Trials of Survival feedback (bosses = 3619hp)


So, it looks as if definitely these trials are way easier than they look… I was worried about this one as well, since I had no healer again, but found the challenging stage regular mobs really weak… Only needed 5 small life pots to get to the final wave with a less than ideal team.

This is the team I used (started leveling Scarlett just for this trial and as you can see, still not at all maxed).

Bosses’ health was even lower than the last trial, and getting to the last wave, easier than expected with some low defense heroes. The regular mobs don’t hit at all.

I tried not to use damaging battle items and succeeded.




Definitely lacking heroes for this one…only 2500 TP for my team. Did the first two but don’t really wanna potentially waste energy on the last one with such a weak team.

Going in the last battle without antitodes is quite careless. You could have saved precious and expensive dragon attacks.

Not knowing in advance, the idea was that if I had the DPS to kill the bosses, I wouldn’t need the antidotes (as it turned out). If I didn’t have the DPS, bombing them was more effective than using antidotes and losing being able to use more healing pots or bombing material.

Little John helped to reduce the number of specials I received. I probably would select the same battle items was I to do it again.

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I actually didn’t need to much with this one. I used a few bombs and arrows but did the rest with tiles and specials. Took Azlar out first. He didn’t do anything.

I used

Gretal Scarlet Khiona Grimm LJ (3/60). I did use a couple healing pots as well.

Easiest one yet.

My alt acct:

2x 3/50 Azar
2x 4/70 Grimm
1x 4/70 Scarlett

Blew through all 3 stages, last one I used 2 antidotes and 1 health potion.

I think they nerfed them? Idk…

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This is the first one where I dont have to have to bring a 3* and still have some options :rofl:

All of the heroes do really good damage aswell. Now I can tell what classes my heroes leaned towards


Beat it with a 2600team power team. Used 5 4*. 2 maxed, 1 half maxed and 2 lvl 1. Used dragon attacks, 100% mana pots and lvl 2 and 3 hp pots.

had a bit of trouble with this one. used two time stops and I carried in two sets of heal potions and only had one heal potion left at the end. definitely needed little more depth in my roster in these clasees