevent me from beating the first stage, and I didn’t even try the second. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like Dawa and don’t plan to level her up but I’ll try to remember and keep her in my roster for a future challenge.

The emblems are going nowhere yet, I didn’t emblem any hero yet. I may put some on one of my maxed 3 for a future 3* tournament.


Used 2 healing pots … but didnt need to because the stones came after…


Decided to go with Danzaburo, Layla, Grimm, Namahage and Azar. First couple stages were easy enough. Although got screwed over in rng on Danza’s special. Got freeze three times in a row, then the defense and mana buff, then a freeze. Rogue emblems are being saved up. Barbarian emblems are being saved for Grimm.


Lack of healers meant extra healing pots. Brought small/medium healing, Antidotes, Arrows, Axes

Scarlett, Gretel, Musashi, Grimm, LJ

Went pretty well, had a bit of a bad board to start the final round, had to use my healing and arrows. Managed to turn it around with fire power.


No material changes to my team since last time. I did swap out minor mana for healing.

  • On the bench: 2 Jackals, Gretel, Tony Danza, Miki 3.70
  • Up and coming: Musashi 2.15, Marjana 3.49

I am glad I brought more healing pots, as I needed them getting through the yard trash. Scarlett was getting hit on repeatedly. Nevertheless, I had everyone ready to go for the final stage.

I was fortunate in that I had one boss evasion the entire fight. I did use a bomb to reapply an attack debuff while Scarlett was charging back up.

Next time I will stagger the Grimms a bit better. Emblems go to Scarlett and Kage, trainer to Marjana.


Guardian Jackal - Marjana - Inari - Kage - Kellie. It’ll definitely be a different lineup next time, but this one was good enough. Had to use all items to walk away with a stage 3 W.

Those items were healing pots, more healing pots, arrows, and a miracle scroll b/c I never use those scrolls and figured “why not?” was a good enough reason. Mid boss battle I was very happy I brought it because I was in trouble. Eeked out the victory by the skin of my teeth.

Kage will get the Barbarian emblems, Inari will probably take the Rogues and Red Hood gets the trainer.

Least favorite trial for me but with team development that’ll change.


Last Time Team

This Time Team

Scarlett is now tier 4, Namahage replaced with Marjana 2.60, Danzaburo is 3.60 now, Jackal is maxed and emblemed now.

OK Boss stage, all mana ready except danza, already used 1 axes and 4 heals.

Danza in boss have freeze twice, but in mobs stages swords twices, not bad.
I do not bring antidote, and I know with this decision and no regret, because heal, axes and bomb is more usefull for me.

Scarlett and Grimm last standing heroes.

Trainer for Scarlett.
Emblem Rogue, I will keep for a while maybe later for Scarlett or continue Jackal.
Emblem Barbarian for Grimm.


Team composition:
Marjana (talent + 5)
Grimm (talent + 8)
Little John (maxed)
Gretel (maxed)
Scarlett (3/60)

Easy victory


Easy victory, healing pies plus 1 antidote & 1 minor mana

Barb emblems waiting for Grimm, rogue waiting for Inari


2 type of healing potions.

Scarlett’s attack debuff.
Little John’s mana regen debuff.
Danzaburo’s accuracy debuff/defense buff.

Those skills help in reducing damage potential of the enemies.

Yes, no carpet bombing despite only 2 maxed 4* and 3 3/60 4*.

Just 2 extra emblems for Grimm and Scarlett each and extra 15 level for Little John…

This is the old team:


Just 7 Healing Potions and 15 Minor Healing Potions.

Not enough food…



Nuked em to pieces…


Replaced +7 Jackal for unmaxed Grimm as i wanted high tile damage and to be able to hit with Grimm +18 against -defense bosses.

Health pots to survive, but no real threat whatsoever, thanks to Scarlet and LJ, Azlar and Nashgar never fired.
Barb emblems for Grimm #2 or LJ, still unsure
Rogue emblems waiting for Alice
Trainer for Anzogh


GM, Grimm, Marjana, LJ, Scarlett. Piece of cake with some health pots.
Scarlett died in the middle of boss fight but her tile damage was still with me.
Previously used Danza instead of Scarlett but he was constantly freezing himself.


My team this time:

  • Gormek +17
  • Danzaburo +17
  • Domitia 4^14
  • Grimm 4^70
  • Kelile 4^70

Compared to last time, Gormek is up 3 talents, Danza is up 4, and Domitia is in for a second Kelile (3^60). I have been eagerly awaiting this trial after giving Domitia the tabards a couple of days ago. My only other five star purple is another Domitia (1^1), so I’m playing with what I got. No sense waiting for a Sartana that may never come. Sadly, I didn’t find Domitia especially sturdy or especially deadly either. Perhaps as she continues to gain levels and, eventually, gets rogue emblems, she will emerge as one or the other.

I had to nurse Domitia with healing potions through the mob waves a little bit. Not sure if she was targeted more often or squishier than I anticipated. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and a red diamond on the board, so I figured I was sitting pretty. Also used health potions to make sure the team was in prime fighting shape.

Targeted Azlar with all specials, hoping to keep him from firing. After the diamond, though, the boards went sour for a bit, and all three bosses synched up their attacks, meaning Domitia (who was ready to fire) got Scarlett’s special and regular attacks from both Azlar and Nashgar on the same turn, which she obviously didn’t survive. There went my chance of killing Azlar before he fired. The board turned again, and I was able to make a blue diamond that charged Grimm while Azlar was still sitting on “S”. Might have still gotten him, but no… both other bosses decided to gang up on Grimm that turn, killing him and costing me another chance for a special. Continued to play it out with tiles until I was down to just Gormek the Hungry and (with emblems) Nearly Immortal. Took one dragon, two bombs, and five axes to get the win. Maybe my luck just really sucked this go-round.

Danza goes to +18; Gormek falls just short of +18. Trainer hero goes to Boldtusk, who is now just 5 levels from getting the fighter emblems from resetting Valen.

Thinking about whether Little John (currently 4^59) needs a spot on this team and my Trials of Strength team. Yes, he’s squishy, slow, and weak against red, but that slowing of the bosses’ mana might be just what I need to significantly reduce my item use. Anyone who has tried him on either trial care to comment? Who would I put him in for?


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